Guest DJ Paul Hammond, UK

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Part 2: Right-click to download (80 min = 74 mb)

Part 1 > An deep cross-genre guest mix this week from Paul Hammond, label maestro of Real Soon records UK, also known for being half of the ambient pioneering duo Ultramarine. Paul has spent his career honing his incredible ear for mood and rhythm, creating a wonderful tension between warm soul and unsettling darkness — in his own music and what he carefully curates for his label. He has a deep knowledge of post-punk and ambient music from its formative years and his mix for us crisscrosses the decades and styles, truly an environmental and emotional listening experience. We’ve got nothing but respect for this long time listener who also has his own excellent radio programs for download, check them out at Thank you Paul!

Part 2 > If you fused the grit of Theo Parrish, the original mechanical warmth of Larry Heard, and the otherworldliness of Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works – you’d arrive close to the sound of Newworldaquarium. We take a listen to his music recorded under various aliases, over a range of years (1993 – 2005), on a number of labels (Delsin, New Religion, Peacefrog, Planet E, etc.). Leading up to that, Dave rolls out a few show favorites, along with ethereal dubstep from Burial, and sweet ambience from Marsen Jules.

Part 1 > Guest DJ Paul Hammond

Hauschka – What A Day (Earsugar)
Lerosa – Regret – Maike EP (D1)
Kerri Chandler – Downtown [623 Mix] – The 4th Thing for Linda EP (Downtown 161)
Juju & Jordash – Blue Plates (CD-R)
23 Skidoo – Tearing Up The Plans – Tearing Up The Plans (Fetish/Pineapple) 1982
John Luris – Are You Warm Enough? – Down By Law Soundtrack (Crammed) 1987
Deep Chord – Step 1 – Electro Magnetic Dowsing (Synth)
Porks Watch – Minotaur [Crusho’s Locomotiv Mix] (Q-Tape)
Repeat Orchestra – The Unforeseen – The Original Dimensions (A Touch of Class)
Oddworx – Message Is In The Movement – Body Language EP (Session)
Likwid Biskit – The All New Umm Pt.4 (People)
Ray Valioso – Get The Strings? – Einladung EP (Real Soon)
Insync v Mysteron – Audiable Illusion (Peacefrog)
Ray Valioso – Untitled #6 (CD-R)
Brian Eno – Over Fire Island – Another Green World (EG) 1975
Section 25 – Regions – The Key of Dreams (Factory Benelux) 1982
Eric Random – Eastern Promis – Earthbound Ghost Need (New Hormones) 1982
Cabaret Voltaire – Black Mask – Red Mecca (Rough Trade) 1981
Ultramarine – Ambush – A User’s Guide (New Electronica)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

Pub – Summer [They Can’t See Us In The Dark – Delay Configuration 1) (Vertical Form)
Burial – Distant Lights – Burial (Hyperdub)
Damon Wild & Echoplex – Adapt to Steps (Synewave)
Mikkel Metal – Untitled [Vainqueur Rmx] (Echocord)
Marsen Jules – Chanson Du Soir – Herbstlaub (City Centre Offices)
Newworldromantic – Ourmaninmedina – Sign of Brady (NWAQ)
Newworldaquarium – Pyramid Rd – Planet Delsin (Delsin)
Newworldaquarium – Games That We Play (New Religion)
Newworldaquarium – Lovin U (Peacefrog)
Newworldaquarium – Trespassers (Planet E)
Ross 154 – Until My Heart Stops (M>O>S)
154 – Apricot – Strike (Delsin)
Ross 154 – Hybrids II – Fragments (Eevo Lute)
Ross 154 – Moon FM Desire – Going Thru Life (Delsin)
Kirk Degiorgio – Holy [Newworldaquarium Rmx] – Amsterdam Remix (New Religion)
154 – Dusk EP (100% Pure)
Ross 154 – Hybrids IV – Fragments (Eevo Lute)
Newworldaquarium – A Better Tomorrow (Peacefrog)


2 Responses to “Guest DJ Paul Hammond, UK”

  1. 1 Fed July 10, 2008 at 9:12 pm

    waz gonna say a huuuuuge phanx 4 working hard
    it’s so tempting 2 check out some of your old inactive mixes, such as Paul Hammond’s one and especially Dave’s one with the selectioin of newworldaquarium

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