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Guest DJ Jeremy Campbell, NYC

Part 1: Right-click to download (78 min = 72 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download[/url] (34 min = 31 mb)

Part 1 > We rock a killer set from Jeremy Campbell mixed exclusively for Sonic Sunset. Originally from SF but now a fixture on the NYC leftfield disco / odd-genre DJ scene, Jeremy has whipped up all kind of frenzy with past nights hosted by the crew of vinyl pranksters (some nights recorded live are still archived online). His current \”non dance\” party DAZZLE SHIPS continues — more on his current projects at Dig it!

Part 2 > Darker textural moods are layered against lighter ambience for a short but intense excursion from Dave.

Part 1 > Jeremy Campbell

Max Berlin’s – Dream Disco (Les Disques Du Martin)
Roxy Music – Angel Eyes (Polydor)
Chic – Everybody Dance (Atlantic)
Computer – Come and Dance (AB Productions)
Koxo – Pas a pas (Step by Step) (Six A.M.)
Patrice Rushen – Haven’t You Heard [edit] (Elektra)
Gino Soccio – The Runaway [edit] (RFC)
Can – Red Hot Indians (Virgin)
The Grateful Dead – Serengetti (Arista)
Hall & Oates – Running from Paradise [edit] (RCA)
Roxy Music – Angel Eyes (Atco)
Pigbag – The Backside (Y)
XTC – Nearly Africa (Virgin)
Tom Tom Club – Spooks (Sire)
Grace Jones – Feel Up (Island)
Hazel Dean – Searchin’ (I Gotta Find a Man) [Instrumental] [edit] (Attic)
Bryan Ferry – Don’t Stop the Dance [Special 12\” Re-Mix] [edit] (EG)

Part 2 > David Siska

vainqueur – elevation ii [original] – elevations (chain reaction)
monolake – nucleus – gravity (ml/i)
thomas koner – zyklop – zyklop (mille plateaux)
this mortal coil – fyt – it’ll end in tears (4ad)
manual – 1986 – the north shore (darla)
various artists – 8 (fat cat)
studio pankow – linienbusse – linienbusse (city centre offices)
shapes & forms – fractal – shapes & forms (k2 o)
seefeel – lux1 – starethrough (warp)

Tokyo Ghost Stories

Part 1: Right-click to download (73 min = 67 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (78 min = 72 mb)

it’s dave at the controls for the night, with a variety of summery house & detroit techno sounds leading up to a feature of sweet abstract notions from germany’s arovane – from the glittering mechanisms of his autechre-like sounds on the DIN imprint to the organic, sometimes pastoral palette of his city centre offices releases. check the new a.i. downtempo from time constant and a just-out maurizio-deep slice on germany’s statik entertainment.

Part 1 >

time constant – emphasis – silent phone calls in the fall (macrometasomakosmos)
panoptica – tecnica manana (certificate eighteen)
rhythm & sound – rise and praise [vainqueur rmx] (burial mix)
daniel stefanik – starless (statik entertainment)
imax – 1 am – dc trax (octal)
son sine – karuna (nurture)
damon wild – eva – downtown worlds (kanzleramt)
robert hood – omega (peacefrog)
steve o’sullivan – breezer dub – top shelf dubs (mosaic)
octave one – i believe (transmat)
e-dancer – pump the move (kms)
kosmic messenger – sights & spirits (trance fusion)
counterattack – unspecified enemies (counterattack)
insync vs mysteron – missing link – android architect (tenth planet)
gf – electronic switch – electronic lesson pt 1 (kk)
perspects – desire & efficiency (ersatz audio)
ectomorph – breakthrough (interdimensional transmissions)

Part 2 >

closer musik – 123 no gravity (kompakt)
the modernist – opportunity knox – opportunity knox (harvest)
tone theory – limbo of vanished possibilities (plink plonk)
mathew jonson – gemini ep (itiswhatitis)
arovane – torn (din)
arovane – neel (city centre offices)
pub – summer [arovane amx 1] (vertical form)
arovane – amine – atol scrap (din)
arovane – r/elet – atol scrap (din)
arovane – a secret – tides (city centre offices)
arovane – goodbye forever – lilies (city centre offices)
dynamo – aussen vor [amx] (din)
arovane – tomorrow morning – tides (city centre offices)
arovane – seaside – tides (city centre offices)
arovane – plnt (fwd)
arovane – tokyo ghost stories – lilies (city centre offices)

Let The Music Use You

Part 1: Right-click to download (78 min = 72 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (75 min = 70 mb)

Matt pilots 3 hour solo submarine dive. Part 1 slides in with quiet storm moods: classic soul, dub with shades of chill hip-hop and disco. Part 2 continues to blur Chicago and Detroit deep house, ending with Detroit techno from Claude Young and Jeff Mills after midnight. Recent releases this week include latest Sound Signature T.O.M. collaboration, and warm deep space electronics from D5 via Amsterdam.

Part 1

Prince – Crucial – Crystal Ball 3xCD box (NPG)
Al Wilson – Show and Tell – The 70’s Soul Experience (Rhino)
The Mayfield Singers – I’ve Been Trying (Curtom)
Outkast – Stankonia [Stanklove] – Stankonia (La Face)
Rhythm & Sound – Boss Man [Tiki’s Pure Blue Remix] SMY Remixes #1 (Rhythm and Sound)
Michegan & Smiley – Nice Up The Dance – Studio One Story (Soul Jazz)
The Clash – Armagideon Time – On Broadway (Epic)
KRS-One – Sound Of Da Police (Jive)
Jaylib vs. J-Rocc – The Message – Champion Sound: Remixed (Stone’s Throw)
Andres – Love Hurts – Andres (Mahogani Music)
Fred Wesley – House Party (Curtom)
Talking Heads – Popsicle – Sand in the Vaseline (Sire)
Pam Todd – Let’s Get Together (Vault)
Flakes – Sugar Frosted Lover (Magic Disc)
Roy Ayers – Chicago – Drive (Ichiban)
T.O.M. – Renaissance – (Sound Signature)
Chez Damier & Ron Trent – Morning Factory – The Grand Lodge of Luxor (Thebes) EP – (Prescription)

Part 2

The Nightwriters – Let The Music Use You (Trax)
The Detroit Experiment – Think Twice (Planet E)
Tim Harper – I Feel A Groove (Peacefrog)
Earth People – Dance (Kool Groove)
Projekt: PM – When The Voices Come (Guidance)
Moodymann – Mahogany Brown – Mahogany Brown (Peacefrog)
Rick Wade – Deep-N-Dirty – Late Night Basix vol. 2 (Harmonie Park)
untitled B2- TRIBUTE to Ken Collier (Intangible)
Dan Bell – The Symphony [ (Elevate Special Projects)
Octave One – Quahya – X-Files (430 West)
Octave One – Farpoint – X-Files (430 West)
D5 – Run – Neutrino EP (Delsin)
Claude Young – Free Fall – The Collective EP (Utensil)
Jeff Mills – Native High – Steampit EP (Purpose Maker)
Jeff Mills – Where’s My Rabbit – Vanishing Act EP (Purpose Maker)
Jeff Mills – The Sun – Shifty Disco EP (Gigolo)
Claude Young – The Woodwork – Deepest Shade of Techno (Reflective)

Guest DJs – Meiotic Soundsystem, Chicago

Part 1: Right-click to download (76 min = 70 mb)

We’re pleased to welcome Chicago’s Matthew Martin and Audiophile to the studio! Together they represent the Meiotic Soundsystem, a significant proponent of proper techno events around Chicago. Tonight they’re up for a 4×4 record tagteam, flowing through house, techno, and more minimal sounds, along with a healthy dose of the original Detroit dance sound.

Part 1>

abacus – poetic illusions – erotic illusions (fragile)
alton miller – ecstasoul (planet e)
david alvarado – beautification (peacefrog)
cobblestone jazz – carl’s cream cone (itiswhatitis)

exos – maya (force inc.)
m pittman – cherry lee [down syndrome mix] (fxhe)
sleeparchive – acd-voice – radio transmission (sleeparchive)
pantytec – instant orient (perlon)

baby ford – parallel life – basking in the brake lights (perlon)
theo parrish – shifting sands (sound signature)
carl craig – sandstorms – just another day (planet e)
omar s – bitch (fxhe)

turner – when will we leave (robert hood rmx) (ladomat 2000)
echoplex – straight structure ep (black nation)
chris sattinger – butterfly skull – thinkless thoughts (synewave)
echoplex – straight structure ep (black nation)

dub taylor – wet dog (organic domain)

Part 2 > (sorry, no audio available)

s-max – limited remixes (overdrive records)
cybotron – clear (fantasy records)
model 500 – time, space, transmat (metroplex)

advent – city lights – elements of life (internal)
the martian – base station 303 (red planet)
johannes heil – future primitive (kanzleramt)
a scorpion’s dream – aqua dance (fragile)

open house feat. placid angles – aquatic (buzz/retroactive)
rhythim is rhythim – the dance (transmat)
4th wave – touched (planet e)
equinox – curtains (synewave)

counterpart – constant anxiety – the martian mystique (6277)
echoplex – rainshell – classify as unclassified (synewave)
freaks – mindless funk (phono)
marco carola – track 05 – fokus (zenit)

peace division – blacklight sleaze [radio slave rmx] (nrk)
mike parker – inversions vol 2 (geophone)
dirty criminals – jack the box (kompute)
peter grummich – the roll pt 2 (spectral)

designer music – good girls (rmx) – remix vol. 1 (planet e)
mike wade – archetype 01 (archetype)
shawn rudiman – overextension – evidence of life (7th city)
the advent – no return part 1 – no way back (trax uk)

hyperactive – reptilian tank (morpheus)
d.h.s. – house of god [acapella]
rotterdam termination source – poing (midtown)

I’m Strong: Larry Heard special

Part 1: Right-click to download (79 min = 70 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (60 min = 55 mb)

Tonight Dave’s at the wheels, with a special feature of seminal Chicago house producer Larry Heard’s classic productions – from the emotion of Mystery of Love to the rawness of Acid Indigestion. Slower tempo techno/house opens up the show, with a mixture of noisier sounds, bleeps, and scintillating chords past the midnight hour.

Part 1 >

Manuel Gottsching – E2-E4 (DA Music)
Alphawezen – System1 – Gai Soleil (Mole Listening Pearls)
Abstract Jacks – Two Ways (unreleased)
Schubert – S3 – Don’t Believe the Chord-Pop Hype (Statik Entertainment)
Nils Petter Molvaer – Merciful [Herbert’s We Mix] – Solid Ether Remixes Vol 1 (Universal)
Theo Parrish – Dreamer’s Blues [in the thick mix] (Sound Signature)
Mr. Fingers – Amnesia – Classic Fingers (La Casa)
Fingers Inc – Waterfall (Jack Trax)
Fingers Inc – Stars – Classic Fingers (La Casa)
Fingers Inc – A Path [Instrumental Mix] (DJ International)
Robert Owens – Bring Down the Walls (Trax)
Mr. Fingers – Washing Machine (Trax)
Mr. Fingers – Distant Planet (Trax)
Fingers Inc – I’m Strong [Track] (Jack Trax)
Robert Owens – I’m Strong [Club Mix] (Alleviated)
Mr. Fingers – Play It Loud – Classic Fingers (La Casa)
Fingers Inc – Slam Dance (Jack Trax)
Gherkin Jerks – Space Dance – 1990 (Gherkin)
Gherkin Jerks – Don’t Dis the Beat (Alleviated)
Gherkin Jerks – Red Planet – 1990 (Gherkin)

Part 2 >

Fingers Inc – Mystery of Dub (DJ International)
Gherkin Jerks – Acid Indigestion (Alleviated)
Interr-Ference – Untitled – The Chase (Reference)
‘Lectric Workers – Robot Is Systematic (Viewlexx)
LFO – Track 4 (Warp)
Detalles – Mega Nuss – Micro’s Morning (unreleased)
W-Moon – Flowing Out – Altered Vibration EP (MetroJuice)
Benjamin Brunn – Slow Down the Escalator! – De-Escalate (Binemusic)
M. Mayer – B2 -17&4 (Kompakt)
J.S. Zeiter – Motion_Sickness (MCMLXV)
Deep Chord – Step 3 [Mike Huckaby Rmx] – Electromagnetic Dowsing (Synth)
Convextion – Untitled (Matrix)

Get the Balance Right

Part 1: Right-click to download (79 min = 70 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (80 min = 73 mb)

Part 1 > Heavy on classics where euro synthpop meets the underground by the back door of the warehouse. Bassline driven funk w/ lead guitar solos?? on Hot Chocolate’s minor hit, plus Kelley Polar’s new vocal handclappin’ disco. Ends w/ arguably the most chill Dance Mania house cut from Vincent Floyd — deep Chicago moods.

Part 2 > Smooth sounds for spring weather and meditative moods for the wet months are lined up with older Chicago sounds. Remix action from Claro Intelecto, late-night momentum from Duplex, and clinical Drexciyan electro from Dynarec are the new cuts for the night.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Savage Progress – Heart Begins To Beat (boot)
Peter Godwin – Emotional Disguise – Images of Heaven (Polydor)
Hot Chocolate – Every 1’s A Winner (Infinity)
Leon Haywood – I’m Out To Catch [Club mix] (Casablanca) 1982
Kelley Polar – Here In The Night [Long Version] – Album Sampler Vol. 2 (Environ)
Street Beat – Do The Flex – (Coco)
The Circle City Band – My Place [Long Club mix] (Becket)
The Juan MacLean – Tito’s Way [Reverso 68 mix] (DFA)
Depeche Mode – Get The Balance Right [Combination mix] (Mute)
Dsico That No-Talent Hack – Rescue (Gang of Youth)
Kano – Now Baby Now – Kano (Emergency)
INXS – To Look At You – Dekadance (Atco)
The League Unlimited Orchestra – Love Action – Love & Dancing (Vigin)
Isolee – Beau Mot Plage (Playhouse)
Glenn Underground w/ Steve Poindexter – Entercourses of the New Age – Atmosfear (Peacefrog)
Vincent Floyd – I Dream U (Dance Mania)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

duplex – elevated mood – late night driving (clone)
cio – tube – mentally stable (episode)
dimension 5 – drift – control complex (delsin)
derek carr – paris metro – initial transmission (digital soul)
john beltran – collage of dreams [outro] – ten days of blue (peacefrog)
no movement no sound no memories – acetate [claro intelecto rmx] (lux nigra)
analog~1 – octaves (mcmlxv)
silicon scally – informatics – the silent years (satamile)
dynarec – in hostile environment (vaporwave)
ulf lohmann – untitled 3 – because before (kompakt)
theorem – embed (th)
localfields – pico – length scales (zero g sounds)
black dog – sharp shooting on saturn – the temple of transparent balls (gpr)
newworldaquarium – pyramid rd – planet delsin (delsin)
joe lewis – change reaction (relief)
house master boyz and the rude boy of house – house nation (dance mania)
gentry ice – utilize the beat – acido amigo (westside)
gemini – psychosis (cajual)
pepe bradock – life (atavisme)

Guest DJ Trent Abbe, East Lansing

Part 1: Right-click to download (77 min = 72 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (77 min = 72 mb)

Tonight check out a guest mix from Lansing/Detroit style O.G. Trent Abbe. Influenced by all things on the fertile Detroit radiowaves in Michigan growing up, Trent has rocked many a party and radio show there and is one of the most technically precise DJ’s we’ve heard — he’s got a clicktrack for a pulse. A personal influence of Matt’s during the fledgling Lansing underground scene, Trent is ever-humble yet still blows away many of the \”big name\” DJs who get top billing. Enjoy as he blends deep house and dub together with techno for a sweet 77-minute ride.

Part 1 > Trent Abbe

Robert Fripp – Red Two Scorer – God Save the Queen (Polydor)
Round Five – Na Fe Throw [Version] (Main Street)
Round Two – New Day (Main Street)
Jii Hoo – Let Me Luv U – F076/080P
Drivetrain – One Wish – Symphonium 4 (Soiree)
Ola Jagun & The Ancenstral Rhythms – Odo Oya – Music Sampler Vol 5 (Spiritual Life)
Patchworks – Sugar – Sugar EP (Still Music)
R. E. – Rain Forest – A Man and His Flute (Clubhouse)
Bigger Than Life – High & Mighty (Other Side)
Alton M – Bliss – Blue Funk (M3)
Glory B – Mental Holydays (Grow!)
Martino – 4.00 AM In Mourning [Putsch ’79 remix] (Yellow Productions)
Lusine – These Things – Inside/Out EP (Ghostly International)
DJ V – What Am I Doin’ to Me – Deep-Ending EP (D’lectable)
Ron & Chez D – B1 (KMS-054)
T.H.D. – Dialouge (Serious Grooves)
Paperclip People – Oscillator (Planet E)
Virgo – Go Wild Rhythm Tracks (Other Side)
Screwtop – Mx6x vs. Masa (1200)
KC Flight – Lets Get Jazzy [Dope Dub Mix] (Studio !k7)
Paperclip People – The Climax [Orlando Voorn Mix] The Touche Remixes (Open)
Auril – French Kiss
AFX – Phonat Acid (Analord 02)
Lusine – Push – Push EP (Ghostly International)
Carl Craig – At Les – Virtual Sex (Buzz)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

Bola – W.i.K. – Soup (Skam)
Pub – Summer [Arovane AMX 4] (Vertical Form)
Rod Modell – Space Age Mythology – Sacred Geometry (Echocord)
Octal Industries – Arrival (Octal)
Burger/Ink – Elvism – Las Vegas (Matador/Harvest)
Maurizio – Eleye (M)
U-Roy & Francois K – Rootsman Dub (Deep Space)
The Memory Foundation – Un-theme – Greenflash EP (Mosaic)
Rhythm & Sound feat Tikiman – Never Tell You (Burial Mix)
Sunpeople – Check Your Buddha (Trelik)
Sleeparchive – Transposition Reverse – Radio Transmission EP (Sleeparchive)
Robert Hood – The Grey Area (M-Plant)
Millsart – Humana (Axis)
Nico Awtsventin – Paradox – Fracturhythms (Bio)
Brother from Another Planet – Wind-up (7th City)
A Scorpion’s Dream – Aqua Dance (Fragile)
Dan Curtin – Don’t Wait – We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For (Headspace)

The Art of Being In Between

Part 1: Right-click to download (79 min = 70 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (78 min = 72 mb)

Matt runs a 3-hour solo set blurring genres as the night falls. Covering chill moody obscurities early, to pumping warehouse jackers late.

Part 1 – spike the punch

Fuzz Against Junk – The Art of Being In Between (Nuphonic)
Love & Rockets – Saudade – Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven (Beggars Banquet)
Pieter Nooten & Michael Brook – Searching – Sleeps With The Fishes (4AD)
The Durutti Column – Dance II – Bread and Circuses (Crepuscule)
Stasis – Natural People – Inspiration (Peacefrog)
Kennedy – Women and Money – Dub Plates From The Lamp (Pork)
Analog~1 – Reduced (MCMLXV)
OMD – Architecture & Morality – Architecture & Morality (Virgin)
Jerry Seaman – Sitting Out The Storm (
Cat Stevens – Was Dog A Doughnut (Kit)
Gato Barbieri – Los Desperados – Caliente! (A&M)
FSK – Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band – First Take, The Shake (Disko B)
Victor – Go On Do It [Morgan Geist’s Breakfast Club dub] (Environ)
Junei – Let’s Ride – Night Drive Vol. 1 (Peabody Records)
Asso – Don’t Stop (Ace)
Omni – Body Groove (Mercury)

Part 2 – kill the lights

James Duncan – Untitled – Times Like These (Le Systeme)
Rick James – Stormy Love – Fire It Up (Gordy)
The Players Association – The Get-Down Mellow Sound – We Got The Groove (Vanguard)
Chicago – Street Player [Paul Raymond re-edit] (Super Disco Breaks)
Dinosaur L – #5 Go Bang – 24 24 Music (Sleeping Bag)
Yoko Ono – Walking On Thin Ice [Re-edit] (Polydor)
Capricorn – Capricorn (Emergency)
Mascara – Baja [Dub] (Oh My)
Dharma – Plastic Doll (boot)
Gallifre – House Rhythm – Chicago Boogie Rhythm Tracks (Danica)
Li’l Louis – How I Feel (Dance Mania)
Farley Jackmaster Funk – The Acid Life (House)
Lil Louis – Blackout Phase II (FFrr)
Ecstasy Club – Jesus Loves the Acid (Swordfish)
DJ Yoav B – Steam Drill – Language of an Open Heart EP (Delsin)
Rhythim is Rhythim – untitled (Transmat)
Carl Craig – Suspiria (Retroactive)

Guest DJ Peter Aparicio, Chicago

Part 1: Right-click to download (36 min = 34 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (31 min = 29 mb)
Part 3: Right-click to download (48 min = 45 mb)

Tonight we welcome the winner of Mr. Peabody Records’ first DJ competition, Peter Aparicio! He’s a 23-year veteran DJ who still plays out on Chicago’s south side. In Part 1 he goes old school Chicago house with some WBMX-style Italo touches, and in Part 2 he heads into freestyle and old-school electro territory. This is a set true to growing up with Chicago dance music in the 1980s, so stay close!

Parts 1 & 2 > Peter Aparicio

No tracklist available.

Part 3 > Dave Siska

Kano – It’s a War (Emergency)
The Nerve – A Little Bit of Jazz [1985 version] (Touch)
Patrick Cowley – Primitive World – Mind Warp (Megatone)
Damon Wild – Fluorescence (Synewave)
Series 7 – A1 (Evolution/Universal Language)
Ross 154 – Until My Heart Stops (M>O>S)
Clever & Smart – Filtadelic (Lofi Stereo)
Melody Boy 2000 – Monotone Fantastique (DUM)
Todd Sines – Overlap EP (Planet E)
Octal Industries – Automatik [Northern Lights Mix] (Transistor Rhythm)
Synewave 37 – Beige (Synewave)
Yagya – Choose – Flow.ers (Sutemos)

Solitary Flight

Part 1: Right-click to download (76 min = 70 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (72 min = 72 mb)

Matt’s alone for an all-over-the-map 3 hour excursion. Part 1 eases in with abstract A.R.T. era deep electronics, soul and midtempo grit. Part 2 is more uptempo, connecting Detroit and Berlin by way of Derrick May & Gottsching, UR & Maurizio. Winds up with more driving italo disco synthetics – both classic and re-invented.

Part 1 >

Kenji Kawai – Making of Cyborg (Chant I) – Ghost In The Shell Soundtrack
Future Beat Alliance – Personnal Data – Hot Shots (Versatile)
Photek – T’Raenon (Op-ART)
As One – Amalia – objets d’art (New Electronica)
William Bell – I Forgot To Be Your Lover – Soul Riot (Mojo)
Moodymann – Entrance 2 the Garden – Silence In The Secret Garden (Peacefrog)
The Rationals – Glowin’ – The Rationals (Crewe)
Tommy Guerrero – Interlude / The Days Go By – Soul Food Taqueria (Mo Wax)
David Oliver – Ms. – David Oliver (Mercury)
Curtis Mayfield – Trippin’ Out – Something To Believe In (Curtom/RSO)
Francois Kervorkian presents: Jah Wobble, THe Edge, Holger Czukay – Hold On To Your Dreams – Snake Charmer (Island)
Yesterday’s New Quintet – Birth of YNQ – Angles without Edges (Stones Throw)
Kraftwerk – Neon Lights – The Man Machine (Capitol)
Danial Wang – 24 to Vector Z [Morgan Geist’s Commuter Mix] (Environ)
Theo Parrish – Solitary Flight (Sound Signature)

Part 2 >

Abacus – Erotic Illusions [Decadant Dub] – The Abacus EP (Fragile)
Round Two – New Day [Dub] (Main Street)
Quadrant – Q1.1 (Basic Channel)
Heaven & Earth – Space and Time (Prescription)
Baby Ford – Milky Tres [Reprise] (Rhythm King)
M. Gottsching – Sueno Latino [Derrick May rmx] (Buzz)
Maurizio – Ploy [UR mix] (M)
R-Tyme – R-Theme [Dramatic mix] (Transmat)
Shake – My Name Is Binky (Metroplex)
Dexter – Valve [Live] – Raw (Klakson)
Bo Boss – Tequila (Emergency)
Vivian Vee – Give Me A Break (Bananna)
Ray Mang & Foolish Felix – Disco Dementia – Disco Dimensions EP (Smash Hit)
Klapto – Mister Game [Vocal] (Radius)
Francisco – Venti Venti (2020 Vision)
Trans X – Vivre Sur Video (Illusion)
Stopp – I’m Hungry (boot)
Cocadisco I – B2 (white)

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