Guest mix from DJ Beppe Loda, 1985

Part 1: Right-click to download (75 min = 70 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (63 min = 58 mb)

Part 1 > Matt’s unmixed, reflective set of high lonesome mood tracks from Detroit downtempo to dub to abstract future jazz. New music this week from Detroit’s South South Million, and Junior Boys turn in a plaintive dark sparkler from their brilliant new album.

Part 2 > We broadcast a classic mix from DJ Beppe Loda, a founding italo disco DJ who played in Chicago for one night on a mini US tour. A pioneer of DJ culture and resident at Italy’s legendary Typhoon club from 1980 to 1987, Loda has been searching for sounds off the beaten path since his first gig in 1973. Playing to as many as 7,000 people a night, producing in excess of 200 mix tapes and pioneering the \”italo synth\” sound with his MC1 project (just reissued on Synthonic), he has just about done it all. His \”Afro\” style (also called \”Cosmic\” or \”Cosmic Afro\”) is as disorienting, funky and inspiring now as it was then. Read an interview with this incredible pioneer in electronic dance music done by Jeremy Campbell.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Junior Boys – When No One Cares – So This is Goodbye (Domino)
Primal Scream – Higher Than The Sun [A Dub Symphony in 2 Parts] – Screamadelia (Sire)
Banzai Republic – Gamblin’ Man (Music for Dreams)
Rhythm & Sound – Mango Drive (Rhythm & Sound)
Urban Tribe – Covert Action (Planet E)
South South Million – Fold Mouth [Collin mix 1] – Restless Pieces (Really Nice)
Ultramarine – Before – Trans Europe Express Vol. 3 (Volume)
O.H. Krill – Riding High – The Krill Papers (DC Recordings)
4Hero – Naima – 2000 Black: The Good Good (Planet E)
DJH – Shapeshifter [Volcov 4-3-3 re-edit] (Archive)
Seiji – Into the Now (2000 Black)
Link – Amazon Amenity [Chameleon remix] – Theory of Evolution (Evolution)

Part 2 > DJ Beppe Loda

[intro / voiceover] Morgan Geist – Skyblue Pink – Most of All (Environ)

On-air broadcast of DJ Beppe Loda \”Electronicca Meccanica\” mix recorded in 1985.


2 Responses to “Guest mix from DJ Beppe Loda, 1985”

  1. 1 b.i. May 25, 2009 at 3:40 pm

    Is there a Kitaro track mixed into this? And just in case – which?

  2. 2 stoked in space May 23, 2013 at 8:16 pm

    Part 1 > Matt MacQueen was great and perfect for the lazy california sunshine today. Glad I stumbled upon this today.

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