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Outerspace Obsessive

Part 1: Right-click to download (76 min = 70 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (79 min = 73 mb)

dave sets out on his own tonight for some flashbacks on the surreal edge for part 1, and a chicago-initiated groove in part 2. m|a|r|r|s b-side action with the anitina remix, a future sound of london project, and ethereal electronics from slowdive make for a hazy introduction. shawn rudiman’s bright melodic loops and newly pressed 1992 productions from mika vainio anchor the second half of the show.

Part 1 >

m|a|r|r|s – anitina [remix] (4ad)
fad gadget – 4m – unaltered (mute)
di_indicator – lovesongs for electronic devices (ungleich)
amorphous androgynous – fat cat – tales of ephedrina (astralwerks)
velocette – time & space – clockworks ep (reflective)
pub – this can’t be happening – do you ever regret pantomime (ampoule)
soulstone – untitled (gadgets)
slowdive – missing you – souvlaki (creation/sbk)
theo parrish – lost angel (music is…)
morgan geist – jersey chica – moves (environ)
ramjac corporation – analogue city (irdial)
tim hecker – azure azure – radio amor (mille plateaux)
deadbeat – something borrowed, something blue (~scape)
miles tilmann – through the tubes (toytronic)
aphex twin – gwely mernans – drukqs (warp)

Part 2 >

d.h.s. – the house of god [unholy version] (x-energy)
ralphi rosario – you used to hold me [bonus beats] (hotmix 5)
gene hunt – living in a land (housetime)
shawn rudiman – sundays always there – synthesexual (technoir)
rhythim is rhythim – feel surreal (transmat)
keith kemp – stuck in a web – robo motown ep (ferrispark)
mr james barth & a.d. – above the skyline – knockin boots vol 1 (svek)
paul mac – outerspace obsessive (fracture)
vince watson – signals – lost episodes ep (headspace)
bochum welt – program 3 – program 11 (elypsia)
plaid – tak 3 – double figure (warp)
gescom – five (skam)
mike parker – substratum [foundation mix] (orange groove)
Ôø? – helium – eeteri ep (sahko)
coordinates – in cycles – magnetics (sub_static)
newworldaquarium – monkey world – the electric institute (art/new religion)
aquasky – april – concrete boom (reinforced)
octaves/tremolos – spike (plus 8)
seofon – locatha – process ep (invisible)
leo anibaldi – fusion 2 (acv)


First True Love Affair

Part 1: Right-click to download (67 min = 61 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (75 min = 70 mb)

Part 1 > Ease-in to the night midtempo set, with leftfield selections for the moody corners of the dancefloor. Risco Connections dub reggae cover of a soul standard, funky Gang of Four basslines, and Larry Levan gives his magic touch to an earnest italo disco classic by Jimmy Ross.

Part 2 > laid-back house grooves in the dusky shadows lead into synth-heavy downtempo. d’pac’s deep prescription cut slides through to john tejada’s interpretation of city lights, move d provides a space lounge setting, and 2000 and one returns with new music on germany’s styrax leaves.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

New Order – Salvation Theme – Salvation Soundtrack (Giant)
Talk Talk – Tomorrow’s Started [Live] – Natural History (EMI)
Anomaly – Chill (Stugee)
Jeff Mills – Childhood [Maria’s mix] – The Other Day (Axis)
Risco Connection – Sitting in the Park (Black Rose)
Kid Creole & The Coconuts present Coatimundi – Que Pasa (Ze)
Gang of Four – Is It Love [Extended dance mix] (EMI)
FPU – Crockett’s Theme (Turbo)
Metro Area – Rhythm Reel – 6 (Environ)
Jimmy Ross – First True Love Affair [Larry Levan mix] (Quality)
Jamie Principle – Your Love [Club mix] (Persona)
The Clash – The Cool Out – Super Black Market (Sony)
Madonna – Everybody [Dub version] (Sire)
The Paul Simpson Connection – Treat Me [Dubmental mix] (Easy Street)
Faces Drums (Original Records)
Mr. Flagio – Take A Chance (Squish)
Kym – Give Me The Dance [Dub] (Award)
4th Wave – Electroluv (Planet E)
Model 500 – Neptune – Sonic Sunset (R&S)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

theo parrish – walking thru the sky – the baby steps ep (sound signature)
bluespirit #001 – geist (bluespirit)
dimbiman – round? (pal sl)
moodymann – black mahogany (kdj)
d’pac with terrance fm – i wouldn’t [the revamped dub] (prescription)
jorge zamacona – mosaic efforts vol 1 (mosaic)
mannequin lung – city lights [mr hazeltine rmx feat divine styler] – art of travel (plug research)
move d – amazing discoveries – eine kleine nachtmusik (fifth freedom)
john tejada – genetical love [cim mix two] (defocus)
future beat alliance – deep enuf (void)
emiliana torrini – dead things [chasm rmx] – e6 (fat cat)
2000 and one – finite shape – finite state (styrax leaves)
benjamin brunn – slow down the escalator – de-escalate (binemusic)

Alleys of Your Mind

Part 1: Right-click to download (71 min = 65 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (80 min = 73 mb)

Part 1 >Galactic styles mix up: from deep space tranquility to boogie discofunk classics and deep, gritty warehouse burners. New music this week from from Kai AlcÔø? on an abstract house tip, I:Cube live from outer orbits, and Yoav B turns in yet another monster jam.

Part 2 > Vintage electro tinges progress into abstract uptempo clockwork rhythms. We check 1983 era edits and synths from Xena, smooth modern love from Claro Intelecto, and textured ambience from Smyglyssna. The rhythmic uprising peaks out with Tomito Satori’s frantic steady-building mechanical morpher, with a dirtied but cushioned wind-down groove from Jan Jelinek.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

I:Cube – 01 – Live At The Planetarium (Versatile)
The Beauty Room – Don’t You Know – The Vanity Project (New Religion)
Clarence Jackson – Wrap It Up (Boogie Times)
The Whispers – Keep On Lovin Me (Solar)
Tracy Weber – Sure Shot [Inst.] (Quality)
Evelyn King – Love Come Down (RCA)
Universal Robot Band – Barely Breaking Even [Instr] (Moonglow)
Taxicab (RIP 001)
Omar S – Day (Fxhe)
Kai AlcÔø? – T.O. Tracks (Real Soon)
DJ Yoav B – Language of An Open Heart – Language of An Open Heart EP (Delsin)
Cybotron – Alleys of Your Mind (Fantasy)
Theo Parrish – Falling Up [Carl Craig Rmx] (Third Ear)
Steve Poindexter – Computer Madness – Work That Mutha F*cker (Muzique Records)
Gwendolyn – Come To Me [remix] (Precision)
Stopp – I’m Hungry (boot)
Francisco – Malinco – Music Business (Nature)

Part 2 > Dr. Siska

Cybotron – R-9 (Fantasy)
Xena – On The Upside [Dub Mix] (Emergency)
Renegade Soundwave – The Phantom [Orig. mix] (Mute)
Carl Finlow – Deflector – Show Down EP (Sur Muzique)
Madcap – Prime Mover (Music For Speakers)
Andreas Fragel – From 3 to 4 (1) – A Bulletin From Nothing (Mit Ohne Sound)
Rhythm_Maker – Alles Mainstream (Background)
Claro Intelecto – Patience (Modern Love)
Heiko Laux + Johannes Heil – No Pain No Gain [Mike Ink Rmx] (i220)
Smyglyssna – On Partiklar Och Lyktstolpar – Plug Research & Development (Plug Research)
Surgeon – Learning (Dynamic Tension)
Basic Channel – Octagon (Basic Channel)
Richard Bartz – Subway (Kanzleramt)
Tomito Satori – Blood Rising (Exhibit)
Sleeparchive – Bleep 01 – Recycle EP (Sleeparchive)
Dark Comedy – Inaroom – Seven Days (Elypsia)
Jan Jelinek – Rock in the Video Age – Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records (~Scape)
Nieu – Psyiu (Iridite)

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