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12 Sept 2003 Rebroadcast – BMG Laptop DJ Set & Interview

Part 1: (DJ Set) Right-click to download (71 min 128k MP3 = 62mb)
Part 2: (Interview) Right-click to download (28 min 128k MP3 = 26mb)

Due an antenna repair we weren’t on the air last friday, but reached into our archives and digitized a show we’ve had a lot of requests to publish online:

Part 1 > A Sept. 2003 in-studio guest mix from BMG (Ectomorph / Dirty Criminals / Interdimensional Transmissions), who drops a genre-spanning and very fresh Ableton Live DJ set… mixing roots and influences along side modern elektronik sounds. This is most definitely one for the heads.

Part 2 > Matt interviews Brendan (never shy in the words dept.) as they banter on about past influences, from Detroit to Ann Arbor to NYC to Berlin sounds and beyond, the power of radio for the underground, and future thoughts on global electronic dance music. Lasts about a half hour as Dave Siska lays the backbeats… enjoy and don’t take it too seriously.. we didn’t 😉

Part 1 > BMG laptop DJ tracklist

B-52’s \”Mesopotamia\”
Trevor Jackson \”Pink Lunch\”
Savas Pascadilas
No Doubt
Bohannon \”Lets Start the Dance\” edit
Marvin Gaye \”A Funky Space Reincarnation\”
Gherkin Jerks \”Din Sync\” Larry Heard
K Alexi \”My Medusa\” Mayday MLK Mix
Rinder & Lewis \”Gluttony\” Moxie edit
Ectomorph \”XXX\”
KDJ 30 (prince intervied by mojo)
Rhythm & Sound \”Mango Drive\” cover
Prince \”Controversy\” bmg live \”wish we all were nude\” rmx
Prince \”Irrestible Bitch\”
DBX \”Baby Judy\”
Cultural Vibe \”Mfumbe\”
Adonis \”No Way Back\”
Velodrome \”Capataz\” Dr Attaman Bonus Beats Magic Mix
Rinder & Lewis \”Anger\”
Mu \”Let’s get Sick\”
Mike Dunn \”Personal Problem\”
Le Tigre \”Decepticon\” DFA RMX bmg edit
Dinosaur L \”#5 (go bang)\” original lp mix
Loose Joints \”Is it all over my face\” bmg edit
Soft Pink Truth \”Soft Pink MIssy\”
Flexitone \”Moist\”
Matt Dear \”Reae\”
Jodeci \”Freek’n You\” MK Dub
IT 3
Outkast \”Way You Move\”
IT 1
JJ Fad \”Supersonic\”
Cybotron \”Cosmic Cars\”
Detroit Grand Pu Bahs \”Platicine Gene\” Ectomorph Version
Vanity 6 \”Make Up\”
Wee Papa Girls \”We Know It\” K. Saunderson Mix
Aphex \”Window Licker\” acid demo
Evian \”Techno City\”
Spacelings & Bassheads \”No Dust\”
Paris & Gillespie aka Mental Machine \”Love Camera\” unreleased
I-f \”Secret Desire\”



Part 2: Right-click to download (66 min 128k MP3 = 61mb)

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen : not recorded

Jeff Mills – Entrance to… – Metropolis (Axis)
Jeff Mills – Perfecture – Metropolis (Axis)
Jeff Mills – Blueprints – Metropolis (Axis)
Anthony Shakir – Spectre – What, Me Worry? (Seventh City)
Nii Amon – The Song I Forgot To Make – This is Your Machine (Hairy Claw)
Aroy Dee – Glow (M>O>S)
Santos – Work The Box – vocal (Trax)
Adonis – The Poke [Your Turn To Work Me mix] (DJ International)
Lil’ Louis – Frequency – vocal (Dance Mania)
Jersey Devil Social Club – Magnifique – vocal (Environ)
Patrick Cowley – Mind Warp (Megatone)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

two of a kind – happiness [dub] (housetime) 1987
theorem – os (plus 8)
schatrax – you don’t act the same (schatrax)
paperclip people – remake [basic reshape] (planet e)
metric system – studio 440 (trope)
series 7 – b2 (evolution)
arctic hospital – frost castings – terminal 01 (narita)
rainfield – (un)respire – the climb ep (chair)
the godson – magic water – soul edge ep pt. 2 (still music)
infiniti – moonbeam (tresor)
mauler – pgm 200 (shield)
rod modell – hexcraft (deepchord)
di_indicator – catwalk baby – 6tro ep (ungleich)

Micro tag team 1 + 1 > Matt vs. Dave

Vince Watson – Lost Episodes – Lost Episodes EP (HeadSpace)
m>o>s feat. aroy dee – utility #2 (rush hour)
Terry Brookes – Teknology (NWAQ)
detroit escalator co. – faith [as rain] (detroit escalator co)
Model 500 – Sonic Sunset [Calm mix] (R&S)

Bout Ready to Jak

Part 1: Right-click to download (51 min 128k MP3 = 48mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (80 min 128k MP3 = 73mb)

Part 1 > Midtempo spaceboogie dubs, big basslines in leftfield house from percussionist Art Konik on Comet via France, and Detroit’s Andres gives last call.. Rick James wails over new beats and brilliant live strings things from Kelley Polar Quartet, and techy electronic funk from Holland’s own Macho Cats.

Part 2 > dark electro-techno from surgeon and claro intelecto drops into full-on distorted 909s from shake and dirtier jacked-out action from berlin’s traktor. newly released subdued sounds from 154 transition to melodic floor techno, including recent maneuvers from the narita label and technoir’s shawn rudiman.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Sunburst Band – Everydub – Ltd Promo (SB 001)
James Duncan – untitled – Times Like These (Le Systeme)
Fatback Band – Is This The Future – Dub (Important)
Tony Lee – Reach Up – dub (Radar)
Tullio De Piscopo – Stop Bajon – instr. (Greyhound)
Art Konik – Otomo (Comet)
Ray Mang – Big Bambu – Akwaaba Rmx (Big Bear)
Andres – Last Call for Alcohol (Mahogani)
Rick James & The Stone City Band – You and I – Come Get It (Gordy)
Kelley Polar Quartet – Parlour Games – Rococo EP (Environ)
Raiders of the Lost Arp – Workflow – 4 (Nature)
Macho Cat Garage – Pussy Jazz – The Muffler Strut (downLow)

Part 2 > dave siska

da posse – strings [fingers mix] (future records) 1988
bjork – hyperballad [disco sync mix] (one little indian)
substance – centralized – central remixed pt 6 (central)
damon wild – gps – colortheory (music man)
claro intelecto – section [part 2] (ai)
surgeon – exhibit – screw the roses (counterbalance)
function – balance of power (infrastructure)
osborne – bout ready to jak [shake rmx] (spectral)
traktor 3000 – various traktor retraktored (din)
steve poindexter – whiplash – phase II (muzique)
mark broom – after sunrise – time ep (new electronica)
jeff mills – absolute special (axis)
154 – a brighter day – strike (delsin)
arovane – auben vor [amx] (din)
aspen – angelina jolie call simon 0064 4 380 0040 – sugar + spice (emanate)
paul mac – malibu slump – pushcametoshove (primate)
shawn rudiman – feel again – odds against us (technoir audio)
aii – interstate – terminal 01 (narita)
oliver ho – beneath the skin – sentience (blueprint)
exium – untitled (tsunami)

On A Journey

Part 1: Right-click to download (79 min 128k MP3 = 72mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (60 min 128k MP3 = 55mb)

Matt solo 2 deck trek.

Part 1 > midtempo gradual wind-up w/ Larry Levan’s NYC Peech Boys oddity mixed into a Hall & Oates ultra-deep drumbox groove. MARRS b-side that is my favorite 4 minutes in 4AD label history. Laid back italo extends the groove until New Order’s Ecstacy turns a corner to electro from Carl Finlow to Kraftwerk, rare UR plus a breakers cut from Hashim.

Part 2 > take I-94 from Chicago to Detroit (via Carl Craig remixing Ron Trent’s anthem) where Dan Bell and Rob Hood bring minimal funk. Natural direct-drive rhythms from Mills as Purpose Maker keep up room pressure. New music from Berlin’s Dieb: very dark abstract funk on new techno label from Rome. A pensive wind-down from Dutch duo The Connection Machine: their full-length release finally sees daylight (via DownLow), following their now legendary EP on Planet E over a decade ago.

Part 1 > the wind-up

Dark Spanish Symphony – David Lynch’s Wild at Heart Soundtrack (Polygram)
Mandre – Third World Calling (Opus III) – (Motown)
M.A.R.R.S. – Anitina (4AD)
NYC Peech Boys – On A Journey (Island)
Hall & Oates – I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do) – Private Eyes (RCA)
Paciscopi – Love’s Harmony (Capriccio)
Koto – Japanese War Games (Hot Box)
Art of Noise – Legs – (Inside Legs mix) – (China)
Big Ben Tribe – Heroes – instr. (Zanza)
Ultramarine – Hooter – Carl Craig remix (Real Soon)
New Order – Ecstacy – Power, Corruption & Lies (Factory)
Dynarec – Phonetic Responses – R Cam EP (Delsin)
Hashim – Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) – (Cutting)
Carl Finlow – Nodes – (Klang)
Underground Reistance – Lunar Rhythms – Soundpictures EP – (S.I.D.)
Kraftwerk – House Phone (EMI)
M-D-EMM – Get Acidic – Strange & Dangerous mix (Transmat)

Part 2 > the fastball

Fred Brown – Roman Days – Chicago Boogie (Eskimo)
Virgo – Free Yourself (Trax)
Ron Trent – Altered States – Carl Craig remix (DJAX)
Fade II Black – Insistant Rhythm (Fragile)
DBX – Losing Control – Robert Hood remix (Peacefrog)
The Vision – Detroit: One Circle (Metroplex)
Jeff Mills – Division Delignes – Force Universelle EP (Purpose Maker)
Dieb – Schnei – Unit Injector Drive (Citymorb)
Wildplanet – Synthetic (430 West)
D. Ball – Slack (Ourtime)
Jeff Mills – In The Bush – The Purpose Maker EP (Axis)
Aril Brikha – Aqua – Deeparture In Time (Transmat)
The Connection Machine – Avatar Shopping – Painless (Downlow)

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