Meet your Sonic Sunset hosts (The Critics):

your show hosts

That was quite a radio program! I would have only changed one thing!

Oh really, what’s that?

The Channel!

Dohh hoh ho ho ho ho ho!



OK yes, the joke is now about 10 years old. Someday we’ll write short bios here, but in the meantime we prefer to let the music we play speak for us. In the world of online identity and instant net.fame, we hope sometimes saying less actually says more.

Remember record stores? Remember the conversations across crates? Remember when the best records were just mysterious white labels with a cryptic message and a fax number etched in the runout groove? And the best underground music rose to authentic credibility on its own merits?

We’d rather talk about music than ourselves…


Guest DJs

We had also had some amazing guest DJs mixing live on the show (or our global friends we asked for exclusive mixes to broadcast) including:

Steve Tang (Chicago / Emphasis / Smallville)

Mike Dearborn (Chicago / Majesty / Djax-up-beats / Muzique)

DJ Rolando (Detroit / UR / MySpace)

DJ Teep (Boston / Aquabahn / Moodmat)

Brendan M. Gillen (Detroit / Interdimensional Transmissions)

Morgan Geist (NYC / Environ)

Kate Simko (Chicago/ / Spectral)

Paul Hammond (UK / Ultramarine / Real Soon)

Jeremy Campbell (NYC / Tropical Computer System)

Kuri Kondrak (Seattle / Energy Flash)

Jason Attaman (Ann Arbor / WCBN / Freak Nasty Hot Wings)

Patrick Russell (Detroit / Mentalux)

Jason Martin (Adelaide, Australia /

Mark Grusane & Mike Cole (Chicago / Mr. Peabody Records)

Karl “The Fire” Meier (Chicago / Interrupt Media / Downwards)

Jeff Pietro (Chicago / UNLTD / Borrowed Language)

Boogs & Voiteck (Australia / Bush / Truck Music)

Israel Vines (Lansing / Chicago / Detroit / Bilbo’s / Borrowed Language)

Trent Abbe (Lansing / Detroit / MySpace)

Matthew Martin (Chicago / Meiotic)

Audiophile (Chicago / Meiotic)

Josh Werner (Chicago / Gramaphone / Antenna International)

Zachary Lubin (Chicago / 6277 / Axis / Engineer / Kimochi)

Pete Leidy (Chicago / Ann Arbor / WCBN – Crush Collision)

This list isn’t complete yet…


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