Above the Skyline

Part 1: Right-click to download (78 min = 72mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (81 min = 74mb)

Part 1: Tough 808 funk from SOS Band, early Chicago moods, italo-boogie and electro. Jamie Principle personifies the nu wave influence on emerging House, plus other WBMX favorites including Gwendolyn (early Vince Lawrence & Jesse Saunders production). Juan Atkins’ Metroplex label brings 2 cuts of ice cold Detroit future/past dystopia.

Part 2: riding the swung beats of the techno/house line with russ gabriel’s melancholy chords and a svek classic, g-comm’s \”the deep\” comes swirling through, leaving electronic downtempo in its wake, along with a cosmic broken-beat deeparture.

Part 1> Matt MacQueen

Symbols & Instruments – Mood [Metaphysical Mix] (KMS)
SOS Band – Just Be Good To Me (Tabu)
Double Helix – Low Key – Funxtiles (Rush Hour)
Carol Williams – No One Can Do It Like You [Instr. remix] (Vanguard)
Implantation – Choose Your Lover (Many Records)
Jamie Principle – Your Love (Persona)
Sky Rider – Take A Look At Me (Disconet)
Gwendolyn – Come To Me [Long] (Precision)
Farley Jackmaster Funk – Oh My God – Funkin With the Drums Again (Trax)
Mark Shreeve – Legion [Razor mix] (Jive Electro)
Peter Richard – Walking in the Neon (Ariola)
Pluton & Humanoids – World Invaders – Unclassics (Environ)
Unknown DJ – Professor X – X-Men (X Files)
Model 500 – Future [Vocal] (Metroplex)
Channel One – Technicolor [Radio] (Metroplex)
Unit 4 – Bodydub – Freak Electrique Acid Dub (Clone)
Phuture – We Are Phuture (Trax)
Abe Duque – What Happened ? – #7 (Abe Duque)

Part 2> Dave Siska

phortune – can you feel the bass (hotmix 5)
basic channel – q1.1 (basic channel)
motion control – digit 2 (universal code)
blue arsed fly – in the bag [russ gabriel rmx] (ferox)
erik ericksson – synchronized minds (fragile)
primitive urges vol 1 (primitive)
mr. james barth and a.d. – above the skyline – knockin’ boots vol 1 (svek)
system 360 – sneaky – the airbag craftworks compilation vol 1 (out to lunch)
global communication – the deep (dedicated)
deepart – picture #3 (deepart)
lucky & easy – night rainbows (ampoule)
boards of canada – seeya later – twoism (warp/music70)
arovane – cry osaka cry – lilies (city centre offices)
alex cortex – laconic (source)
terry brookes – mars rising – breaking cycles (deepart)
elegy – \\p switch (art/b12)
john tejada – speaker’s dream – sonic life (ferox)


1 Response to “Above the Skyline”

  1. 1 acidbearboy May 9, 2010 at 7:13 pm

    Can anybody upload part 1 for me? Been trying to find that sky rider track for ages!

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