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Emotions Unknown

Dave takes us for a guided tour through dusky soft shadows and nighttime machines, leading into more relaxed territory before revisiting those chunky Chicago roots. New dubstep/techno genre-crossing sounds blended with their forerunners round out the meander. Too many great new cuts to mention all of them, but Stereociti lays down a thick, clean groove with Drexciyan flourishes, Joy Orbison offers you a rainbow-colored glowstick, and DJ Sprinkles goes beyond deep.

Right-click to download (74 min, 101 MB)

DJ Sprinkles – Grand Central – Pt. I – Midtown 120 Blues (Mule Musiq) 2009
Schatrax – First Heartbeat (Schatrax) 1996
Stereociti – Waiting for Your Call (Mojuba) 2009
Anton Zap – Captain Storm (Underground Quality) 2008
Melody Boy 2000 – Monotone Fantastique (Dum) 1994
Model 500 – Starlight [Soultek’s Falling Stars Mix] (Echospace Detroit) 2007
Eerik – Exformation (Raw Fusion) 2002
Reflection – Cube Loop [Morgan Geist Mix] (Clear) 1997
Circulation – Emotions Unknown (Balance) 1995
The MD Connection – Frantic Machine – Tracks That Move Ya (Muzique) 1989
Martyn – Seventy-Four – Great Lengths (3024) 2009
Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo (Hot Flush) 2009
Millie – Path To Hell [Redemption Mix] (Daphne) 2009
Ben Klock – Gold Rush – One (Ostgut Tontrager) 2009
Studio Pressure – Resolution (Photek) 1994
Roof Light – In Your Hands – In Your Hands EP (Styrax) 2009
Fluxion – Redundant (Vibrant) 2001
Helical Scan – Index I (Chain Reaction) 1996
Peverelist – Junktion [Shed Rmx] (Tectonic) 2009


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