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Guest DJ Peter Aparicio, Chicago

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Part 2: Right-click to download (31 min = 29 mb)
Part 3: Right-click to download (48 min = 45 mb)

Tonight we welcome the winner of Mr. Peabody Records’ first DJ competition, Peter Aparicio! He’s a 23-year veteran DJ who still plays out on Chicago’s south side. In Part 1 he goes old school Chicago house with some WBMX-style Italo touches, and in Part 2 he heads into freestyle and old-school electro territory. This is a set true to growing up with Chicago dance music in the 1980s, so stay close!

Parts 1 & 2 > Peter Aparicio

No tracklist available.

Part 3 > Dave Siska

Kano – It’s a War (Emergency)
The Nerve – A Little Bit of Jazz [1985 version] (Touch)
Patrick Cowley – Primitive World – Mind Warp (Megatone)
Damon Wild – Fluorescence (Synewave)
Series 7 – A1 (Evolution/Universal Language)
Ross 154 – Until My Heart Stops (M>O>S)
Clever & Smart – Filtadelic (Lofi Stereo)
Melody Boy 2000 – Monotone Fantastique (DUM)
Todd Sines – Overlap EP (Planet E)
Octal Industries – Automatik [Northern Lights Mix] (Transistor Rhythm)
Synewave 37 – Beige (Synewave)
Yagya – Choose – Flow.ers (Sutemos)


Solitary Flight

Part 1: Right-click to download (76 min = 70 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (72 min = 72 mb)

Matt’s alone for an all-over-the-map 3 hour excursion. Part 1 eases in with abstract A.R.T. era deep electronics, soul and midtempo grit. Part 2 is more uptempo, connecting Detroit and Berlin by way of Derrick May & Gottsching, UR & Maurizio. Winds up with more driving italo disco synthetics – both classic and re-invented.

Part 1 >

Kenji Kawai – Making of Cyborg (Chant I) – Ghost In The Shell Soundtrack
Future Beat Alliance – Personnal Data – Hot Shots (Versatile)
Photek – T’Raenon (Op-ART)
As One – Amalia – objets d’art (New Electronica)
William Bell – I Forgot To Be Your Lover – Soul Riot (Mojo)
Moodymann – Entrance 2 the Garden – Silence In The Secret Garden (Peacefrog)
The Rationals – Glowin’ – The Rationals (Crewe)
Tommy Guerrero – Interlude / The Days Go By – Soul Food Taqueria (Mo Wax)
David Oliver – Ms. – David Oliver (Mercury)
Curtis Mayfield – Trippin’ Out – Something To Believe In (Curtom/RSO)
Francois Kervorkian presents: Jah Wobble, THe Edge, Holger Czukay – Hold On To Your Dreams – Snake Charmer (Island)
Yesterday’s New Quintet – Birth of YNQ – Angles without Edges (Stones Throw)
Kraftwerk – Neon Lights – The Man Machine (Capitol)
Danial Wang – 24 to Vector Z [Morgan Geist’s Commuter Mix] (Environ)
Theo Parrish – Solitary Flight (Sound Signature)

Part 2 >

Abacus – Erotic Illusions [Decadant Dub] – The Abacus EP (Fragile)
Round Two – New Day [Dub] (Main Street)
Quadrant – Q1.1 (Basic Channel)
Heaven & Earth – Space and Time (Prescription)
Baby Ford – Milky Tres [Reprise] (Rhythm King)
M. Gottsching – Sueno Latino [Derrick May rmx] (Buzz)
Maurizio – Ploy [UR mix] (M)
R-Tyme – R-Theme [Dramatic mix] (Transmat)
Shake – My Name Is Binky (Metroplex)
Dexter – Valve [Live] – Raw (Klakson)
Bo Boss – Tequila (Emergency)
Vivian Vee – Give Me A Break (Bananna)
Ray Mang & Foolish Felix – Disco Dementia – Disco Dimensions EP (Smash Hit)
Klapto – Mister Game [Vocal] (Radius)
Francisco – Venti Venti (2020 Vision)
Trans X – Vivre Sur Video (Illusion)
Stopp – I’m Hungry (boot)
Cocadisco I – B2 (white)

Guest DJ Steven Tang, Chicago

Part 1: Right-click to download (45 min = 42 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (80 min = 74 mb)

We’re excited to welcome Chicago’s Steve Tang back to the studio! He had the phones going off for his entire set, dropping the bombs that rocked the floors and airwaves in Chicago throughout the late 80s/early 90s. This time around, Detroit’s classic techno sounds are thrown in with Chicago’s drum machine magic, along with some early 90s anthems and some of his own productions. Check it!

Steven Tang, Emphasis Recordings Chicago

Part 1 >

night moves – transdance [j&p records re-edit]
faxe – time for changes (memory)
n.o.i.a. – the rule to survive [looking for love] (italian)
mdmc – how about it (high fashion)
pineapples – come on closer [dub mix] (flexx)
klein & m.b.o. – dirty talk [stars on 25 rmx] (25 west)
r.i.s. featuring celeste – love n music (proto)
capricorn – i need love (delirium)
jamie principle – your love [underdog edit]
mario smokin diaz – let’s do it (dj international)
farley jackmaster funk – the acid life [wgci megamix] (square roots)
suburban knight – the groove (transmat)
eddie flashin fowlkes – good-bye kiss (metroplex)
risque rhythm team – more than just a dance [backyard mix] (chicago connection)
model 500 – sound of stereo (metroplex)
mayday – nude photo [ultimate mix] (transmat/kool kat)
peter black vs depeche mode – no disco
kevin saunderson – the groove that won’t stop (kms)

Part 2 >

rocky jones – choice of a new generation [razormaid]
mr fingers – balance
risque iii – essence of a dream (stride)
the children – work the box (underground)
risque iii – risque madness (stride)
marcus mixx – without makeup [ron hardy mix]
risque iii – don’t you know (stride)
tang – horizons – machine oriented (emphasis)
the housefactors – total control (black market)
joe smooth – universal nation – disco acid vol 1 (nepenta)
tang – throbbin’ – machine oriented (emphasis)
esser – forces [reese mix] (kms)
tang – space dance – machine oriented (emphasis)
i need you now [a cappella] (devastating)
food for woofers – trancient – more bass extention (stealth)
kosmic messenger – death march (plink plonk)
nitzer ebb – shame [mayday rmx] (mute)
the nighttripper – future city – machine city (esp)
francisco – moon roller (nature)
chicago housing commission vol 1 – phantasy girl [edit]
secret mixes & fixes – contra [wish we edit]
carl craig – darkness [radioslave edit]

Shadow Dancing

Part 1: Right-click to download (76 min = 70 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (80 min = 74 mb)

Part 1 > Longer players this week of disco and darkly abstact house music, with dusty vinyl and soul etched in deep. A quiet storm classic from Norman Connors, and nods to Detroit and Electrifyin’ Mojo with Prince + Kenny Dixon Jr. connections. Finally a little-known vocal club track by Naomi Daniel produced by Carl Craig.

Part 2 > Slow-tempo house/techno mutants and planetarium sky show blips take a turn into dubbed-out sounds. New subtleties from the Meanwhile imprint go off the deep charts, Sensorama provides a funked-up slice of minimal house, and a melodic builder from Velocity Boy caps off the set.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Norman Connors – You Are My Starship (Buddah)
Le Club – Front Page News [Instr.] – (Roulette)
Made in USA – Shake Your Body (Unidisc)
Brooklyn Dreams – Street Man (Millennium)
Gayle Adams – Love Fever [Instr.] (Prelude)
David Joseph – You Can’t Hide (Your Love From Me) [Instr.] (Mango)
Urban Tribe – D-2000 (Mo’ Wax)
Theo Parrish – Shadow Dancing (Sound Signature)
Kai Alce – Corner Manuvers (Real Soon)
Moodymann – J.A.N.
Prince – Let’s Work [Extended Dance mix] (WB)
Cameo – It’s Serious – We All Know Who We Are (Chocolate City)
Naomi Daniel – Stars [Feel] (I Ner Zon)
R-Tyme – Illusion [M.I. mix] (Transmat)
Rhythim is Rhythim – Drama (Transmat)

Part 2 > David Siska

acid rain – the fog (shockwave)
the actor’s pedantry – house – diffrint hings oan (ampoule)
spacetime continuum – crystalline entity (astralwerks)
baird remo – amira (ifach)
ken ishii – cocoa mousse – jelly tones (r&s)
sensorama – exil – love (ladomat)
the godson – magic water – soul edge ep part 2 (still music)
murmur – gradient – section ep (meanwhile)
nh2 & master d – basically deeper (crucial)
kooky scientist – nite glide – unpopular science (plus 8)
markus nikolai – dimbied shake (perlon)
jeroen & michel – meltdown pt 2 (search)
velocity boy – whitetrax (tag)
octave one – modernism – the living key (430 west)

Guest DJ Paul Williams, UK

Part 1: Right-click to download (79 min = 73 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (79 min = 73 mb)

Sonic Sunset welcomes a special guest mix by DJ Paul Williams (AKA – Balearik Soul) from the UK. An all around good-taste record lover who draws from a broad palatte of styles, Paul works up an expansive blend of burnin’ soul, jazz, Detroit, proto-house and electronic sounds — much in our philosophy of all things \”dance music.\” Take a journey through his crates with the common thread of get-down funk! For more Balearik Soul check his mixes at Audiofiends and Kumomusic.

Part 1 > Guest DJ Paul Williams – Funk be the Preacher.

Parliament – Chocolate City – Uncut Funk * The Bomb LP (Phonogram)
James Brown – Spank – LP Jam/1980 (Polydor)
Fred and the new JB’s – (It’s Not the Express) it’s the JB’s Monaurial [Part II] – (Polydor)
James Brown – Licking stick – Say it Loud I’m Black and I’m Proud LP (Polydor)
Marlena Shaw – California Soul – Anthology LP (Soul Brother)
Rick Holmes – Remember to Remember – Hubbub LP (Soul Selection)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Celestial Bliss (Atlantic)
Billy Paul – Let the Dollar Circulate – When Love is New LP (Philadelphia International)
Moodyman – J.A.N. (KDJ)
Mr. Oizo – Ke-ele – Mr. Oizo #1 (F-Comm)
69 – Desire (R&S)
Reese – The Heavens [Mayday mix] (Kool Kat)
Rickster – Night moves [Inst.] – white
Steve Arrington – Dancin’ in the Key of Life [Inst.] (Atlantic)
Joey Beltram – Overdose [The Final Trip] – Major Problems (Nu Groove)
NewWorldAquarium – Energy (New Religion)
Clashing Ego’s – Galactic Gigolo – (N.E.W.S.)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

moskwa television – digitalk (westside)
electronome – v = for viewlexx – music telex (murder capital)
nu era – 1979 – broken techno (archive)
recloose – ain’t changin – cardiology (planet e)
egyptian lover – dance [long drum version] (electro eternal)
mr. velcro fastener – phlegmatic (i220)
florence – it’s in the hands – dominions (new electronica)
africans with mainframes – save the robots (mathematics)
orgue electronique – the eye that never sleeps (bunker)
boris mikulic – biterer als der tod – heresy (antler-subway)
m>o>s feat aroy dee – friday – utilities (rush hour)
nightmares on wax – 21st kong – case of funk (warp)
art forest – the flow – soul in motion (irma)
clementine – cryptic symphony [arrival – dan curtin] – cosmopolitan for the cosmos (djax)
deetron – emphasis – cut back ep (phont)
gary martin – subterranean substance [gary martin rmx] (teknotika/exceptional)
john tejada – disruption (a13)
matt chester – silk road – lives unlooked for (11th hour)
the persuader – what is the time mr. templar (svek)

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