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Final live FM broadcast – a retrospective

Part 1: Right-click to download (74 min = 86 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (112 min = 103 mb)

For the last regular on-air session of Sonic Sunset, we dig deep for a sentimental sampling of the music that’s kept us coming back for more through many years of volunteer radio at 89.3 FM WNUR Chicago.

We’re still a little groggy from 6 mos. of relative hibernation after this final show was recorded. If you’d like to stay informed when we release new mixes for the website later this year, make sure you get on our mailing list – As always, our mission will be to share personal, eclectic selections of deep electronic / funky music – looking both forward and back, with a level of musical quality control we’d like to think sets us apart from the rest… Thank you for staying with us, we wouldn’t have done it without you!

Part 1 Matt MacQueen

Human League – Toyota City – Holiday 80 (Virgin) 1980
Kenny Burke – Keep Rising to the Top – Changes LP (RCA) 1981
Prince – Strange Relationship – Sign O’ the Times (WB) 1987
James Duncan – untitled – Times Like These… (Le Systeme) 2003
MARRS – Anitina – Pump Up the Volume (4th & B’Way) 1987
Junior Boys – So this is Goodbye – So This is Goodbye (Domino) 2006
Raiders of the Lost ARP – Bridge – (Nature) 2003
Warp 9 – NUNK [instr. dub mix] (Prism) 1982
Master C&J – Face It [Dub It] (State Street) 1987
Virgo Four – Do You Know Who You Are – Virgo Four (Trax) 1989
Prescription Underground – untitled – Hip To Be Disillusioned Vol. 1 (Prescription) 1994
Fresh Band – Come Back Lover [Dub mix] (are ‘n be) 1983
Visual – The Music Got Me [Instrumental] (Prelude) 1983
FPU – Crockett’s Theme (Turbo) 2002
Cybotron – Clear – Enter (Fantasy) 1983

Part 2 > David Siska

Kraftwerk – Computer Love – Computer World (WB) 1981
New Order – Everything’s Gone Green (Factory) 1981
Alden Tyrell – Love Explosion [Vox] (Viewlexx) 1999
Fingers Inc – Distant Planet (Trax) 1987
Remote_ – Public Service – Uninstall EP (Meanwhile) 2006
Adonis – No Way Back [Vocal] (Trax) 1986
Unit 4 – Body Dub [Freak Electrique Acid Dub remix] – Remixes EP (Clone) 2004
Aroy Dee – The Planets (M>O>S) 2003
3MB featuring Juan Atkins – Die Kosmichen Kuriere – Global Technological Innovations Vol 1 (New Electronica) 1993
Rhythim Is Rhythim – Strings of Life [Unreleased mix] – RetroTechno: Detroit Definitive (Network UK) 1991
Alex Cortex – Laconic LP (Source) 2000
Bandulu – Pacekeeper – Guidance (Infonet) 1993
Reload – Peschi – Theory of Evolution (Warp) 1995
Jeff Mills – Perfecture – Metropolis (Axis) 2000
CiM – By A River – Reference (De:Focus) 2000
Future Beat Alliance – Void – Disconnected (Delsin) 2001
Rene Lowe & Paul St. Hilaire – Faith [Vox] (False Tuned) 2003
Modus Vivendi – Modus Vivendi [Fade In Mix] (FNAC) 1993
David Siska – Reconcile – Null Du Jour (Reverie) 2006
7th Plain – Pearl – TEEX 3 (Volume) 1994


Guest DJ Paul Hammond, UK

Part 1: Right-click to download (74 min = 86 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (80 min = 74 mb)

Part 1 > An deep cross-genre guest mix this week from Paul Hammond, label maestro of Real Soon records UK, also known for being half of the ambient pioneering duo Ultramarine. Paul has spent his career honing his incredible ear for mood and rhythm, creating a wonderful tension between warm soul and unsettling darkness — in his own music and what he carefully curates for his label. He has a deep knowledge of post-punk and ambient music from its formative years and his mix for us crisscrosses the decades and styles, truly an environmental and emotional listening experience. We’ve got nothing but respect for this long time listener who also has his own excellent radio programs for download, check them out at Thank you Paul!

Part 2 > If you fused the grit of Theo Parrish, the original mechanical warmth of Larry Heard, and the otherworldliness of Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works – you’d arrive close to the sound of Newworldaquarium. We take a listen to his music recorded under various aliases, over a range of years (1993 – 2005), on a number of labels (Delsin, New Religion, Peacefrog, Planet E, etc.). Leading up to that, Dave rolls out a few show favorites, along with ethereal dubstep from Burial, and sweet ambience from Marsen Jules.

Part 1 > Guest DJ Paul Hammond

Hauschka – What A Day (Earsugar)
Lerosa – Regret – Maike EP (D1)
Kerri Chandler – Downtown [623 Mix] – The 4th Thing for Linda EP (Downtown 161)
Juju & Jordash – Blue Plates (CD-R)
23 Skidoo – Tearing Up The Plans – Tearing Up The Plans (Fetish/Pineapple) 1982
John Luris – Are You Warm Enough? – Down By Law Soundtrack (Crammed) 1987
Deep Chord – Step 1 – Electro Magnetic Dowsing (Synth)
Porks Watch – Minotaur [Crusho’s Locomotiv Mix] (Q-Tape)
Repeat Orchestra – The Unforeseen – The Original Dimensions (A Touch of Class)
Oddworx – Message Is In The Movement – Body Language EP (Session)
Likwid Biskit – The All New Umm Pt.4 (People)
Ray Valioso – Get The Strings? – Einladung EP (Real Soon)
Insync v Mysteron – Audiable Illusion (Peacefrog)
Ray Valioso – Untitled #6 (CD-R)
Brian Eno – Over Fire Island – Another Green World (EG) 1975
Section 25 – Regions – The Key of Dreams (Factory Benelux) 1982
Eric Random – Eastern Promis – Earthbound Ghost Need (New Hormones) 1982
Cabaret Voltaire – Black Mask – Red Mecca (Rough Trade) 1981
Ultramarine – Ambush – A User’s Guide (New Electronica)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

Pub – Summer [They Can’t See Us In The Dark – Delay Configuration 1) (Vertical Form)
Burial – Distant Lights – Burial (Hyperdub)
Damon Wild & Echoplex – Adapt to Steps (Synewave)
Mikkel Metal – Untitled [Vainqueur Rmx] (Echocord)
Marsen Jules – Chanson Du Soir – Herbstlaub (City Centre Offices)
Newworldromantic – Ourmaninmedina – Sign of Brady (NWAQ)
Newworldaquarium – Pyramid Rd – Planet Delsin (Delsin)
Newworldaquarium – Games That We Play (New Religion)
Newworldaquarium – Lovin U (Peacefrog)
Newworldaquarium – Trespassers (Planet E)
Ross 154 – Until My Heart Stops (M>O>S)
154 – Apricot – Strike (Delsin)
Ross 154 – Hybrids II – Fragments (Eevo Lute)
Ross 154 – Moon FM Desire – Going Thru Life (Delsin)
Kirk Degiorgio – Holy [Newworldaquarium Rmx] – Amsterdam Remix (New Religion)
154 – Dusk EP (100% Pure)
Ross 154 – Hybrids IV – Fragments (Eevo Lute)
Newworldaquarium – A Better Tomorrow (Peacefrog)

Guest DJ Jason Martin, Australia

Part 1: Right-click to download (71 min = 65 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (88 min = 81 mb)

Part 1> We’re super-pleased to feature a guest mix from Melbourne, Australia’s Jason Martin. Coming from a techno/house background and digging back in time, Jason puts together a great blend of boogied-out and revamped classics for us. He’s run a radio show on KISS-fm in Melbourne called \”Disco Juice\” and an infamous club night called \”Dirty Talk\” – with guests including Daniel Wang, Darshan Jesrani, HMC, and Cut Copy among others. More info (including some great writing on Roy Ayers) and mixes can be found over at Check it!

Part 2> Couple of newer bits from Dave, including B12-influenced deepness from Remote_, slowly growing ambience from Pan American’s latest full-length, and Monolake’s most recent dancefloor effort.

Part 1 > Jason Martin

The Source feat. Candi Staton – You Got The Love (Original Bootleg mix) (Positiva)
Clashing Egos feat. Minyeshu Kifle – Amingjig Nebere (Joakim’s Afrobot mix) (LEA)
Answering Service – Call Me Mr Telephone (Third Label)
Atmosfear – What Do We Do (Chrysalis)
Man Friday – Love Honey, Love Heartache (Vinylmania)
Chas Jankel – 109 (Give Me Something I Can Remember) (A&M)
Nick Straker Band – Straight Ahead (cd-r edit) (Prelude)
Felix – You Can’t Hold Me Down (Sleeping Bag)
Was (Not Was) – Tell Me That I’m Dreaming (Souped-Up Version) (Ze Records)
Gwen Guthrie – It Should Have Been You (Island)
Armenta – I Wanna Be With You (Part II) (Saviour Faire)
Loose Ends – Emergency 999 (Virgin)
Heaven 17 – Penthouse & Pavement (BEF)
Gang Of 4 – Is It Love (WB RecordS)
The Police – Voices Inside My Head (DJ Harvey Superministry 8AM ‘Rulin’ mix) (AM:PM)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

ulrich schnauss – hidden track – a strangely isolated place (city centre offices)
ulf lohmann – at the stormy gates – on frozen fields (kompakt)
burger/ink – flesh & bleed – las vegas pt 1 (harvest)
signaldrift – roller rink – bremen ep (wobblyhead)
remote_ – public service – uninstall ep (meanwhile)
nightmares on wax – dextrous (warp)
jeff mills – every dog has its day pt 1 (axis)
paul mac – remember these #5 – authentic moment (fragmented)
black dog – nort route remix – art 1 ep (r&s)
connective zone – palm palm [broom & hill rmx] (uxb)
huburtus krantz – disturbe no ep (fracture)
fugue – contrapoint (likemind)
rhythm & sound – smile (rhythm & sound)
pan american – amulls – for waiting, for chasing (mosz)
loscil – untitled (involve)
monolake – melting (ml/i)
curve – falling free [aphex twin rmx] (anxious)
surgeon – learning (dynamic tension)
bandulu – phaze in version (infonet)

Guest mix from DJ Beppe Loda, 1985

Part 1: Right-click to download (75 min = 70 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (63 min = 58 mb)

Part 1 > Matt’s unmixed, reflective set of high lonesome mood tracks from Detroit downtempo to dub to abstract future jazz. New music this week from Detroit’s South South Million, and Junior Boys turn in a plaintive dark sparkler from their brilliant new album.

Part 2 > We broadcast a classic mix from DJ Beppe Loda, a founding italo disco DJ who played in Chicago for one night on a mini US tour. A pioneer of DJ culture and resident at Italy’s legendary Typhoon club from 1980 to 1987, Loda has been searching for sounds off the beaten path since his first gig in 1973. Playing to as many as 7,000 people a night, producing in excess of 200 mix tapes and pioneering the \”italo synth\” sound with his MC1 project (just reissued on Synthonic), he has just about done it all. His \”Afro\” style (also called \”Cosmic\” or \”Cosmic Afro\”) is as disorienting, funky and inspiring now as it was then. Read an interview with this incredible pioneer in electronic dance music done by Jeremy Campbell.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Junior Boys – When No One Cares – So This is Goodbye (Domino)
Primal Scream – Higher Than The Sun [A Dub Symphony in 2 Parts] – Screamadelia (Sire)
Banzai Republic – Gamblin’ Man (Music for Dreams)
Rhythm & Sound – Mango Drive (Rhythm & Sound)
Urban Tribe – Covert Action (Planet E)
South South Million – Fold Mouth [Collin mix 1] – Restless Pieces (Really Nice)
Ultramarine – Before – Trans Europe Express Vol. 3 (Volume)
O.H. Krill – Riding High – The Krill Papers (DC Recordings)
4Hero – Naima – 2000 Black: The Good Good (Planet E)
DJH – Shapeshifter [Volcov 4-3-3 re-edit] (Archive)
Seiji – Into the Now (2000 Black)
Link – Amazon Amenity [Chameleon remix] – Theory of Evolution (Evolution)

Part 2 > DJ Beppe Loda

[intro / voiceover] Morgan Geist – Skyblue Pink – Most of All (Environ)

On-air broadcast of DJ Beppe Loda \”Electronicca Meccanica\” mix recorded in 1985.

Guest DJ Kuri Kondrak, Seattle

Part 1: Right-click to download (69 min = 64 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (80 min = 73 mb)

Nice blend this week from Seattle’s veteran selector Kuri Kondrak. Raised on the roots music of Jamaica (his dad owned a reggae record store), Kuri’s sets cover a wide swathe of music that spans Detroit techno, jackin’ house, b-boy electro, Italo-disco and other early dance sounds. Music editor at Resonance Magazine for 6 years, he remains editor-at-large; still freelance writing on (and playing) all forms of electronic music, past and present.

Part 1 > Kuri Kondrak

Phil Ranelin – Vibes From The Tribe (Hefty)
Earth, Wind & Fire – You Can’t Hide Your Love (CBS)
The Drunk – The Drunk Pt. 2 (Rong Re-edit)
John Carpenter – The End (ZYX)
Material – Don’t Lose Control (Celluloid)
Citispeak – Rock To Rock (Streetwise)
Domu – The Boss (Neroli)
Power House – Kenny’s Jazz (Gigolo/Nu Groove)
Kurtis Blow – America [Club Version] (Mercury)
Malcolm McLaren – She’s Looking Like A Hobo (Charisma)
Twin Hype – Do It To The Crowd (Profile)
Willesden Dodgers – B.P.M. 112 (Automan)
Gemini – Imagine A Nation (Relief)
Elektrik Funk – On A Journey [I Sing The Funk Electric] (Prelude)
Mr. Clavio – Paper World (Creme Organization)
Bobby O – Still Hott 4 You (\”O\” Records)
Yello – Bostitch (Do It Records)
X-Ray – Let’s Go [Dub Mix] (Transmat)
Murat Tepeli feat. Prosumer – Rides (Playhouse)
Pepe Bradock – 4 (Atavisme)

Part 2 > David Siska

multicast – foehn – further oblique perspectives (k2 o)
loess – sofar (toytronic)
dark comedy – corbomite maneuver – exhibits (art of dance)
autechre – clipper – tri repetae (warp)
ifach collective – rock tek da city (ifach)
dbx – losing control (accelerate)
sleazy d – i’ve lost control (trax)
w-moon – entry plug ep (metrojuice)
christian wunsch – les paradis artificiel (tsunami)
schatrax – you don’t act the same (schatrax)
bedouin ascent – winter trees – further self-evident truths (rising high)
phon.o – typodub (cytrax)
daniel stefanik – growth (statik entertainment)
conjoint – no balls – earprints (source)
gramm – type zwei – personal rock (source)
phenomyna – travellor [reprise] – unexplained (art)
speed jack – emma – surge (r&s)
agent cooper – minus – ll01 (ll)
active service unit – zaytoon (dublin-london)

Here in the Night

Part 1: Right-click to download (82 min = 75 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (75 min = 69 mb)

Part 1 > Laid back soul ices down a steamy August night, music for a backyard lit by a glowing pool. Abstract library funk gives in to synthesized beats before diving into chill mode. Check Sly & Robbie’s monster bassline cover of Don’t Stop the Music, and a new boogie twist from Bugz in the Attic.

Part 2 > Synthetic funk and gauzy dub sounds gradually subside into abstraction. Newer goodness from BoC introduces boogie electricity from NYC courtesy of Larry Levan via Tony Paris, Environ, and Rheji Burrell out of apartment 3A. Burial’s deep night horns and scattered snares make way for relaxed favorites, with Kit Clayton providing the ultimate hypnosis.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Leroy Hutson – Cool Out – The Curtom Story: Chicago Silk n’ Soul (Curtom)
The Main Ingredient – Summer Breeze – Euphrates River (Pickwick)
David Axelrod – Song of Innocence (EMI)
The New Rotary Connection – I Am The Blackgold of the Sun – Hey, Love (Cadet)
I:Cube – Adore – Past Present Future (Versatile)
Sly & Robbie – Don’t Stop The Music – In Good Company (Hip-O)
Bugz in the Attic – Consequences – Back In The Dog House (V2)
The Time – Ice Cream Castles – Ice Cream Castles (WB)
Morgan Geist feat. Jeremy Greenspan – Most of All (Environ)
Cetu Javu – Situations (ZYX)
Spandau Ballet – Feel The Chant [Instr.] – Chant #1 (Chrysalis) 1981
Raw Silk – Just In Time [dub] – Spaced Out (Disorient)
Adonis Presents: Noleian Reusse – Lovers Jak – Images EP (Mathematics)
Bobby Konders House Rhythms – Let There Be House (Nu Groove)
Rhythm & Sound – Truly [Vladislav Delay mix] (Burial Mix)
Daniel Ibbotson – Blue, Brown & Black – Freezone 5: The Radio Is Teaching My Goldfish Ju-Jitsu (SSR)
The Detroit Escalator Co. – Twilignt Finding [reprise] (Peacefrog)

Part 2 > dave siska

boards of canada – skyliner – trans canada highway (warp/music70)
tony paris – electric automan [dub] (vanguard)
bochum welt – greenwich (rephlex)
kelley polar – here in the night (environ)
n.y. house’n authority – apt 3a (nu groove)
rod modell – harmonics of ether – flow.ers (sutemos)
burial – broken home – south london boroughs (hyperdub)
savvas ysatis – alright [surgeon’s keith 4 nat mix] (tresor)
6th sense approach – relax 2000 [mark broom rmx] (reload)
maurizio – m6 (m)
memory foundation – your last chance (m-plant)
model 500 – m-92 lightspeed – deep space (r&s)
kit clayton – wshape revisited – $x=$moles*$avocadoes; (background)
vladislav delay – raamat (chain reaction)
mouse on mars – flim – glam (sonig)

Guest DJ Jeff Pietro, Chicago

Part 1: Right-click to download (117 min = 108 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (41 min = 38 mb)

We’re always happy to find a likeminded friend around Chicago who puts a new spin on diversity in selection, and tonight we welcome the debut WNUR set for Jeff Pietro. He’s a Chicago native whose tastes coalesce into a 2-hour journey – growing from beatless auras to heavier sounds with historical and out-of-genre gems thrown into the mix, followed by a cross-section of techno sounds from the last decade.

Part 1 > Jeff Pietro

Tim Hecker – Radio Amor (Mille Plateaux)
Veil – Inject – Transform LP (Light & Dark)
Third Eye Foundation – Ghost (Merge)
Q1.1 – A2 – (Basic Channel)
Richard Devine – Float 82 – Aleamapper (Schematic)
Christ – Laisy Daisy Meadow – Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle (Benbecula)
Burnham Electronics – Could Do – Results in Reverse (Integrale/Neuton)
Cluster & Eno – Wehrmut
Zoviet France – At the Moment – Look Into Me (Charrm)
Kit Clayton – Kalu – Nek Sanalet (~Scape)
Archae & Grovskopa – There Can Only Be the Infinite (Maracas)
Gimmik – Let’s Play Cricket – Back to Basics (Toytronic)
Mogwai – Fear Satan [Surgeon Rmx] (Eye Q)
Oval – Oval Office – Systemisch (Thrill Jockey)
Echoplex – Classify As Unclassified B2 – (Synewave)
Coil – Ubu Noir – Scatology (Force & Form)
Peter Ford & Ian Loveday – Monolense A2 (Ifach)
Richard Devine – Freeze Fracture – Aleamapper (Schematic)
Reeko – Psychiatric Hospital B2 – Mental Disorder
Regis – Solution [Voice] – Divine Ritual (Downwards)
Mark Broom – One (Coda)
Fumiya Tanaka – Floor People Tension (Torema)
DJ Slip – Sketches Vol 1 – Side A (Missile)
Uusitalo – Tulenkantaja – Tulenkantaja Vol 1 (Huume)
Geoff White/Sutekh – Cinnmon Sugar (Edit)
Biogen – Stream [Sanasol Lake Mix] (Thule)
Mikkel Metal – Finla EP (Echocord)
Portion Reform – Map – Haas EP (Downwards)
Nope – Fugue1 (Num)
Redshape – Shaped World (Delsin)
Slo-Fi – B (
From Karaoke to Stardom – Ill@Ease (Rrygular)
Gregory Shiff – La Track – Siroco EP (Calima)
Dietrich Schoenemann – Sable – Three (Hidden Agenda)
Dark Comedy – Inaroom – Seven Days (Elypsia)
Bruno Pronsato – Read Me – Silver Cities
Ditch – Segment – Kimidori EP (Minibar 004)
Oasis – #1 – FXHE Cat #OAS-1

Part 2 > Dave Siska

C2C4 – Specimen 1 – Gino Soccio – There’s a Woman (Moxie)
Bang the Party – Bang Bang You’re Mine [Instrumental] (Warriors Dance)
Beat Pharmacy – New Dawn (Original Mix) (DeepSpace)
Rhythm & Sound – See Mi Version [Basic Reshape] (Burial Mix)
Remote – A-tonal – Celestion EP (Meanwhile)
Laraaji – Meditation #1 (Editions EG)
Skinny Puppy – Film – Bites LP (Nettwerk)
Pure – Optical Illusion – 100% Pure: The Lowlands Compilation (New Electronica)
RO 70 Meets Move D – Side A (Source)
Nitevision – 2110 – (Synewave)

Guest DJ Karl Meier, Chicago

Part 1: Right-click to download (30 min = 28 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (74 min = 68 mb)
Part 3: Right-click to download (50 min = 47 mb)

We’re pleased to welcome Chicago’s Karl Meier from back to the studio! We asked for something with an industrial feel, and Karl dug through his archives past & present to bring a dark set of textural rhythms and drones, putting old and new together in a perfectly brooding collage.

Part 1 > Dave Siska

cloud one – atmosphere strut (p&p)
connection machine – password session – painless (down low)
sleeparchive – bleep 03 – radio transmission (sleeparchive)
chip e – time to track – jack trax (house mirage)
marcellus pittman – skylark – m pittman 2 (fxhe)
velocette – i feel… – memories for the future (parallel)

Part 2 > Karl Meier –

non – millstones – god & beast (mute)
birds – uuhm pt 2 (pal sl)
whitehouse – neronia
einsturzende neubauten – bildbeschreibung – strategies against architecture ii (rough trade)
monolake – wasteland – polygon_cities (ml/i)
gescom – bronchusix – invisible soundtracks (leaf)
ekkehard ehlers plays cornelius cardew 2 – plays (staubgold)
pan sonic – reuna alue – aaltopiiri (blast first)
harmonia – sehr kosmisch – musik von harmonia (brain)
o – radio – metri (sahko)
thomas koner – zyklop (mille plateaux)
seefeel – lux 1 – starethrough (warp)
cabaret voltaire – invocation – eight crepescule tracks (giant)
tim hecker – balkanize-you – mirages (alien8)

Part 3 > Dave Siska

anthony rother – warm ep (i220)
mono junk – channel b (styrax leaves)
ame – rej (sonar kollective)
maurizio – domina [maurizio rmx] (m)
percy x – odyssey (soma)
fumiya tanaka – for set #1 a – floor.people.tension ep (torema)
can – future days [blade runner rmx – carl craig] (mute)
infomax – semiparametric model – proactive criteria (underconstructing)
herbert – in the kitchen – around the house (phonography)

Sooner Than You Think

Part 1: Right-click to download (80 min = 74 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (79 min = 73 mb)

Part 1 > From dark city soundtracks to wild west shootouts, proto-club tracks from Manchester to the early b-boy sounds of NYC. Hang on for the long rinse, this stone skips across a bitmapped lake of electronic music polariods from 4 decades.

Part 2 > what starts as a slide into subaquatic territory ends up in an nyc house club circa 1994, chased with a darker electronic cooldown.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Vainqueur – Solanus [extracted] – Elevations (Chain Reaction)
Ash Ra Tempel – Light: Look At Your Sun – Schwingugen (Spalax)
Angelo Badalamenti – The Bookhouse Boys – Twin Peaks soundtrack (WB)
Colourbox – Looks like We’re Shy One Horse / Shoot Out – Best of 82-87 (4AD)
Big Audio Dynamite – Medicine Show – This Is (Sony)
NewOrder – Sooner Than You Think – Low-life (Quest)
Tones on Tail – Performance – Everything (Beggars UK)
Phil 7 / Jauqq – Black Dog Productions – Bytes (Warp)
Eddie Flashin Fawlkes – Pure Afro Sound – Panic In Detroit (Buzz)
Midnight Star – Midas Touch [12\” version] (Solar)
Two Sisters – High Noon, part 2 (Sugarscoop)
808 State – Magical Dream [Spirit mix] (
Paul Hardcastle – AM – Rainforest (Profile)
De La Soul – Cool Breeze on the Rocks – 3 Feet High and Rising (Tommy Boy)
Beastie Boys – 33% God – Def Before Dishonor (boot)
Mantronix – Fresh is the word – The Album (Sleeping Bag)
Luke Vibert – Liptones – YosepH (Warp)
Jonny L – I Let U – Sawtooth (XL)

Part 1 > Dave Siska

philippe cam – un salon dans le ciel [deadbeat rmx] (musique risquee)
cepia – ncoin arrange – aurora 2 (merck)
ian pooley – the times – the times (force inc)
anders ilar – organza – organza (level)
evelyn jean – chateau noir [wild pitch mix] (dig it international)
ron & chez d (kms)
danell dixon – dance dance (nite grooves)
st. germain – the first time – french traxx (fnac)
dj gregory – head dubbing (deeply rooted)
virgo four – going thru life (trax)
coil – dark river – love’s secret domain (wax trax)
pink elln – modified – the electronic dreamplant (saasfee)
greenbank – layabout – rotating the square (benbecula)
f.u.s.e. – a new day – dimension intrusion (plus 8 )
russ gabriel – agoraphobia – voltage control (input neuron)
front 242 – u-men – geography (wax trax)
alter ego – nude restaurant (harthouse)

Dem Never Know

Part 1: Right-click to download[/url] (80 min = 73 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download[/url] (44 min = 41 mb)

A late-night cooler from Dave mixes ethereal touches, dub-drenched rhythms, and surfactant percussion, with uptempo hypnosis & flashbacks from Detroit & Chicago. New music from G-Man and a summer stroll from Marcellus Pittman hold down part 1, while Chip E’s autobahn exploits and Jus-Ed’s clattering rawness set the tone for part 2.

Part 1 >

pub – summer [scons on the lawn mix] – do you ever regret pantomime (moamoo)
boards of canada – amo bishop roden – in a beautiful place out in the country (warp)
murcof – ulysses [fax rmx] (leaf)
ruoho ruotsi – balai ballet – la sweet [deadbeat deep down dub] (de’fchild)
rhythm & sound – dem never know [sleeparchive rmx] (burial mix)
smbp – stars falling (citymorb)
g-man – the way you move (wir)
marcellus malik pittman – a walk thru osaka – in the dark (still music)
eight miles high – art gallery – two (klang elektronik)
morgan geist – outronic – remnants (environ)
pola – cidre – meme (plop/inpartmaint)
exos – listen to my voice – my home is sonic (ae)
robert hood – psychic (m-plant)
oliver ho – westworld remix 2 – listening to the voice inside rmxs (meta)
red planet – firekeeper (red planet)

Part 2 >

armando presents mike dearborn – 1991 a new age (muzique)
autobahn – do you like this beat [london calling mix] (fierce)
duplex – motion blur – ep 5 (clone)
jus-ed – am-mix – health flammability reactivity (fxhe)
access 58 – horizon (pacific)
the orb – a huge ever-growing pulsating brain that rules from the centre of the ultraworld [orbital dance mix] (big life)
florence – the vineyard (eevo lute)

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