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Haunted Housemusic

Part 1: Right-click to download (79 min 128k MP3 = 72mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (61 min 128k MP3 = 56mb)

Part 1 > Halloween edition spooky intros from Bob James jazzscapes to (ex-Ultravox) John Foxx detached/paranoid creepiness. Light up the haunted house party with killer ’76 funk-rock groove from Boz Scaggs against a couple of new disco/weirdo re-edits, a stanky electronic jerker from $tinkworx, plus Precision & Trax records from chicago. Ends on jazzfunk killer Jungle Kitten, don’t miss that deep flute line… woooo.

Part 2 > as darkness falls, the haunting begins in a pitch-black subterranean chamber, the ceiling dripping with water, the floor a muddy mess. a half-rusted transistor radio emits an unexpected crackle…and the all hallow’s rhythm commences..

Part 1 > Macqenstein — \”it’s aliiiiiiive\”

Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of The Haunted House (Disneyland records)
Bob James – Nautilus – One (CTI)
Bloodcurdling Sounds To Make You Shiver (Black & White)
John Foxx – Blurred Girl – Metamatic (Metal Beat)
Gino Soccio – Try It Out – Closer (Atlantic)
Boz Scaggs – Lowdown – Silk Degrees (Columbia)
Rick Wilhite – City Bar Reopen \”Live\” Dancing – Soul Edge 2 EP (Still Music)
J.E.N. – Afro Maniac – More Re-Edit Mania (Freestyle)
Lilian – Night Flight – Dub (Precision)
Triangle Orchestra – @137 – Cloudy Version (Rong)
$tinkworx – No Luv – Aedena (Delsin)
Dennis Coffey – Wing Of Fire re-edit (Moxie)
Omar-S – Night – re-edits 004 (FXHE)
Virgo – A4 – Go Wild Rhythm Tracks (Trax)
Shirley Lites – Heat You Up, Melt You Down (West End)
Alden Tyrell – Knockers (Clone)
Gary Low – You Are A Danger – vocal (Il Disc)
Paper Dolls Plus One – I’m A Freak For – instr. (Tyson)
Fresh – Dum Dum, part two (Trax)
Manfredo Fest – Jungle Kitten – Manifestations (Tabu)

Part 2 > Count Siskula

black dog – shadehead – peel session (warp)
2000 & one – journey to silence (new electronica)
various artists – 9 (fat cat)
anthony child – over napoli (slut smalls)
schubert – ghost notes (statik entertainment)
apathism – twelve (K2 O)
theo parrish – dance of the drunken drums (sound signature)
maurizio – m7 (m)
oscar mulero – el hombre duplicado [65d mavericks rmx] (surface)
exos – q-box ep (thule)
gong station/chimes – the conet project: recordings of shortwave numbers stations (irdial)
autechre – second bad vilbel – anvil vapre (warp)
d.s. – furioso – d.s. volume 1 (f communications)


Anytime or Place

Part 1: Right-click to download (49 min 128k MP3 = 49mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (79 min 128k MP3 = 73mb)

Matt solo selector this week. Part 1 is a warm-up build from quiet storm ‘pillow talk’, towards electronic boogie basslines from TC Curtis and Slave’s electronic guitar funk. Part 2 ploughs the needle through dust boulders on vinyl where italo disco, dutch electro from I-f and kindred spirits, and warm, yet-oh-so-cold Detroit all collide. Minimal techy masterpiece from Dan Bell (givin it to ya raw) and Juan Atkins let’s you see the light. Check brand new driving electronic tracks from DJ Yoav B on the aptly named \”Boogie Down Saturn\” EP.

Part 1 > soul bounce to the ounce

Donny Hathaway – Valdez in the Country – Extension of a Man (ATCO)
Delegation – Oh Honey (State Records)
The Ebonys – Life In The Country – The Ebonys (Philadelphia Intn’l)
Hugh Masekela – Mama – Metro Area Birthday Dub (Verve)
Jones Girls – Nights Over Egypt (Philadelphia Intn’l)
Steve Arrington – Feel So Real (Atlantic)
TC Curtis – Should Have Known Better (Hot Melt)
Slave – Stone Jam – Stone (Cotillion)
Matzo & Pauli – untitled (Viewlexx)
D’Archangelo – Diagram VIII – 80’s mix (Rephlex)

Part 2 > leggo my ‘lectro

Next Movement – All I Do (Nuance)
Ris – Love-n-Music – Instr. (Relish)
Bo Bellow – Knockin’ – Instr. (Many Records)
DJ Yoav B – Hot One – Boogie Down Saturn (Wabi Sabi)
Kym – Give Me The Dance – Club mix (Award)
Capricorn – Capricorn (Emergency)
Cerrone – Supernature – 3 (Cotillion)
Azoto – Anytime or Place (Modulations)
I-f – Space Invaders are Smoking Grass (Interdimensional Transmissions)
DBX – Raw – Rare & Unreleased (Accelerate)
Ultradyne – Sound 03 – Cities in Retro (Black Label)
Gaz Nevada – I.C. Love Affair – Italian vers. – A Secret History (New Religion)
Random Factor – Reflections – Convergence ltd. (Sound 2020)
Unknown DJ – Basstronic (DYF)
Non-Stop DJs – Gator – Furious EP (Non Stop)
Electronome – Influence – Interr-Ference Electro-Nix (Hotmix)
Model 500 – I See The Light (Metroplex)
Timeline – Time Sensitive – Return of the Dragons (Underground Resistance)
Future Beat Alliance – Lo Tech Jazz – Audio Photos (Delsin)

Detroit State of Mind

Part 1: Right-click to download (84 min 128k MP3 = 77mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (54 min 128k MP3 = 50mb)

Part 1 > matt’s jetlagged & hungover downtempo edition, mostly Detroit in spirit and chill cityscapes. Pulling from lots of classic \”LP techno\” favorites and little interval transitions, this is one for the lights down low or that long rainy commute. Slow down and absorb a moody soundtrack for the seventh city.

Part 2 > dream-state idm from velocette opens the way for 2 members of detroit’s three chairs to unleash a long-sided techno/house jam evoking elements of chicago’s prescription-style depth. a fine moment in melodic techno from luke slater winds down into classic kraftwerk, finishing off with dramatic strings, bleeps, and bass from dan curtin.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Anthony Shakir – Detroit State of Mind – Waiting for Russell (Frictional)
Maze – Joy & Pain – Joy & Pain (Capitol)
Black Dog Productions – Phil 2 – Bytes (Warp)
Incognito – Out Of The Storm – Carl Craig remix (Talkin Loud)
C&M Connection – Flutes – Preview EP (Network)
Sunburst Band – Beyondapella – LTD Promo (SB 001)
Moodymann – Backagainforthefirsttime – Silence In The Secret Garden (Peacefrog)
Global Communicatins – 0:54 – 76:14 (Dedicated)
Robert Hood – The Color of Skin – Nighttime World Vol. 1 (Cheap)
CiM – Range – Reference (deFocus)
Millsart – A2 – Humana (Axis)
Lark – Tedra – Virtual Sex (Buzz)
Derrick May – Another Relic / Long Long Ago – Relics (Buzz)
Jeff Mills – glen21 (Tomorrow)
Redcell – The Silicon Garden – Likethemes (Likemind)
Detroit Escalator Co. – Force – Shifting Gears (Detroit Escalator Co.)
Jill Scott – Slowly Surely – Theo Parrish remix (Ugly Edits 1)
Urban Tribe – Social Theorist – Collapse of Modern Culture (Mo Wax)
Rick Wilhite – Roots of Detroit – 3 Chairs 1 (3 Chairs)
Art of Noise – Moments In Love (ZTT)

Part 2 > David Siska

velocette – afterimage – clockworks ep (reflective)
marsellus pittman/theo parrish – night of the sagitarius – essential selections vol 1 (sound signature)
claro intellecto – signifier (ai)
planetary assault systems – sleeping sin seamless – planetary funk vol 3 (peacefrog)
steve tang – windy city (emphasis)
spacetime continuum – freelon (astralwerks)
kraftwerk – electric cafe – electric cafe (warner brothers)
anthony rother – basic level – sex with the machines (kanzleramt)
tuff little unit – join the future (warp)
jerry the cat – mating ritual (theo parrish rmx) (soiree)
dan curtin – the path (buzz)

City on the Edge of Forever

Part 1: Right-click to download (73 min 128k MP3 = 67mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (62 min 128k MP3 = 57mb)

part 1 > Starting old school hip-hoplectro and Drexciya into dub disco classics. Quick italo disco tour featuring Kano era classics to brand new italo reflections from Alden Tyrell. Strong new acid house from ADJD rubs shoulders with 303 stark masterpiece from Chicago’s Mike Dunn… So Let It Be Houze! plus some guilt-trip darkness from Lil’ Louis: Blackout!

part 2 > the chugging of a 1986 washing machine rolls into an old-school-inspired cut from m>o>s & aroy dee, followed by two germany vs. detroit throwdowns – dbx vs. moritz von oswald and robert hood vs. substance. anthony rother’s undernoticed 4/4 action gives way to soaring techno from steve rachmad, and hot new music from mr. shifter relaxes the mood for the night.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Twin Hype – Do It to the Crowd (Profile) 1989
West Street Mob – Break Dance Electric Boogie (Sugarhill) 1983
Two Sisters – B-boys B-dubbed (Sugarscope) 1983
Drexciya – Living on the Edge – Unknown Aquazone (UR)
Captain Rapp – Bad Times (I can’t stand it) pt. 2 (Becket) 1983
Whispers – Keep On Lovin’ Me (Solar) 1983
Fresh Band – Come Back Lover – dub mix (Are N’ Be) 1984
ORS – Moon Boots (Sal Soul) 1977
Kano – It’s A War (Emergency) 1980
The Immortals – The Ultimate Warlord (Radius)
Alden Tyrell – Disco Lunar Module (Clone)
ADJD – Bring It Back – Stocktown City Dwellers (Poker Flat)
Mike Dunn – So Let It Be Houze (Westbrook) 1988
Farley Jackmaster Funk – Jack’n The House (Trax) 1985
Jump \”Chico\” Slamm – Feelfree – Slamm Project (Cajual)
Lil’ Louis – Blackout (FFRR)
? – Chicago Sympony Ram Raid EP (boot)

Part 2 > David Siska

mr. fingers – washing machine (trax) 1986
m>o>s feat. aroy dee – metro – electronic music created in bedrooms
and other household spaces (delsin)
delano smith – feel this (mixmode)
dbx – city on the edge of forever – alien ep (peacefrog)
dark comedy – corbomite maueuver – exhibits (art of dance)
convextion – stilletto caress (downlow)
monobox – realm 02 [substance rmx] (logistic)
red sequence – squirrel scratch – parotic foundations vol. 1 (parotic)
anthony rother – warm ep (i220)
sterac – astronotes parts 1 & 2 – secret life of machines (100% pure)
mr. shifter – ratios – machine life music ep (new religion)
daniel wang – rings of saturn (balihu)

Guest DJ Patrick Russell, Detroit

Part 1: Right-click to download (55 min 128k MP3 = 50mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (70 min 128k MP3 = 64mb)

part 1 > EZ warm-up set welcoming Danny Wang to Chicago for a DJ gig, lush warm electronix done only the way he can. ‘Misty’ is the old jazz standard performed on Theramin! (sorry guys…) plus ultra-deep house abstraction from Further Details. Chicago’s own Common Factor shows us how to Get Down, and an early celestial funk track from UK’s Space DJz.

part 2 > I am EXTRA jacked to welcome an old Michigan friend Patrick ‘Hustle’ Russell from Detroit (Record Time / Mentalux), who has earnestly DJ’d everything from Lansing warehouse parties to DEMF 2001. Patrick always digs deep into his bottomless crates to deliver an expansive set for the real heads. Top shelf selections, always programmed from the heart.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Daniel Wang – Free Lovin’ (Housedream) – The Morning Kids (Balihu)
Daniel Wang – Let’s Go To Mars – Subtle Shuttle (Balihu)
Daniel Wang – Misty – Idealism (Environ)
Furthur Details – Can’t Go Early – Volume Two (A Touch of Class)
Common Factor – Get Down – Expanded (Planet e)
3 Chairs – Dreamz – 3 (3 Chairs)
Space DJz – Celestial Funk – On Manoeuvres In Uncharted Territories (infonet)
Jeanette Thomas – Shake Your Body – Chicago Boogie vol. 3 (Eskimo / Rush Hour)
House Gang – Cool J Trax – Hittrax II (I.H.R.) 1988
Kenny \”Jammin\” Jason – Jam Track – Jam Tracks (DJ International) 1985
Yellow House – Jack My Body [Beated by Farley] (Dance Mania) 1987

Part 2 > Patrick Russell (Record Time / Mentalux, Detroit)

new york citi peech boys – life is something special (accapella) – island
franck roger – mambo – brs
alexander robotnik – dance boy dance – mental groove
wet – that’s the game – std
velodrome – capataz – news
catacombus – catacombus – stilleben
omar s – oasis collaboration #1 – white
electric funk – on a journey – prelude
theo parrish – ugly edit #6 – white
black devil – timing forget the timing – rephlex
mayday – freestyle – pheerce citi
severed heads – dead eyes opened (remix three) – nettwerk
fingers inc – i’m strong (track) – jack trax
fingers inc – i’m strong (bonus beats) – alleviated
joe r lewis – sometimes i – target
mix your own stars – track three – break
macho – i’m a man – prelude
a certain ratio – knife slits water – soul jazz
flying lizards – steam away –
joe r lewis – change reaction (headache mix) – target
mixx/blood/camero – psychotic house – saber
rinder/lewis – gluttony – avi
severed heads – petrol (remix five) – nettwerk
glass domain – interlock – clone
grant – dance – precision

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