12 Sept 2003 Rebroadcast – BMG Laptop DJ Set & Interview

Part 1: (DJ Set) Right-click to download (71 min 128k MP3 = 62mb)
Part 2: (Interview) Right-click to download (28 min 128k MP3 = 26mb)

Due an antenna repair we weren’t on the air last friday, but reached into our archives and digitized a show we’ve had a lot of requests to publish online:

Part 1 > A Sept. 2003 in-studio guest mix from BMG (Ectomorph / Dirty Criminals / Interdimensional Transmissions), who drops a genre-spanning and very fresh Ableton Live DJ set… mixing roots and influences along side modern elektronik sounds. This is most definitely one for the heads.

Part 2 > Matt interviews Brendan (never shy in the words dept.) as they banter on about past influences, from Detroit to Ann Arbor to NYC to Berlin sounds and beyond, the power of radio for the underground, and future thoughts on global electronic dance music. Lasts about a half hour as Dave Siska lays the backbeats… enjoy and don’t take it too seriously.. we didn’t 😉

Part 1 > BMG laptop DJ tracklist

B-52’s \”Mesopotamia\”
Trevor Jackson \”Pink Lunch\”
Savas Pascadilas
No Doubt
Bohannon \”Lets Start the Dance\” edit
Marvin Gaye \”A Funky Space Reincarnation\”
Gherkin Jerks \”Din Sync\” Larry Heard
K Alexi \”My Medusa\” Mayday MLK Mix
Rinder & Lewis \”Gluttony\” Moxie edit
Ectomorph \”XXX\”
KDJ 30 (prince intervied by mojo)
Rhythm & Sound \”Mango Drive\” cover
Prince \”Controversy\” bmg live \”wish we all were nude\” rmx
Prince \”Irrestible Bitch\”
DBX \”Baby Judy\”
Cultural Vibe \”Mfumbe\”
Adonis \”No Way Back\”
Velodrome \”Capataz\” Dr Attaman Bonus Beats Magic Mix
Rinder & Lewis \”Anger\”
Mu \”Let’s get Sick\”
Mike Dunn \”Personal Problem\”
Le Tigre \”Decepticon\” DFA RMX bmg edit
Dinosaur L \”#5 (go bang)\” original lp mix
Loose Joints \”Is it all over my face\” bmg edit
Soft Pink Truth \”Soft Pink MIssy\”
Flexitone \”Moist\”
Matt Dear \”Reae\”
Jodeci \”Freek’n You\” MK Dub
IT 3
Outkast \”Way You Move\”
IT 1
JJ Fad \”Supersonic\”
Cybotron \”Cosmic Cars\”
Detroit Grand Pu Bahs \”Platicine Gene\” Ectomorph Version
Vanity 6 \”Make Up\”
Wee Papa Girls \”We Know It\” K. Saunderson Mix
Aphex \”Window Licker\” acid demo
Evian \”Techno City\”
Spacelings & Bassheads \”No Dust\”
Paris & Gillespie aka Mental Machine \”Love Camera\” unreleased
I-f \”Secret Desire\”


3 Responses to “12 Sept 2003 Rebroadcast – BMG Laptop DJ Set & Interview”

  1. 1 avondale August 6, 2008 at 10:02 pm

    any chance of a re-up of this mix?

  2. 2 macqueen August 10, 2008 at 2:39 am

    ahh yes, i think this is a good one for the ‘From the Vault’ page, i’ll drop you a note if we add it there. cheers

  3. 3 MJ January 11, 2010 at 9:34 am

    Please let me know also. This set has always been in the back of my mind, ever since I listened to the radio show. Can’t believe it’s almost 6 years later and I hear the bbzzzy of the b-52’s opener.

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