Guest DJ Jeff Pietro, Chicago

Part 1: Right-click to download (117 min = 108 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (41 min = 38 mb)

We’re always happy to find a likeminded friend around Chicago who puts a new spin on diversity in selection, and tonight we welcome the debut WNUR set for Jeff Pietro. He’s a Chicago native whose tastes coalesce into a 2-hour journey – growing from beatless auras to heavier sounds with historical and out-of-genre gems thrown into the mix, followed by a cross-section of techno sounds from the last decade.

Part 1 > Jeff Pietro

Tim Hecker – Radio Amor (Mille Plateaux)
Veil – Inject – Transform LP (Light & Dark)
Third Eye Foundation – Ghost (Merge)
Q1.1 – A2 – (Basic Channel)
Richard Devine – Float 82 – Aleamapper (Schematic)
Christ – Laisy Daisy Meadow – Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle (Benbecula)
Burnham Electronics – Could Do – Results in Reverse (Integrale/Neuton)
Cluster & Eno – Wehrmut
Zoviet France – At the Moment – Look Into Me (Charrm)
Kit Clayton – Kalu – Nek Sanalet (~Scape)
Archae & Grovskopa – There Can Only Be the Infinite (Maracas)
Gimmik – Let’s Play Cricket – Back to Basics (Toytronic)
Mogwai – Fear Satan [Surgeon Rmx] (Eye Q)
Oval – Oval Office – Systemisch (Thrill Jockey)
Echoplex – Classify As Unclassified B2 – (Synewave)
Coil – Ubu Noir – Scatology (Force & Form)
Peter Ford & Ian Loveday – Monolense A2 (Ifach)
Richard Devine – Freeze Fracture – Aleamapper (Schematic)
Reeko – Psychiatric Hospital B2 – Mental Disorder
Regis – Solution [Voice] – Divine Ritual (Downwards)
Mark Broom – One (Coda)
Fumiya Tanaka – Floor People Tension (Torema)
DJ Slip – Sketches Vol 1 – Side A (Missile)
Uusitalo – Tulenkantaja – Tulenkantaja Vol 1 (Huume)
Geoff White/Sutekh – Cinnmon Sugar (Edit)
Biogen – Stream [Sanasol Lake Mix] (Thule)
Mikkel Metal – Finla EP (Echocord)
Portion Reform – Map – Haas EP (Downwards)
Nope – Fugue1 (Num)
Redshape – Shaped World (Delsin)
Slo-Fi – B (
From Karaoke to Stardom – Ill@Ease (Rrygular)
Gregory Shiff – La Track – Siroco EP (Calima)
Dietrich Schoenemann – Sable – Three (Hidden Agenda)
Dark Comedy – Inaroom – Seven Days (Elypsia)
Bruno Pronsato – Read Me – Silver Cities
Ditch – Segment – Kimidori EP (Minibar 004)
Oasis – #1 – FXHE Cat #OAS-1

Part 2 > Dave Siska

C2C4 – Specimen 1 – Gino Soccio – There’s a Woman (Moxie)
Bang the Party – Bang Bang You’re Mine [Instrumental] (Warriors Dance)
Beat Pharmacy – New Dawn (Original Mix) (DeepSpace)
Rhythm & Sound – See Mi Version [Basic Reshape] (Burial Mix)
Remote – A-tonal – Celestion EP (Meanwhile)
Laraaji – Meditation #1 (Editions EG)
Skinny Puppy – Film – Bites LP (Nettwerk)
Pure – Optical Illusion – 100% Pure: The Lowlands Compilation (New Electronica)
RO 70 Meets Move D – Side A (Source)
Nitevision – 2110 – (Synewave)


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