Phonathon Annual Fundraiser

Part 1: Right-click to download (79 min 128k MP3 = 72mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (60 min 128k MP3 = 55mb)

Matt solo 2 deck trek.

Part 1 > midtempo gradual wind-up w/ Larry Levan’s NYC Peech Boys oddity mixed into a Hall & Oates ultra-deep drumbox groove. MARRS b-side that is my favorite 4 minutes in 4AD label history. Laid back italo extends the groove until New Order’s Ecstacy turns a corner to electro from Carl Finlow to Kraftwerk, rare UR plus a breakers cut from Hashim.

Part 2 > take I-94 from Chicago to Detroit (via Carl Craig remixing Ron Trent’s anthem) where Dan Bell and Rob Hood bring minimal funk. Natural direct-drive rhythms from Mills as Purpose Maker keep up room pressure. New music from Berlin’s Dieb: very dark abstract funk on new techno label from Rome. A pensive wind-down from Dutch duo The Connection Machine: their full-length release finally sees daylight (via DownLow), following their now legendary EP on Planet E over a decade ago.

Part 1 > the wind-up

Dark Spanish Symphony – David Lynch’s Wild at Heart Soundtrack (Polygram)
Mandre – Third World Calling (Opus III) – (Motown)
M.A.R.R.S. – Anitina (4AD)
NYC Peech Boys – On A Journey (Island)
Hall & Oates – I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do) – Private Eyes (RCA)
Paciscopi – Love’s Harmony (Capriccio)
Koto – Japanese War Games (Hot Box)
Art of Noise – Legs – (Inside Legs mix) – (China)
Big Ben Tribe – Heroes – instr. (Zanza)
Ultramarine – Hooter – Carl Craig remix (Real Soon)
New Order – Ecstacy – Power, Corruption & Lies (Factory)
Dynarec – Phonetic Responses – R Cam EP (Delsin)
Hashim – Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) – (Cutting)
Carl Finlow – Nodes – (Klang)
Underground Reistance – Lunar Rhythms – Soundpictures EP – (S.I.D.)
Kraftwerk – House Phone (EMI)
M-D-EMM – Get Acidic – Strange & Dangerous mix (Transmat)

Part 2 > the fastball

Fred Brown – Roman Days – Chicago Boogie (Eskimo)
Virgo – Free Yourself (Trax)
Ron Trent – Altered States – Carl Craig remix (DJAX)
Fade II Black – Insistant Rhythm (Fragile)
DBX – Losing Control – Robert Hood remix (Peacefrog)
The Vision – Detroit: One Circle (Metroplex)
Jeff Mills – Division Delignes – Force Universelle EP (Purpose Maker)
Dieb – Schnei – Unit Injector Drive (Citymorb)
Wildplanet – Synthetic (430 West)
D. Ball – Slack (Ourtime)
Jeff Mills – In The Bush – The Purpose Maker EP (Axis)
Aril Brikha – Aqua – Deeparture In Time (Transmat)
The Connection Machine – Avatar Shopping – Painless (Downlow)

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Whodini – 5 Minutes of Funk – instrumental (Jive)
David Joseph – You Can’t Hide (Your Love From Me) (Mango)
The Players Association – The Get-Down Mellow Sound – We Got The Groove (Vanguard)
Sharon Redd – Beat The Street (Prelude)
Erotic Drum Band – Jerky Rhythm – Plug Me To Death (Prism)
Daniel Wang – Free Lovin’ (Housedream) – The Morning Kids (Balihu)
Morgan Geist – Sleaze – Super EP (Environ)
Loose Joints – Pop Your Funk (Soul Jazz)
Pal Joey – Getting Hot – #6 (Loop D’ Loop)
Nancy Martin – Can’t Believe (Neige)
Ris – Love-N-Music (Relish)
untitled – Cocadisco I
Mr. Flagio – Take A Chance (Squish)
Capricorn – I Need Love (Delirium)
Block 16 – Electrokution (Nuphonic)
Jellybean – The Mexican – Dance Mix (EMI)
Margueritas – Margherita (Hot Edit) – #2 (Unclassics)
Dexter – Valve (Live) – Raw EP (Klakson)
Pineapples – Come on Closer (Original Records)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

lfo – lfo (leeds warehouse mix) (warp)
forgemasters – clap – black steel ep (network)
the persuader – what is the time mr. templar (svek)
mannequin lung – city lights [mr hazeltine rmx feat. divine styler] (plug research)
phillipe cam – caddies day [salz rmx] (traum)
monolake – force (ml/i)
counterattack – unspecified enemies (counterattack)
legowelt – sturmvogel – pimpshifter (bunker)
public energy – p.a. – silicon ghetto vol 1 (accelerate)
surgeon – magneze (downwards)
surgeon – badger bite (downwards)
surgeon – coaster (soma)
heiko laux – sensefiction [surgeon rmx] (kanzleramt)
savvas ysatis – alright [surgeon’s keith 4 nat mix] (tresor)
surgeon – at the heart of all – force+form (tresor)
surgeon – la real (counterbalance)
planetary assault systems – booster [surgeon rmx] (peacefrog)
surgeon – midnight club tracks i (counterbalance)


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