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Guest DJ Steven Tang, Chicago

Part 1: Right-click to download (76 min = 70 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (81 min = 74 mb)

We’re very proud to welcome to the studio one of Chicago’s long-time heads, Steven Tang (Emphasis Recordings), who’s opted to throw down a set that showcases his involvement in the windy city’s dance music scene over the past 20 years. He’s performed all over Chicago over the years, slinging house, techno, electro, new wave, and italo, as well as being featured at DEMF, and has released several of his own smooth productions on his Emphasis label and elsewhere. Enjoy!

Dave’s subliminal set-up

vince watson – signals – sublimina (headspace)
saint etienne – like a motorway (skin up you’re already dead) (heavenly)
shake – lay back (in the cut) (frictional)
newworldaquarium – lovin u (peacefrog)
theo parrish – musical metaphors (sound signature)

Steven Tang (Emphasis Recordings, Chicago)

koto – japanese war game [dub mix] (many)
koto – japanese war game [original mix]
attack – crazy for your love [instrumental]
doctor’s cat – feel the drive [instrumental] (zyx/il disc)
hugh bullen – alisand [instrumental] (many)
larabell – i can’t stop (cicco goldies)
stopp – i’m hungry (disco magic)
solo – girls girls girls (ah-ah-hi) (plateau)
solo – girls girls girls (bonus beats) (next plateau)
telex – raised by snakes (razormaid)
alexander robotnik – problems d’amour
pankow – sickness takin’ over [joseph watt’s remix] (bbat)
jean-michel jarre – revolutions (razormaid)
liaisons dangereuses – peut etre pas (roadrunner)
anne clark – our darkness (razormaid)
lectric workers – robot is systematic [instrumental] (disco magic)
yello – vicious games (razormaid)
cariocas – batida (proto)
gino soccio – i remember (atlantic)
rocky jones – choice of a new generation [joseph watt rmx] – dis be only a test vol 3
joe r. lewis – the way you make me feel – change reaction (target)
lil louis – jupiter (diamond/lil louis)
fresh – dum dum [reprise] (precision)
the children – freedom [factory mix] (dj international)
latin house crew presents mario smokin diaz – should have never been [house track] (hotmix 5)
mr lee – i can’t forget (club) (trax)
steve poindexter – chillin with the \”p\” (muzique)
the housefactors – freestyle (black market)
farley farley farley – give yourself to me (trax)
mike dunn – dance you mutha [original mutha] (westbrook)
francisco – fregna (pigna)
analog fingerprints – roofs (pigna)
touchdown – ease your mind (remix u.s.) (streetwise)
quando quango – atom rock (base/factory)
modern romance – can you move (atlantic)
modern romance – everybody salsa (atlantic)
nancy martin – can’t believe (atlantic)


This Dream Is Real

Part 1: Right-click to download[/url] (82 min = 74 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download[/url] (81 min = 74 mb)

Part 1: Setting a mood of left-field funkiness from all corners of emerging club music. From Francois K’s collaborative \”Snake Charmer\” EP to Italo by Memory Control One and weirdo French comp-u-pop from Le Club. Deep new slow-burner this week from JuJu & Jordash in Amsterdam via Detroit’s abstract house label Psychostasia, and a dark classic from L.B. Bad.

Part 2: electronic body music recovered from video from early 80s pioneers liaisons dangereuses blends with old and new sounds from chicago and detroit, followed by a bit of crisp mid-90s housed-up techno, including a 1993 gem from st. germain.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Jah Wobble, The Edge, Holger Czukay – Hold On To Your Dreams – Snake Charmer (Island)
Ministry – Work For Love – Dub version (Arista)
Memory Control One – Basic (Crash)
Le Club – Un Fait Divers Et Rien De Plus (Roulette)
Carl Williams – Can’t Get Away (From Your Love) [Special Dub] – (Vanguard)
Eurofunk – Manshortage (Unclassics)
Magazine 60 – Don Quichotte (Many)
Carl Finlow – Broken Mirror (Playhouse)
Omar S – Give it to me – 003 (Fxhe)
Juju and Jordash – Hush feat. Chris Corstens – The Hush EP (Psychostasia)
Aroy Dee – Glow (M>O>S)
Phenomyna – Black Rain – Stasis / Past Movements (Peacefrog)
Fingers Inc. – A Path (DJ International)
L.B. Bad – This Dream Is Real (It’s Not A Dream) – (La Rhon)
Cultural Vibe – Ma Foom Bey (Easy Street)
Visual – Somehow, Someway (Ram’s Horn)
Mascara – Baja (Oh My!)
Dharma – Plastic Doll (boot)
Raiders of the Lost Arp – Miles – 4 (Nature)
Matzo & Pauli – untitled (Viewlexx)
Francesco – Salvation 2nd – Frenga (Pigna)
Trans X – Living On Video (Illusion)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

liaisons dangereuses – video track (d.i.r.t.y.)
two of a kind – happiness (dub) (housetime)
juan atkins – serene – the future sound ep (ulr)
heiroglyphic being – d.o.s. – conversation in a analog dialect (klang)
kim rapatti – a1 – mood ep (plug research)
bovil – b to h1 – contour ep (meanwhile)
glory b – star – star ep (grow!)
jerome vs sterac – trillipone (100% pure)
st. germain – the first time – from detroit to st. germain (f comm)
john tejada + arian leviste – throwback – where circles begin (moods & grooves)
justin berkovi – the meanwhile – the search for home (nightrax)

Chicago hometown hype dept: discerning low-key events for local headz

–Matt is playing the Wake Up! night at Subterranean w/ Carlos Souffront (WCBN/Ann Arbor, DEMF), and awesome local Kate Simko (Detalles, Traum). Sunday May 8th. 2011 W. North Ave. $3.

–Dave & Matt return to Danny’s Tavern for another joint Clinically Inclined showcase. 1951 W. Dickens, Monday May 9th. Free, come out and say hello.

Where I Touch the Sky

Part 1: Right-click to download[/url] (75 min = 69mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download[/url] (81 min = 74mb)

dave’s at the helm as spring weather floats into the sunset metropolis with ambient dub and downtempo, transitioning into slow-paced chorded-out techno-house hybrids – given extended play for maximum exposure & flow. hip hop and electro guide us through the 80s, connecting industrial dance with acid house, and lapsing into deep melodics at a faster clip.

Part 1>

seefeel – air-eyes – starethrough ep (warp)
asc – fever – open spaces (testflight)
stasis – natural people – inspiration (peacefrog)
gadgets – perfect feeling – never touch a running system (gadgets)
aardvarck – cult copy mix 1 (rush hour)
strange attractor – golden gate (phono)
herbert – going round – around the house (phonography)
speedy j – beam me up – ginger (plus 8)
forever monna (balance)
oasis – 001 (fxhe)
ezekiel honig – more human than human [soultek’s morning dub] (microcosm music)
the music man – make 5 – homemade (repap)
mandrake – tickle me – mandrake returns ep (residual)
luomo – synkro – vocalcity (forcetracks)
localfields – by prescription – lovers and creepers (zero g sounds)

Part 2>

\”love bug\” starski – do the right thing (the fever)
man parrish – hey there, homeboys [home boys dub] (rams horn)
jonzun crew – space is the place [extended version instrumental] (tommy boy)
anne clark – sleeper in metropolis (ink)
skinny puppy – testure [12\” mix] (nettwerk)
trax acid band – subway bitch – acid trax vol 3 (trax)
mike dunn – so let it be house (westbrook)
japanese telecom – japanese animation (intuit-solar)
nightmares on wax – aftermath [lfo rmx] (warp)
john beltran – ten days of blue (peacefrog)
roy cordu – where i touch the sky – parce-que je reve je ne le suis pas (rush hour)
john consemulder – rewind to start [dubapella] (moods & grooves)
aril brikha – way back – art of vengeance (fragile)
paul mac – back & forth [vince watson rmx] (primate)
clark – clip – lofthouse (planet e)
kosmic messenger – sights & spirits (eclipse)
redshift – starbase (surface effect)
zachary lubin – metaphor (engineer)
counterattack – clinamen ep (counterattack)

Looks Like We’re Shy One Horse

Part 1: Right-click to download[/url] (82 min = 76mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download[/url] (80 min = 74mb)

Part 1: Visit a strange desert in the wild west where the dub delay lasts for miles. Cross-genre experiments where dub voodoo, deep chicago house and spaghetti westerns all collide over a midnight game of low stakes poker. Feel the languid heat of the backporch storytelling and slow motion subwoofers.

Part 2: super-electronic detroit house starts us out, and new york city serves as the anchor for a few tangents in EBM and mid-90s house. scintillating waves of arpeggiation from la synthesis wind through to an electro slammer from shiver and black dog on the dancefloor.

Part 1> Matt MacQueen

Round Five feat. Tikiman – Na Fe Throw It (Main Street Records)
Green Thumb – Pequenos – Trip Do West (Rhythmix)
Colourbox – Looks Like We’re Shy One Horse / Shoot Out (4AD)
Banzai Republic – Gamblin’ Man (Music for Dreams)
Grace Jones – Private Life – Warm Leatherette (Island)
Rod Modell – Rain – Sacred Geometry EP (Echocord)
Spectre – Making Me Feel – Deep Theory EP (Tetrode)
Heinrik Schwarz – Chicago (Mood Music)
Circulation – Ex-Tempo (Balance)
Theo Parrish – Music – Music, Moonlight & You (Sound Signature)
James Duncan – You and Me – Peoples Are Peoples (Real Soon)
Nick Holder – Singin Da Blues – Nick Holder Blue Room mix (DNH)
St. Germain – Thank You Mum (For Everything You Did) – Boulevard (F Comm)
Reggie Dokes – Black Thoughts (Psychostasia)

Part 2> Dave Siska

deteriministic finite automata – 3/5 human (surveillance)
soho – hot music (cabaret)
a guy called gerald – blow your house down (rham)
33 1/3 queen – searching – volume one (nu groove)
in sotto voce – track 1 – tracks (antler)
alden tyrell – love explosion [vox] (viewlexx)
inner city – share my life [kenny larkin detroit mix] (network)
danell dixon – dance dance – hallellujia ep (nite grooves)
urban culture – the wonders of wishing (eclipse)
dan curtin – journeys in motion – time undefined ep stage 2 (strictly rhythm)
heiko laux – souldancer (kurbel)
mion – reloop pt. 1 – salsabreak ep (music man)
la synthesis – agraphobia (plink plonk)
autechre – second peng – anvil vapre (warp)
erik van den broek – subsonic soundscape (shiver)
close up over – caz – bytes (warp)
steve tang – nightfall (emphasis)
clementine – fastlane – cosmopolitan for the cosmos (djax)
future beat alliance – headways (emoticon)

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