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Stars In Your Eyes

Part 1: Right-click to download (76 min = 71 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (60 min = 55 mb)

Part 1 > Soul/funk/disco and boogie obscurities from the late 70’s and early 80’s pre-house era.

Part 2 > a couple of house classics, new $tinkworx on delsin, some unearthed derrick may, and super-smooth techno from sensurreal.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Herbie Hancock – Stars In Your Eyes (Columbia)
The Jones Girls – Nights Over Egypt – Get As Much Love As You Can (Philadelphia Intn’l)
Marlena Shaw – California Soul – The Spice of Life (Cadet)
Natasha King – AM-FM [Instr.] (Emergency)
Waiwan – Hindsight – Distraction (Autonomy)
Trilogy – Gotta Be Free – [Dub] (Prism)
Slave – Stone Jam (Cotillion)
Carmen – Show Me The Love [Inst.] – Night Drive Vol 1. (Peabody)
George Duke – I Want You For Myself – Master of the Game (Epic)
Stone – Time [Instr.] (West End)
Fresh Band – Come Back Lover [Dub mix] (Are ‘n Be)
Tracy Weber – Sure Shot [Inst.] (Quality)
Nick Straker Band – A Little Bit of Jazz (Prelude)
Dennis Coffey – Wings Of Fire [Re Edit] (Moxie)
Visual – Somehow, Someway (Ram’s Horn)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

jamie principle – your love – frankie knuckles presents music selected and edited by ron hardy (trax)
lnr – work it to the bone (house jam)
$tinkworx – calimaro (delsin)
reality or nothing – fait accompli (housewerk)
ko-ta – hypersoul – private tools ep (stratosphere)
paperclip people – jerry lewis [mayday mix] (planet e classics)
geoff white – scuigl [matthias schaffhauser rmx] (edit)
pole – weit – 2 (kiff sm/matador)
sensurreal – neo cortex – excuse our dust! (beam me up)
steve o’sullivan + john beer – breezer – undercurrents (mosaic)
monolake – occam (din)
alexi delano + jesper dahlback – b1 – nueva york (blank ltd)
speedy j – haywire – public energy no 1 (novamute)


Memories of the Future

Part 1: Right-click to download (74 min = 68 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (73 min = 67 mb)

Part 1 > Kicking off with sparse soul, funk and 808 beats on an electrofunk R&B tip, then moving into deep house. Larry Levan’s NYC Peech Boys go on a journey, and a dark classic by Romanthony on Chicago’s Prescription label. New electronic house this week from Jesper Dahlback and Kenny Black.

Part 2 > robert owens brings down the walls in chicago circa 1986, and new york answers with cultural vibe. epic downtempo from holland’s edge of motion leads into new mp3-only melodic accidents from inigo kennedy. the mechanical pulse quickens with dirtied electro from drexciya, clockwork techno from function, and rolling dub/jack from vainqueur.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

William DeVaughn – Be Thankful for What You Got (Roxbury)
Prince – Sign O’ The Times (Warner)
Next Movement – All I Do (Nuance)
Rene & Angela – I’ll Be Good (Mercury)
Loose Endz – Hangin’ On A String – Good Times (BBE)
NYC Peech Boys – On A Journey [Dub] (Island)
Hanna – Metropolitan (Sound Signature)
Mr. Hazeltine – On The Avenue (Plug Research)
Presence – Better Days (Pagan)
P. Lauer – Neonbrown – Staystacedays EP (Real Soon)
Romanthony – Let The Rhythm Move You – The Wanderer (Prescription)
Gus Gus – Ladyshave [Biggi’s Megatron Mix 2] (4AD)
Kenny Black – Broken Soul – Future Instrumentals EP (Finest Blend)
Jesper Dahlback – Polyhouse (DX)
Future/Past – Clinically Inclined (Planet E)
Balil – Choke & Fly – Trainer (Warp)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

2001 – never-ending cycle (eevo lute)
low-life – entry – sideways (mosaic)
robert owens – bring down the walls (trax)
cultural vibe – ma foom bey [rhythm version] (easy street)
steve poindexter presents africans with mainframes – limelight 80 (mathematics)
obelix – whatever (offshoot)
edge of motion – memories of the future (new electronica)
inigo kennedy – 01 – entertaining accidents (asymmetric)
drexciya – hydro cubes – molecular enhancement (rephlex)
reducer – reminisce (instillation)
zachary lubin – controllability (6277/axis)
robert hood – protein valve (m-plant)
function – indicate – the dielectric coefficient (infrastructure)
cyrus – enforcement [recall] (basic channel)
vainqueur – reduce 1 (chain reaction)
dave clarke – zeno xero (bush)
meat beat manifesto – helter skelter (wax trax)

Let’s Straighten It Out

Part 1: Right-click to download(78 min = 71 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (73 min = 67 mb)

Part 1 > Matt’s back with a cross-genre set of funky sounds: from smoldering soul roots through boogie and deep electronic house. Abstract moods from Detroit’s Urban Tribe, 70’s disco rap from Harlem, Chicago house classic from Chip E, and chugging italo disco. Plus a stunning garage oddity unearthed and re-issued by by Chicago’s Peabody Records.

Part 2 > nyc’s pal joey as espresso brings the bleep, and severed heads bump it down a notch but keep it strange, just the way we like it. new fuzzed-up ambience from ezekiel honig & morgan packard dives into the epic ebb and dubbed-out flow of a cd-only track from berlin’s substance. The dance tempo stays put through the rest of the set, with cool touchpoints at infiniti and silent phase, closing out with vince watson’s brand new take on aroy dee.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Modaji – Seen But Not Heard – Co-Operation vol. 1 (Co-Op)
Don Julian – Message From A Black Man – Soul Riot (Mojo)
Urban Tribe – Nebula – The Collapse of Modern Culture (Mo Wax)
Latimore – Let’s Straighten It Out – More More More Latimore (Glades)
Juju & Jordash – Jagdish (Third Ear)
Super Jay- Super Jay Love Theme – Super Rap (P&P)
Tricky Tee – Tricky Tee Rap – Super Rap (P&P)
Junei – Let’s Ride – Night Drive Vol. 1 (Mr. Peabody)
The Sunburst Band – Everydub (SB 001)
Hiro Ohta – Kakera [Charles Webster Dub mix] (Miso)
U-Roy & Francois K – Rootsman (Deep Space)
P. Lauer – Staystacedays (Real Soon)
Chip E – Like This [Remix] (DJ International)
DJ Yoav B. – Energize – Powerhouse EP (Wabi Sabi)
Jersey Devil Social Club – Italo Bassline (Environ)
Kano – Holly Dolly (Emergency)
Erotic Drum Band – Plug Me To Death (Prism)

Part 2 > David Siska

aqua regia – the house tribe (irdial)
espresso – let’s get down [bleep mix] (maxi)
claro intelecto – lacan (modern love)
severed heads – mount (ink)
maus & stolle – bubble on – two (klang)
cim – noki bay (ann aimee)
ezekiel honig & morgan packard – balm – early morning migration (microcosm music)
substance – plate element 3 – session elements (chain reaction)
minimal man – coyote flux (trelik)
maurizio – m4 (m)
schatrax – first heartbeat (schatrax)
envoy – seawall – coalition ep (soma)
rac – distance [remake] (warp)
too funk – venus fly trap [derrick carter rmx] (ferox)
infiniti – sunlight – sonar 123 (peacefrog)
silent phase – meditive fusion – the theory of silent phase (transmat/r&s)
aroy dee – the planets revisited [vince watson] (m>o>s)

Guest DJ Josh Werner, Chicago

Part 1: Right-click to download (79 min = 73 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (80 min = 73 mb)

Part 1 > dave warms up the night on the subdued side, with early fila brazilia and yunx in super-smooth form. the bass and bleeps invade with some electro attached, and a ride through 80s styles rounds out the set.

Part 2 > we’re honored to welcome chicago’s techno cornerstone, josh werner of antenna international records to the studio. josh has been the techno buyer at chicago’s legendary gramaphone records for over 14 years, in addition to having lent his hand to releases under his own name and in collaboration with dj sneak (triple fat systems/3fs), baby pop, and soultek (empathy boxx). he mixes up a set in his signature style – the newest of the new side-by-side with forgotten late 80s and 90s sounds to give you the sense that for as much time as has passed, it’s all part of one bleeped-out musical continuum.

Part 1 > Dave Siska

dettinger – 1 – intershop (kompakt)
fila brazillia – old codes/mermaids – old codes new chaos (twentythree)
brother from another planet – soundscape (7th city)
yunx – jazz skunk – spanish fly guy (yunx)
chateau flight – rituel – puzzle (versatile)
nuron – for further information (likemind)
kenny larkin – loop 2 (r&s)
robert hood – the pace (m-plant)
trackman – don’t stop (ideal)
planetary – cydonia (metamorphic)
sweet exorcist – clonk [homebass] (warp)
model 500 – testing 1-2 (metroplex)
japanese telecom – mounting yoko – virtual geisha (gigolo)
spk – machine age voodoo (elektra)
my mine – hypnotic tango [’87 powerhouse mix] (danica)
phuture – we are phuture (trax)
bobby konders – massai woman – house rhythms (nu groove)
stasis – funky purple hotpants from the planet disco (likemind)
spencer kincey – the 4th day (makeoutmusic)
benjamin wild – kronberg (kompakt)

Part 2 > Guest DJ, Josh Werner (Antenna International/Gramaphone Records)

stephan g & the persuader – kaos (svek)
blaze – lovelee dae [friends experience mix] (playhouse)
thor – find out why (ae)
quadrant – dub ii (basic channel)
farben – love oh love – don’t fight phrases (klang)
basalt – passing time (tonika)
ricardo villalobos – chromosul (perlon)
2000 and one – fokuz – never-ending cycle (eevo lute)
stasis – so-lar – disco 4000 (otherworld)
bucci & pink elln – listen to eddy – badminton ep (cynosure)
isolee – logiciel – rest (playhouse)
plastique de reve – mini mir (gigolo)
forgemasters – clap – black steel ep (network)
the step – yeah you [occasions mix] (warp)
swayzak – live in luxembourg – part 4 (volt)
lorber/sikora – spawn (nummer)
mr oizo – m-seq (f comm)
audio werner – zwrtshak drive (hartchef)
cio d’or – hokus pokus (treibstoff)
cab drivers – secret path (cabinet)
a relic – long ago (buzz/transmat)

Hometown Hype Dept.
friday september 2, abstract science and clinically inclined present:

MONOLAKE (ml/i, chain reaction – live – berlin, germany)
KATE SIMKO (traum, antenna – live – chicago)
DAVE SISKA (clinically inclined/wnur – dj – chicago)
CHRIS WIDMAN (abstract science/wluw – dj – chicago)

at sonotheque
1444 w. chicago
21+, $10

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