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The Wipe

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Alex Cortex – untitled 11 – Inwards (Ann-Aimee)
Kenny Larkin – Amethyst – Metaphor (R&S)
Mode-M – Freeform – The Inner World EP (Void)
Nieu – Psyiu (Iridite)
Rob Hood – Omega (Peacefrog)
Open House feat. Placid Angles – Rainforest – Panic In Detroit (33rpm/Buzz)
Woolph – Jangmeen – The Woolph EP (Classic)
Shake – Simpatico – Songs for My Mother (Frictional)
Stockholm Cyclo – Music Is All This (Kabuki remix) (Head 2 Toe)
Quant – Nelly Disco – Quantical Quantasm (Dot)
The Aztec Mystic – Aguila – (UR)
DJ Rolando – Jaguar (Mayday Dub) (430 West)
Future Beat Alliance – FBA Theme – Head Ways EP (Emoticon)
Gescom – Cicada – Gescom EP (Skam)

Part 2 > Karl Meier

heiko laux – moving between lines – ornaments (kanzleramt)
claude young – da nu (sheep)
heiko laux – making it detroit – ornaments (kanzleramt)
quark – abyss (two thumbs)
jeff mills – alarms – steampit (purpose maker)
marco carola – 1st question (question)
nils danielsson – stockholm ltd 1 (illegal)
high life – 5 fingers to the west (mosaic)
dave clarke – gonk (bush)
kraftwerk edit
ian j richardson – artillery (tresor)
nitzer ebb edit
gene la fosse – american psycho (counterbalance)
christian wunsch – artists and komputer v/a (mechanisms industries)
jeff mills – cubango – our man in havana (purpose maker)
speedjack – storm (r&s)
family lounge – kamikasi (kanzleramt)
throbbing gristle – hot on the heels of love (dj hell rmx)
peter ford + ian loveday – deadeye (ifach)
oliver ho – jackal ep (blueprint)
mark broom – to be continued (pure plastic)
pual damage – room of the contagious (hog)
cyrus – enforcement (mills mix) (basic channel)
teste – the wipe (probe)
rino cerrone (rilis 1)
k alexi – my my my – thee x files ep (radikal fear)
motorbass – visine (motorbass)


For Your Ears Only

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Made in the USA – Shake Your Body (Unidisc) 1977
BI & CO – How Do You Love (instr.) – (Blue Blood / D.I.D.) 1984
J.E.N. – Keep On Dreaming – Re-Edit Mainia!!!! (Freestyle)
The Players Association – The Get-Down Mellow Sound – We Got The Groove (Vanguard) 1980
E.S.G. – Moody (Spaced Out mix) – A South Bronx Story (Universal Sound)
Poopee and the NY Squirrels – Bust That Nut (Orgasmic Mix) (CT Records) 1981
KDJ – Forevernevermore (KDJ)
Mike Grant – My Soul, My Spirit – How Long Must I Continue (Mr. G’s Freedom Train mix) (Moods & Grooves)
Delano Smith – Feel This (Mixmode)
Just One – Will We Meet Again – Just U&I EP (Rush Hour)
Mike ‘Agent X’ Clark – Funk 2003 – Motown EP (Third Ear)
Andres – Express (Mahogani)
J. Dahlback – untitled B2 – The Persuader (Svek)
Soul Center – Let’s Go – Soul Center I (W.v.B. Enterprises)
Charles Webster – I Understand You – Ian O’Brien Edit – Remixed on the 24th of July: Dubs part 1 (Peacefrog)

Part 2 > Dr. Siska

maus & stolle – for your ears only (klang)
rhythm & sound – range (rhythm & sound)
mauler – pgm 200 (shield)
urban tribe – decades of silicon – collapse of modern culture (mo wax)
roy cordu – where i touch the sky (rush hour)
blue train – 09 ‘standard version’ (blue train)
carl craig – no more words (retroactive)
black dog – shadehead – peel sessions (warp)
fix – diligent (ignitor)
echtzeit – a1 (melted)
reload – birth of a disco dancer – theory of evolution (warp/evolution)
x-103 – hagia triada – tephra ep (axis)
neuropolitique – menage a trois – nomenclature (new electronica)
claude young – quicksand – soft thru (elypsia)
planetary – cydonia – planetary ep (metamorphic)
aural emote – second thought (symbolism)
shake – live for friction – iconoclastic diaries (frictional)
bochum welt – les dances d’ete (kromode)

Special Guest: BMG Laptop DJ Set

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Moodymann – Yesterday’s Party, Whatta Bout It – Silence In The Secret Garden (Peacefrog)
Wool-ed – Raw Energy (wool-ed)
Monolake – reminiscence – linear.atomium.reminiscense (Monolake/imbalance)
Claro Intelecto – Contact (Ai Records)
Mouse on Mars – Froschroom (Too Pure)
Beat Smugglers – In The Park (Antenna international)
Fix – Diligent (Ignitor)
Static – Relaxed Therin (Mermaid/Sonar Kollektiv)

Part 2 > Special Guest: BMG (Ectomorph / Interdimensional Transmissions)
in-studio Ableton Live laptop DJ set, followed by 30 min. on air interview

B-52’s “Mesopotamia”
Trevor Jackson “Pink Lunch”
Savas Pascadilas
No Doubt
Bohannon “Lets Start the Dance” edit
Marvin Gaye “A Funky Space Reincarnation”
Gherkin Jerks “Din Sync” Larry Heard
K Alexi “My Medusa” Mayday MLK Mix
Rinder & Lewis “Gluttony” Moxie edit
Ectomorph “XXX”
KDJ 30 (prince interviewed by mojo)
Rhythm & Sound “Mango Drive” cover
Prince “Controversy” bmg live “wish we all were nude” rmx
Prince “Irrestible Bitch”
DBX “Baby Judy”
Cultural Vibe “Mfumbe”
Adonis “No Way Back”
Velodrome “Capataz” Dr Attaman Bonus Beats Magic Mix
Rinder & Lewis “Anger”
Mu “Let’s get Sick”
Mike Dunn “Personal Problem”
Le Tigre “Decepticon” DFA RMX bmg edit
Dinosaur L “#5 (go bang)” original lp mix
Loose Joints “Is it all over my face” bmg edit
Soft Pink Truth “Soft Pink MIssy”
Flexitone “Moist”
Matt Dear “Reae”
Jodeci “Freek’n You” MK Dub
IT 3
Outkast “Way You Move”
IT 1
JJ Fad “Supersonic”
Cybotron “Cosmic Cars”
Detroit Grand Pu Bahs “Platicine Gene” Ectomorph Version
Vanity 6 “Make Up”
Wee Papa Girls “We Know It” K. Saunderson Mix
Aphex “Window Licker” acid demo
Evian “Techno City”
Spacelings & Bassheads “No Dust”
Paris & Gillespie aka Mental Machine “Love Camera” unreleased
I-f “Secret Desire”

[[ on-air interview with BMG ]]

Part 3 > Dr. Siska

rydims – nice and slow – bobby konders: a lost era in nyc 1987 – 1992
joe lewis – life immortal (relief)
schatrax – restless nights (schatrax)
quadrant – dytiq (new electronica)
casino classix – hot pot (ifach)
q project – spek (emoticon)
m>o>s feat aroy dee – ampule – electronic music created in ordinary bedrooms and other household spaces (delsin)
herbert – addiction – bodily functions (soundslike/studio k!7)
maurizio – m5 (m)
tim jackiw – color consciousness – glaciarc ep (tundra music)
fluxion – multidirectional i (chain reaction)
maps & diagrams – flanel – glaciarc ep (tundra music)

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