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Guest DJ Matthew Martin, Chicago

Part 1: Right-click to download (74 min = 68 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (80 min = 73 mb)

Part 1> we welcome the return of chicago’s matthew martin of meiotic promotions to the show for the first time in 3 years! he treats us to a set of jack-infused techno goodness with dubbed out sounds at both ends of the mix.

Part 2> downtempo and chord-drenched electro start us off, and a dancier ride takes over, with chicago classics from dr. derelict and bam bam, brand new tweaked knobs from chicago’s empathy box (josh werner + soultek), and a nightcap dose of melodic techno.

Part 1 > Guest DJ Matthew Martin

planetary assault systems – the dream – electric funk machine (peacefrog)
rhythm & sound feat cornell campbell – king in my empire (burial mix)
steve o’sullivan vs exos – cheques not accepted [version] (mosaic)
j.l. huhta + the persuader – brommage dub (svek)
ricardo villalobos – damm3 (perlon)
common factor – the space jerk (area dj 7\”)
mr. barth – my old blues suits (plumphouse)
hieroglyphic being – linux – conversations in a analog dialect (klang)
mike ink – silver (studio 1)
round three – acting crazy [club vocal] (main street)
mathew jonson – freedom engine – 01 10.32 (itiswhatitis)
zachary lubin – introduction to algorithms – controllability (6277/axis)
robert hood – movable parts chapter 1 (m-plant)
tyree – video crash (rockin’ house)
hieroglyphic being – je suis musique – spectral sound vol 1 (spectral)
mike parker – inversions vol 1 (geophone)
sub space – the voyager – first step (6277/axis)
infiniti – think quick [remodelled by moritz von oswald] (metroplex)
detroit diesel – dreams for santiago – moto-r ep (dum)
steve o’sullivan vs exos – ljoshina (mosaic)
4th question (question)
peter grummich – arcona – spectral sound vol 1 (spectral)
planetary assault systems – the parting – electric funk machine (peacefrog)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

ymo – 1000 knives (a&m)
maarten & tjeerd – ice – lunetten ep (u-trax)
dj q – going forward in reverse – 7494 ep (filter)
bochum welt – omicron – scharlach eingang (rephlex)
metier – body electric (coda)
redcell – practopia (b12/art)
reload – ahn – a collection of short stories (infonet)
john beltran – aquatic – earth & nightfall (r&s)
empathy box – beatthebox – acid burns chicago vol 1 (molecular funk guerilla)
doctor derelict – dance doctor [instrumental] (trax)
bam bam – give it to me [instrumental] (westbrook)
terry brookes – war (nwaq)
oz artists – art of wrestling – the zone ep (oz interactive)
dj gregory – head dubbing (deeply rooted house)
i:cube – tunnel vision (versatile)
fumiya tanaka – go out – midnight ep (torema)


Sound on Sound: Carl Craig Special

Part 1: Right-click to download (80 min = 73 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (79 min = 72 mb)

Part 1> A retrospecive mix of Carl Craig’s Detroit techno-soul classics. Originally mixed furiously by Matt for WNUR in 1999, we finally rebroadcast this gem – with special attention paid to Carl’s early work plus a few favorite uptempo remixes. For true believers in the classic Detroit sound, don’t miss this while it’s available.

Part 2> synth-dance, electro, and house start the work-out, and after a jack-break on 7\” from chicago’s heiroglyphic being, the deeper dark dancefloor starts up courtesy of luke slater’s 7th plain and gys, featuring new decompressed locomotion from studio pankow.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen’s Carl Craig Retrospective Mix

Psyche – Crackdown [Remix] (Buzz)
Paperclip People – The Climax (Planet E)
69 – My Machines – 4 Jazz Funk Classics (Planet E)
DBX – Losing Control [Carl Craig Remix] (Peacefrog)
Ron Trent – Altered States [East Side Mixx – Carl Craig] (Djax-Up Beats)
BFC – Chicken Noodle Soup – Elements 1989-1990 (Planet E)
69 – Ladies and Gentlemen – 4 Jazz Funk Classics (Planet E)
69 – Jam The Box – Lite Music (Planet E)
69 – Poi Et Pas – Sound on Sound (Planet E)
69 – My Machines [Reprise] – 4 Jazz Funk Classics (Planet E)
69 – Filter King/No Highs – Sound on Sound (Planet E)
Paperclip People – Throw (Planet E)
BFC – Galaxy (Fragile)
BFC – It’s a Shame (Fragile)
BFC – Static Friendly (Fragile)
Psyche – From Beyond (Transmat)
Carl Craig – At Les – Virtual Sex (Buzz)
Innerzone Orchestra – Bug in the Bassbin (Planet E)
Paperclip People – Remake Duo (Eich. Me. Son. Sche) – (Planet E)
Maurizio – Domina [Carl Craig’s Mind Mix] (M)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

colour box – breakdown (4ad)
carl finlow – show down (sur muzique)
recloose – soul clap 2000 – spelunking (planet e)
metro area – miura – 4 (environ)
sound stream – motion (sound stream)
the todd terry project – back to the beat (fresh)
unique 3 – the theme [original chill mix] (10)
thesungod – scene 2/take 1 (jack fm)
7th plain – pearl – teex 3 (volume)
sven vath – augenblick [sensorama railway mix] (virgin)
gez varley – le soleil – bayou paradis (force inc)
wise caucasian – celestial empire [hayfever mix] (mosaic)
gys – pike – art d’echo (zerogsounds)
studio pankow – zoologischer garten – linienbusse (city centre offices)
theorem – shift (th)
matt french – information sewer – maintenance (surveillance)
fluxion – redundant (vibrant music)
psi performer – 1990 [move d remix] – art is a division of pain rmxes (k2 O)

Disco at the Edge of the Universe

Part 1: Right-click to download (77 min = 71 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (76 min = 70 mb)

dave runs things solo this week, with a slow, soothing build-up meant for a lazy summer’s night, followed by a mixture of old and new techno and house – hitting favorites from new york, detroit, and chicago. some experimental downtempo is thrown in for good measure, and the party starts rocking at the tail end of the set.

Part 1 >

154 – apricot – strike (delsin)
timpani waves – lighthouse [theo parrish rmx] (oratai)
mr. shifter – ratios – machine life music (new religion)
b.a.s.s. – bahia atomic (rather interesting)
the other people place – sunrays – lifestyles of the laptop cafe (warp)
detalles – solm – shapes of summer (traum)
todd sines – closer – overlap ep (planet e)
no smoke – koro koro (profile)
wet – that’s the game [instrumental] (std)
joe lewis – midnight dancing – the beginning and the ending (target)
bobby konders – nervous acid – house rhythms (nu groove)
common factor – will (planet e)
theo parrish – reaction to plastic – parallel dimensions (sound signature)
luke slater’s 7th plain – seeing sense – the four-cornered room (gpr)

Part 2 >

cim – edit micro tune – series two (headspace)
vulva – omnec onec – synoptics (reflective)
polygon window – if it is really me – surfing on sinewaves (warp)
acid jesus – radium – radiation (klang)
code 6 – quad ii – second chapter (nu groove)
future sound of london – while others cry – accelerator (jumpin & pumpin)
fade ii black – the calling (fragile)
ramjac corporation – cameroon massif (irdial)
robert hood – omega (peacefrog)
marumari – rocket summer – no 4 supermogadon (carpark)
plaid – coat – p-brane ep (warp)
surgeon – at the heart of it all – force+form (tresor)
future/past – nebula variation (art)
deetron – lorraine – lorraine (klang)
technasia – force [technasia arpeggio mix] (technasia)
dirty house crew – disco at the edge of the universe (dirty house)
dj sneak – return to funk – polyester ep ii (henry street)
high-life – five fingers in the west (mosaic)
jeff mills – force – force universelle (purpose maker)
loktibrada – regis rmx
fumiya tanaka – drive #4 – unknown possibility vol #2 (torema)

Love In Outer Space

Part 1: Right-click to download (79 min = 72 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (79 min = 73 mb)

Part 1 > Nightime summer soul in outer space. Quincy Jones spacewalk from 1969, lost and found Prince, and ultradeep new Yoav B. remix on Charles Webster’s label Miso. Cool Op-Art live studio collaboration from Steve Pickton, and Dan Curtin’s interstellar grooves accompany Model 500 into Deep Space.

Part 2 > close your eyes with rediscovered connection machine, and keep the minimal jack in mind. dense melody invades with aroy dee, and then dubs out with berlin’s main street. new music from monolake and some midtempo smoothness from kirk d and keith kemp round out the set.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Kool & the Gang – Summer Madness (boot)
Quincy Jones – Walking In Space – Walking In Space (CTI)
Francisco Mora Catlett presents Outerzone Band – Space Chord 1 – Sun Ra: The Myth Lives On (Kindred Spirits)
Jimi Tenor – Love In Outer Space – Sun Ra: The Myth Lives On (Kindred Spirits)
Prince – Crystal Ball – Crystal Ball (NPG)
JuJu & Jordash – Blue Plates (forthcoming on Third Ear)
Theo Parrish – Dance of the Drunken Drums (Sound Signature)
Hiro Ohta – Kakera [Yoav B. Remix] (Miso)
Carl Craig – Bug In The Bassbin [Street mix] (Mo Wax)
Plasm Nesonic – The Futility of Time – Automatic Choice Repsone (Delsin)
Future Beat Alliance – Head Ways – Head Ways EP (Emoticon)
Dan Curtin – Reborn – Third From The Sun EP (33 RPM)
Paul W. Teebrooke – Nova – Nova EP (Op-Art)
Model 500 – M 92 – Deep Space (R&S)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

the connection machine – password session – painless (down low)
sleeparchive – track 4 (recycled) – recycle ep (sleeparchive)
lil louis – jupiter (ffrr)
jack master – bang the box – basement trax vol 1 (jack)
aroy dee – glow (m>o>s)
arctic hospital – cold wrapper – infirm and attentive (narita)
round four – found a way (main street)
spacetime continuum – movement#2 [herbert rmx] – remit recaps pt 2 (reflective)
d. diggler – sterillium (raum…musik)
heiko laux – moved [ricardo villalobos rmx] – sensefiction rmxs pt 2 (kanzleramt)
bluespirit – 001 (bluespirit)
monolake – carbon (ml/i)
arne weinberg – beauty in decay (down low)
hieroglyphic being – d.o.s. – conversation in a analogue dialect (klang)
kirk degiorgio – 3 (new religion)
keith kemp – stuck in a web – robo motown ep (ferrispark)

Head Dubbing

Part 1: Right-click to download (78 min = 71 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (74 min = 68 mb)

Part 1 > Dub electronic house sounds charting a deeper rhythmic course. Lots of recent releases this week: U-Roy & Francois K on his Deep Space imprint and a drummy dub mix of DJ Gregory’s ‘Head Talking’ that is causing minor panic. New dark angular funk from the Citymorb label, new abstractions from Hanna on Sound Signature, and the classic Berlin+Detroit handshake by Quadrant.

Part 2 > after the annual extended immersion into pub’s epic ‘summer’, deep melodic techno from reel by real and stasis sets the groove, with new music from fax and classics from detroit and chicago. after donna summer gets cut up by germany’s mmm, the cool-down comes courtesy of a supreme chiller from move d.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

David Axelrod – The Smile – Song of Innocence (EMI)
Padlock – Seventh Heaven (Island)
Connection Machine – Blue Genes Copyshop – Painless (Down Low)
The Deep Space Rhythm Section – Roots Dub – Rootsman (Deep Space)
Pelon – No Stunts (Chain Reaction)
Maus Und Stolle – Taxi (Klang)
Rod Modell – Rain – Sacred Geometry (Echocord)
Receptor – Fever – Moving Head (Citymorb)
DJ Gregory – Head Dubbing (Deeply Rooted)
The Godson – Good Kiss [Ron Trent mix] – Godson II (KDJ)
Quadrant – Infinition (Planet E)
Hanna – Cottage (Sound Signature)
Arne Weinberg – Spectral Disease – Version 1 (AW 001)
Aril Brikha – Simplicity (Absolut)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

damon wild – eva – downtown worlds (kanzleramt)
cim – view – reference (defocus)
pub – summer (vertical form)
reel by real – surkit – sonar 123 (peacefrog)
stasis – out of the unknown (otherworld)
fax – bajotierra – bilateral (level)
norken – fern – spring themes (hydrogen dukebox)
isolee – gallus – rest (playhouse)
3mb featuring magic juan atkins – die kosmischen kuriere (tresor)
losoul – beyond the creep – aspects on the same theme (mood music)
rick wilhite – magic water – soul edge ep part 2 (still music)
armando presents mike dearborn – new dimension [original mix] (muzique)
mmm – unterm messa (mmm)
mr. velcro fastener – who’s gonna bend (i220)
move d – beyond the machine – kunststoff (source)

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