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Idle Blues

Chicago skyline

Dreaming of beaches on the Lardossian coast, Dave plots a steady course, chasing the setting sun westward from the Chicago outpost before launching into orbit, keeping the D in IDM in a way that only the UK lads can. Down the home stretch, sit back in the rhythm with long exposures for some chord-driven cornerstones.

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Gino Soccio – So Lonely (Warner Bros) 1979
Efdemin – Acid Bells [Martyn’s Bittersweet Mix] (Metisse) 2009
Hieroglyphic Being – The Strenuous Life – Machines for Lovers (Spectral) 2004
Jack Da Ripper – Jack’s Back (Circuit) 1995
Fingers Inc. – Distant Planet [Dub Mix] (Jack Trax) 1988
Planetary Assault Systems – Sleeping Sin Seamless – Planetary Funk Vol 3 (Peacefrog) 1994
Ian O’Brien – Tap Sketch (4th Wave) 1997
Soultek – Spaceman – Chapter One (Kompute) 2002
Alex Cortex – Prism – Skyle (Platzhirsch) 2008
UB313 – Q (Fortune8) 2007
Cassy – Idle Blues (Cassy) 2008
Maurizio – Domina (Maurizio) 1993
Mono Junk – Channel B (Trope) 1995
Vince Watson – Ethereal [Excerpt] (Delsin) 2008


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