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Computer Power

Part 1: Right-click to download (66min 128k MP3 = 60mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (56min 128k MP3 = 52mb)

Matt spans the full show this week, giving part 1 an easy summer build up of quiet storm soul/funk. Curtis Mayfield on a hot summer night in Chicago is tough to beat! Breaking with a catchy oddball from Kid Creole, we move into deep 313-style house and abstract moods from Russ Gabriel and Rick Wilhite to Dan Bell’s Elevate imprint into one of Prince’s finest basement party cuts.

Part 2 chugs on with a little italo disco sequenced into recent melodic techno funk from Italy, jetting to Detroit techno from UR, Aril Brikha and Drexciya, which cracks the door to crucial breakdance-era electro from Jamie Jupitor and Newcleus. Space bleeps from UK’s B12 chart the course, and deep space electronics from the godfather Juan Atkins floats us among the constellations.

Part 1

Grace Jones – Nightclubbing – Nightclubbing (Island) 1981
Heatwave – The Star of the Story – Central Heating (CBS) 1978
Moodymann – I Need You So Much – Black Mahogani (Peacefrog)
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – We Almost Lost Detroit – Bridges (Arista) 1977
Curtis Mayfield – The Other Side of Town – Curtis (Curtom) 1970
Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Que Pasa/Me No Pop I – Coati Mundi (Antilles) 1980
Russ Gabriel – The Waiting Game (Soul on Wax)
Patrick Pulsinger – City Lights – Dogmatic Sequences II (Disko B)
James Duncan – City Life (Traxxx)
The Godson – City Bar Reopen \”Live\” Dancing – Soul Edge EP 2 (Still Music)
Ron Trent – untitled B1 – Dark Room (Balance)
Dan Bell – Subterranean (Elevate)
Prince – Erotic City (boot)
Metro Area – Nerves – 5 (Environ)
Carlos Hernandez – Roller Giggle (Basenotic)
$tinkworx – No Luv – Aedena (Delsin)

Part 2

Doctor’s Cat – Feel The Drive [Instr] (Il Discotto) 1983
Raiders of the Lost ARP – Bridge – 4 (Nature)
Aril Brikah – Groove La Chord – Deeparture in Time (Transmat)
Francisco – Salvation 2nd – Frenga (Pigna)
Freak Seven vs. Critical Phase – Pitch Black [Orlando Voorn remix] (New Religion)
Perception & Mad Mike – Windchime (Underground Resistance)
Drexciya – Hydro Theory – The Journey Home (Warp)
Jamie Jupitor – Computer Power (Egyptian Empire) 1984
Newcleus – Let’s Jam (Sunnyview) 1985
Erik VanDerBroek – Subsonic Sound Scape (Shiver)
Musicology – Bubbles – Outlook (B12)
Model 500 – M 92 Lightspeed – Deep Space (R&S)


Search Your Feelings

Part 1: Right-click to download (80min 128k MP3 = 73mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (71min 128k MP3 = 65mb)

dave forges out on his own tonight. a subterranean excursion guided by porter ricks and herbert leads into downtempo and a couple of chicago classics. we take a nighttime drive with smooth techno from juan atkins and aubrey, down into 70s electronic experiments from vangelis and new hard techno from slovakia via uk’s karl o’connor, finishing off with electro from i-F and cabaret voltaire.

Part 1

porter ricks – biokinetics 2 – biokinetics (chain reaction)
herbert – in the kitchen – around the house (phonography)
low profile society – example 6 (toytronic)
cocteau twins – feet like fins [mark clifford rmx] – otherness (mercury)
mr projectile – eggcircle – nubby buddy ep (parotic)
alex cortex – a2 – ctrl ep (ann aimee)
speedy j – de-orbit – ginger (warp)
fingers inc – a path [instrumental mix] (dj international) 1986
joe lewis – separate ways (relief)
housemaster baldwin presents confusion – zone [drum mix] (future sound) 1989
model 500 + the martian – search your feelings (red planet)
3mb feat. magic juan atkins – die kosmischen kuriere (tresor)
aubrey – long player (solid groove)
stephan laubner – portside waves (perlon)
markus guntner – skyline (ware)
akufen – architexture 1 (hautec)

Part 2

stewart walker – white noise on the horizon – jet fuel and longing (belief systems)
d diggler – diggler ranch (raum…muzik)
nieu – psyiu (iridite)
phenomyna – earthfall [nuron rmx] (applied rhythmic technology)
vangelis – beaubourg part i (rca) 1978
a certain ratio – blown away – early (soul jazz) 1981
loktibrada – untitled [regis rmx] (rsb)
aphex twin – dodeccaheedron (r&s)
philus – ph (sakho)
echoplex & damon wild – adapt to steps – niteworks pt 2 (synewave)
interloper – seatac (plink plonk)
dexter – i program – we still kill the old way (clone)
carl finlow – conflict – electrilogy pt 1 (device)
i-F – moonbase next to g – the man from PACK (interdimensional transmissions)
acid horse – no name no slogan [cabaret voltaire] (wax trax)
planetary assault systems – the motive – the drone sector (peacefrog)

Don’t Stop the Music

Part 1: Right-click to download (73min 128k MP3 = 67mb)
Part 1: Right-click to download (69min 128k MP3 = 63mb)

Part 1 > Warming up with slow electronic soul burners, an Undisputed Truth dusty unearthed, and synthetic Japanese nu-wave from Logic System. Spacey boogie joints flow and brand new $tinkworx dancefloor bomb fits right in. WBMX italo classic from Ris then on to raw early chicago house flavors. New music this week from Detroit’s \”3 Chairs\” member Rick Wilhite going deep on Chicago’s Still Music label.

Part 2 > precise but lush low-tempo techno from japan’s tanzmuzik starts us in hyper-clinical style, furthered by sharp new music from adam johnson. a dancefloor techno set (of sorts) follows, featuring a new remix of robert hood from substance of chain reaction fame, and crunchy floor action from the uk’s simon walley.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Kool & the Gang – Summer Madness (boot)
Yarbrough & Peoples – Don’t Stop The Music – The Two Of Us (Mercury) 1980
The Undisputed Truth – Sandman (Moxie)
Logic – Unit – Logic System (EMI) 1981
Samson & Delilah – I Can Feel Your Love Slippin Away [Instr] (Saturn) 1984
David Keaton – Space Control (Roulette) 1983
The Strikers – Body Music – The Strikers (Prelude) 1981
$tinkworx – Manowar – Aedena (Delsin)
Ris – Love-n-Music [Vocal] (Relish)
Rick Wilhite – Magic Water – Soul Edge EP 2 (Still Music)
Theo Parrish – Dance Sing – Twin Cities (Harmonie Park)
Sweet D – Crazy D [Maniac Boogie Mix] (Sweet D)
Terry Housemaster Baldwin presents the Twat Sisters – Eat My Pus*y (Future Sound) 1988
House Gang – Let No Man Trax – Hittrax II (International House Records) 1988
Jamie Princple – Waiting For My Angel (Club Mix) (Persona) 1985

Part 2 > Dave Siska

tanzmuzik – lane [rei harakami mix] western cos ep (sublime)
karen krog – meaning of love [herbert’s disappearing dub] (crippled)
adam johnson – four squares – malk ep (narita)
precession – sandcastle [mike huckaby rmx] (deep transportation)
purveyors of fine funk – the truth for you – vol 4 (peacefrog)
v phorms – fragments – vol 5: difference (native sampler)
bochum welt – la nuit – les dances d’ete (kromode)
exos – v4 – eleventh (force inc)
lost recordings #6 – spirit ep (cosmic)
plastic – translates translations translated – river electric (thule)
monobox – realm 02 [substance mix] (molecular)
lighter thief – supasense (ifach)
counterattack – b1 – unspecified enemies (counterattack)
cim – mpc – reference (defocus)
starfish pool – bird (pure plastic)
fluxion – bipolar defect (chain reaction)
rhythm & sound feat tikiman – music a fe rule (rhythm & sound)

Nighttime World

Part 1: Right-click to download (78min 128k MP3 = 73mb)

with matt away, an extended late-night session ensues. dave plunges into mellow summer selections from pub, theo parrish, and the other people place, featuring early work from convextion as syne-language, a new soother from loscil, and a jacky piano cut from chicago’s heiroglyphic being.

Part 1

robert hood – nighttime world – nighttime world vol 1 (cheap)
schubert – one small change – controlling your thoughts (jetlag)
christian kleine – crystal – beyond repair (city centre offices)
timpani waves – lighthouse (theo parrish rmx) (oratai)
bluetrain – 09 – ‘standard version’ (bluetrain)
farben – type inventory (klang)
mira calix – pin skeeling [boards of canada rmx] (warp)
pub – summer pt 1 (vertical form)
the other people place – sunrays – lifestyles of the laptop cafe (warp)
norken – shifting towards – soul static bureau (beau monde)
future sound of london – while others cry – accelerator (jumpin & pumpin)
terry brookes – breaking cycles – breaking cycles (deepart)
moodymann – kdj 30 (kdj)
steve poindexter – computer madness (muzique)
midnight caller – callers theme (elektro music dept)

Part 2

repeat – thin hair (pure plastic)
l’usine – flat – surface ep (isophlux)
syne-language – syntax (hard sync)
eddy grant – time warp (portrait) 1982
cultural vibe – ma foom bey (rhythm version) (easy street) 1986
aqua regia – aqueous – age of aqueous (irdial)
yellow house – jack my body (body mix #2) (dance mania) 1987
heiroglyphic being – the strenuous life – machines for lovers ep (spectral)
urban culture – the wonders of wishing (trance fusion)
loscil – brittle – first narrows (kranky)
wired science – prelude – messenger ep (i220)
stephen brown – rate & depth – ep#1 (transmat)
steve tang – nightfall – nightfall ep (emphasis)
manual – 1986 – the north shore (darla)

Part 3

154 – a2 – dusk ep (100% pure)
version x3 -a (rwk)
kit clayton – $x=$moles*$avocadoes (background)
gys – glo – subset_echo (zero g sounds)
monolake – tangent ii (ml/i)
rhythm & sound feat tikiman – never tell you (burial mix)
154 – b – dusk ep (100% pure)
peter benisch – the desert white [joel mull rmx] – soundtrack saga (i220)
the orb – blue room [frank de wulf rmx] (big life)

Morning Factory

Part 1: Right-click to download (79min 128k MP3 = 73mb)

Part 1 > dave holds it down solo this week, with a housier start and a small sampling of dave angel (marking his return to chicago on the night) to finish off. a less-heard yello cut and versatile’s joakim re-editing (moreso than re-mixing) an early severed heads song are highlights on the path.

Part 1 > Dave Siska

aroy dee – goddess (m>o>s)
no smoke – koro koro – warp influences (warp)
yello – no more words (stiff) 1983
the grand lodge of luxor – morning factory (prescription)
cobblestone jazz – the fifth element (itiswhatitis)
claro intelecto – chicago (ai)
paperclip people – the climax (dobre & jamez dub) (open)
quadrant dub ii (basic channel)
arovane – seaside – tides (city centre offices)
gescom – keynell (skam)
maps & diagrams – flanel – glaciarc ep (tundra music)
redcell – practopia (b12/art)
severed heads – dead eyes opened – bulkhead (nettwerk) 1984
severed heads – dead eyes opened [joakim edit] (kill the dj)
silicon scally – informatics – the silent years (satamile)
luke slater – dreams of children – x-tront vol 2 (peacefrog)
dave angel – 3rd symphony – new orchestrations (fnac)
dave angel – brother from jazz – the family ep (apollo)
dave angel – arrival – in-flight entertainment (blunted vinyl)
sound enforcer – re-enforcement ii (rising high)

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