How Do You Plead ?

Part 1: Right-click to download (77 min = 70mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (81 min = 74mb)

Part 1: The full range of funk electric. Francois K in dub mix form, crosstalk of Shari Vari and Joakim remixing John Foxx. Deep arrangements from Mr. Geist (DJing across town tonight) and a favorite NewOrder b-side w/ chi-house ’88 influence. Crisp electro from Holland’s Dexter. Techno from new label Frantic Flowers, and wicked new grinder by Half Inch Jack in tasteful homage to Tyree Cooper.

Part 2: smoothed out vintage house sounds from chicago and new york lead to a smattering of the more recent eras, including soul run through the grinder by germany’s soundhack. then all goes dark, lights gradually appearing in hyper-hypnotic fashion with m. rahn and a fresh batch of bleeped-up electrowerk, featuring a shimmering pair of cuts from electro-don carl finlow.

Part 1> Matt MacQueen

Undisputed Truth – Sandman (Moxie)
Logic System – Unit – Logic (EMI)
Newcleus – Auto Man instr. (boot)
Metro Area – Machine Vibes – 2 (Environ)
Wuf Ticket – The Key [Francois Kervorkian mix] (Prelude)
Sharon Redd – Beat the Street [Francois Kervorkian Instr.] (Prelude)
A Number of Names – Shari Vari (Puzzlebox)
John Foxx – Mr. No [Joakim Rmx] – The Vanity Project (New Religion)
Claro Intelecto – Peace of Mind (Electrosoul) (Ai)
Arne Weinberg – Arcadia – Various Flowers 1 (Frantic Flowers)
Dexter – Valve [live] – (Klakson)
Morgan Geist – Vectors of Interpretation – Quadrilocular EP (Metamorphic)
Joakim – Cotton Gun (Versatile)
New Order – Best & Marsh – Round & Round (Qwest)
Hal Varian – Catalysm – Catalysm EP (New Religion)
Soofle – How Do You Plead? (Fragile)
1/2 Inch Jack – Mr Cooper’s House (Half Inch)

Part 2> Dave Siska

william s – i’ll never let you go [instrumental mix] (trax)
logic – final frontier [the groove] (strictly rhythm)
reflection – cube loop [morgan geist rmx] (clear)
eerik – exformation (raw fusion)
iz & diz – mouth [brad peep’s remix for friends] (classic)
sascha funke – campus (kompakt)
soundhack – untitled (soundhack 1)
john tejada & arian leviste – it’s only music (groovetech)
oniero – experimental (blue cucaracha)
shake – perseverence – revisionist’s theory (frictional)
mark broom – funked up – angie is a shoplifter (pure plastic)
fluxion – redundant (vibrant music)
fumiya tanaka – move – move ep (torema)
m. rahn – sunblocker – sunblocker ep (konvex konkav)
sleeparchive – track 4 [recycled] – (sleeparchive)
morganistic – wonder – fluids amniotic (input neuron)
nitevision – 2110 (synewave)
voice stealer – evaluation – the all electric house (subvert)
silicon scally – informatics – the silent years (satamile)
anders ilar – gramineous glow – treasure garden ep (echocord)
audision – song of the ocean – spectral face ep (playmade)
process – odd angles (traum)
black dog – evoke – bite thee back ep (dust science)


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