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Part 2: Right-click to download (69 min 128k MP3 = 63mb)

part 1 > Peter Brown’s bleepy Burning Love Breakdown beats the drums among funky disco dubs. Trans-Atlantic Electrifyin’ Mojo crosstalk of UK’s Ultravox and Detroit’s Cybotron casts long shadows. Claude Young w/ words by DJ Bone explains the unexplainable Detroit ‘Mind Dance’. Brand new technosoul EP from Juan Atkins, and killer new remixes of Unit 4’s Bodydub from the Netherlands meets Chicago WBMX electronic disco & house.

part 2 > late 1980s minimalism from detroit, new york, and england wind it up, subsiding into an atmospheric broken/downtempo center anchored by madcap’s remake of speedy j. late-night radiance from basic channel wakes up to squelching techno from aphex twin and kalamazoo’s black nation label.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

James Duncan – B2 – Night Trax ep (Le Systeme)
Brooklyn Dreams – Street Man (Millennium) 1978
Peter Brown – Burning Love Breakdown (T.K. Disco) 1977
Stephanie Mills – The Medicine Song [Dub Version] (Casablanca) 1984
The Evasions – All Wrapped Up (SAM) 1981
Ultravox – Mr. X – Vienna ( Chrysalis) 1980
Cybotron – Alleys Of Your Mind – Enter (Fantasy) 1983
Claude Young – Mind Dance Theme – One Complete Revolution (Utensil)
Juan Atkins – I Love You – Fast Forward (New Religion)
Kreem – Triangle of Love [Dub] (KMS) 1987
Low Rez – Amuck – Thorn EP (Sublime)
Unit 4 – Bodydub [Freak Electrique rmx] – Remixes (Clone)
The 202 Machine – Get Up (Fire Sign) 1981
Daniel Wang – Not Feeling It – Afroasiatechnubian (Balihu)
Chip E – If You Only Knew [Frankie Knew mix] (DJ International) 1986
Rhythim Is Rhythim – Salsa Life – The Beginning (Kool Kat)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

reese & santonio – the sound (kms)
code 6 – quad ii – second chapter (nu groove)
xon – bopulate – the mood set (network)
titonton duvante – double entendre – voyeurism (starbaby)
tres demented [demented drums version] (planet e)
the modernist – data girl – opportunity knox (harvest)
arovane – lilies – lilies (city centre offices)
aardvarck – gag – gensin (delsin)
madcap – balk acid – third person ep (music for speakers)
as one – moon over the moab – reflections (new electronica)
murcof – ulysses [fax remix] (leaf)
metric system – studio 440 (trope)
stasis – space 1993 – further connections (native sampler)
the actors pedantry – feelings engine (ampoule)
radiance – i (basic channel)
polygon window – quixote – surfing on sinewaves (warp)
function – indicate – the dielectric coefficient (infrastructure)
vice – leave a message – playerhater ep vol ii (black nation)
nigil caenaan – january’s end (machine)


It’s House

Part 1: Right-click to download (71 min 128k MP3 = 65mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (66 min 128k MP3 = 61mb)

part 1 > Offbeat dusted b-side dubs.. Stockholm’s 12th Floor into Recloose’s techno funk provides a perfect backbeat to proto hip-hop from Whodini. Handclap flow to Jellybean’s epic kicks the 808 cowbells. The rest is Jack To Basics with raw Chicago pre-techno jackin’ trax, a re-work of First Choice tore up chicago style, Chip E defines House, and local artist Noleian Reusse as Africans with Mainframes. Don’t miss WBMX favorite synth-heavy italo destroyer by Pineapples! If you haven’t heard us in awhile, this is one to check. :}

part 2 > sub-aquatic organic-electronic dub from germany, canada, and japan rides out the last days of summer, and we go a bit more uptempo with peak:shift and a sampling from jeff mills’ recent 7\” series. new music from yunx anchors the downtempo wind-down.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Roy Ayers Ubiquity – The Black Five – Mystic Voyage (Polydor) 1975
Charles Leonard – Drop It In The Pocket (Windy City) 1982
The Earons – Land of Hunger [Dub version] (Island) 1984
12th Floor – Don’t This Blow Your Mind (Raw Fusion)
Recloose – Up & Up – Cardiology (Planet e)
Whodini – 5 Minutes of Funk (Jive) 1894
Jellybean – The Mexican [Funhouse Mix] (EMI) 1984
The Quick – Zulu [Instr.] (Pavillion) 1981
Electric Mind – ZWEI [Dub version] (Emergency) 1983
Joe Smooth – I’ll Be There [Instr.] (DJ International) 1988
House People – Godfather of House [Club Mix] (Underground) 1986
House Gang – Let No Man Put Us Under – Hitrax (Underground) 1988
Faces Drums (Original Records) 1988
Adonis – We’re Rocking Down The House [Instr.] (Trax) 1986
Pineapples – Come On Closer (Original Records) 1988
Chip E – It’s House (Jack Trax) 1986
Africans with Mainframes – Micro-Electronique – Save The Robots EP (Mathematics)

Part 2 > dave siska

neal howard – to be or not to be [the gathering club mix] – best of future sound records (rephlex)
aroy dee – the planets (nwaq)
electric birds – a2 – strata (
maus & stolle – for your ears only (klang)
deadbeat – requiem – something borrowed, something blue (~scape)
w-moon – unless – entry plug ep (metrojuice)
taksi – dezent (taksi)
peak:shift – now come on into the world (nurture)
heiko laux – liquidism (kanzleramt)
jeff mills – absolutespecial (axis 7\”)
kit clayton – packet loss – unreliable networks (cytrax)
plaid – cold – peel sessions (warp)
di_indicator – reflection on visual awareness – libra ep (ungleich)
yunx – easyway – snake in the grass (ai)
smyglyssna – om partikular – plug research & development (plug research)
maps & diagrams – flanel – glaciarc ep (tundra music)

Rocket Scientist

Part 1: Right-click to download (77min 128k MP3 = 71mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (54min 128k MP3 = 50mb)

matt’s got the week off, recuperating under cold lake michigan water after buying too many hot records last weekend (so keep your ears wide open for the next few weeks!). dave hits up chicago and new york for some house from the old and middle schools, and arrives at instant insanity from theo parrish. a bliss-out session from connection machine builds into mechanical techno and electro, including dopplereffekt, early synewave (nyc) and neuropolitique. ludovic navarre (st. germain – and in this case, modus vivendi) takes us into the home stretch with a cosmic acid-frosted epic.

Part 1 >

tim hecker – ghost writing – haunt me (substractif)
fad gadget – 4m [unaltered] (mute) 1982
funkstorung – zeit – musik aus strom ep (musik aus strom)
circulation – memory (balance)
common factor – into horizons (planet e)
virgo four – free yourself (trax) 1986
major problems – overdose (the final trip) (nu groove)
theo parrish – instant insanity (sound signature)
esem – b4 igo – enveloped (defocus)
connection machine – molly is autowarping (planet e)
bandulu – phaze in version (infonet)
function – montage – substance vol 1 (infrastructure)
agent cooper vs. thee come organization – a1 – testcard ep (LL)
advent – electric green (internal)

Part 2>

gf – left-right logic – electronic lesson pt 1 (kk)
visage – frequency 7 (polydor) 1981
dopplereffekt – rocket scientist – fascist state (dataphysix)
megalon – motion (plink plonk)
syquest – centecon – freeforms ep (synewave)
neuropolitique – menage a trois – nomenclature (new electronica)
modus vivendi – modus vivendi [fade in mix] (warp)
strand – reel me in – pigeon-toed orange peel (tactile)
metro area – atmospherique (environ)
dan curtin – maintain – life in the savage garden ep (fragmented)
melody boy 2000 – the theme – dumtraxx (dum)
ad vanz vs gescom – viral (fat cat)

How About It

Part 1: Right-click to download (70min 128k MP3 = 64mb)

Part 1 > Quiet Storm classic into midtempo groovers, switched-on disco electronix orgasmatron. Champagne spilled on the Bowie coke mirror. Strings N’ moogs & 909. Then, quite possibly, Moodymann. Uh, reload.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

David Oliver – I Wanna Write You A Love Song – Mind Magic (Mercury) 1978
People’s Choice – Movin’ In All Directions – We Got The Rhythm (CBS) 1976
Five Special – Why Leave Us Alone [Long] (Elektra) 1979
THP Orchestra – Two Hot For Love – Two Hot For Love (Butterfly) 1977
Cloud One – Atmosphere Strut (P&P) 1978
Purple Flash – We Can Make It [Darshan Jesrani Lavendar Lamp mix] – Unclassics 3 (Environ)
untitled B1 – Rong music black label (RPR 00)
Eddy Grant – Time Warp re-edit (boot)
Raiders of the Lost ARP – Funk 005 [Francisco Mix] (Pigna)
Modern Dancable Music Company – How About It [Electro mix] (High Fashion) 1983
Metro Area – The Art of Hot – 2 (Environ)
Expansives – Life With You (Panama)
Nick Straker Band – A Little Bit of Jazz (Prelude) 1981
Moodymann – Shattered Dreams (Peacefrog)

Part 2 > Welcome guest DJ Phonaut (sorry no download available)

Bansai Republic : When She’s Gone : Where the Fun Starts Early : Music for Dreams
Burnt Friedman & the Nu Dub Players : Fly Your Kite : Can’t Cool : Nonplace
Bansai Republic : Love Throughout the World : Where the Fun Starts Early : Music for Dreams
Shpongle : Around the World in a Tea Daze : Remixed : Twisted
Shpongle : Beija Flor : Twisted
Biosphere : When I Leave rmx : Light EP : Touch
Scientist : Ten Dangerous Matches #3 : Wins the World Cup : Greensleeves
Rhythm & Sound with the Choson Brothers : Mash Down Babylon : Burial Mix
Rhythm & Sound with Jah Batta : Music Hit You : Burial Mix
Biosphere : Modifie : Autour de la Lune : Touch
Jonathon Hughes : Snowdrift : Fluidities : the Foundry
Tetsu Inoue : Soft Dome : Fluidities : the Foundry
Vir Unis & James Johnson : Easting : Atmoworks
Les Autres Circuits : Kaleidophone : Magnetic Blue : Interchill

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