Detroit Techno tag-team

Part 1: Right-click to download (77 min 128k MP3 = 70mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (68 min 128k MP3 = 63mb)

Warm up w/ disco dubs and early Detroit house before an expansive tag-team set of Detroit techno. From Music Institute-era KMS Records to the darkest aquatic depths of electronic funk, minimal bleep and warm 313 techno soul classics. With Kevin Saunderson’s recent announcement of the the 2005 FUSE-in Detroit Festival, a new Motor City spotlight was callin’ …and it certainly won’t be our last!

Matt woofer warm-up >

Cameo – Funk Funk (intro) – Cardiac Arrest (Chocolate City)
Quant – Tik Tok – Quantical Quantasam (DOT)
Harvey Miller – Stop The Taxi – Disco Girls (Tyson)
Raw Silk – Do It To the Music (West End)
Kreem – Triangle of Love (Dub mix) (KMS)
untitled – FRCT 003 promo (Frictional)
MK – The Rains – S&M Hard Core mix (KMS)
Chez Damier – untitled B1 (KMS)
Separate Minds – 1st BASS – (Express)

Dave vs. Matt tag team 2 + 2 >

rhythim is rhythim – the dance (transmat)
jeff mills – fantasia – at first sight (axis)
claude young – dream of another time – one complete revolution (utensil)
david gnouy – story teller – the collective ep (utensil)
untitled – (J.A.N.)
rick wade – night track – night trackin ep (elevate)
round one – i’m your brother [chicago’s twisted mix] (main street)
chez n trent – the choice [witch doctor mix] (kms)
daniel bell – subterranean (elevate special projects)
dbx – beat phreak (peacefrog)
e-dancer – heavenly (kms)
claude young – electronic dissident (dust science)
dark energy – black strategy (ur)
shake – live for friction – iconoclastic diaries (frictional)
drexciya – aquarazorda – unknown aquazone (UR / shockwave)
drexciya – hi tide – uncharted ep (S.I.D.)
drexciya – aqua wormhole (ur)
k.t. 19941 – aura (react)
robert hood – various tracks – protein valve ep (m-plant)
perception – mirage – interstellar fugitives (ur)
gerald mitchell – dream traveller (metroplex)
kosmic messenger – get down (elypsia)
eddie flashin fowlkes – sex in zero gravity (red planet)
UR – sometimes i feel like – revolution for change (network)
davina – don’t you want it [performance mix] (soul city)
fix – diligent (ignitor/submerge)
69 – my machines – 4 jazz funk classics (planet e)
rhythim is rhythim – drama (kool kat)


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