Part 2: Right-click to download (66 min 128k MP3 = 61mb)

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen : not recorded

Jeff Mills – Entrance to… – Metropolis (Axis)
Jeff Mills – Perfecture – Metropolis (Axis)
Jeff Mills – Blueprints – Metropolis (Axis)
Anthony Shakir – Spectre – What, Me Worry? (Seventh City)
Nii Amon – The Song I Forgot To Make – This is Your Machine (Hairy Claw)
Aroy Dee – Glow (M>O>S)
Santos – Work The Box – vocal (Trax)
Adonis – The Poke [Your Turn To Work Me mix] (DJ International)
Lil’ Louis – Frequency – vocal (Dance Mania)
Jersey Devil Social Club – Magnifique – vocal (Environ)
Patrick Cowley – Mind Warp (Megatone)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

two of a kind – happiness [dub] (housetime) 1987
theorem – os (plus 8)
schatrax – you don’t act the same (schatrax)
paperclip people – remake [basic reshape] (planet e)
metric system – studio 440 (trope)
series 7 – b2 (evolution)
arctic hospital – frost castings – terminal 01 (narita)
rainfield – (un)respire – the climb ep (chair)
the godson – magic water – soul edge ep pt. 2 (still music)
infiniti – moonbeam (tresor)
mauler – pgm 200 (shield)
rod modell – hexcraft (deepchord)
di_indicator – catwalk baby – 6tro ep (ungleich)

Micro tag team 1 + 1 > Matt vs. Dave

Vince Watson – Lost Episodes – Lost Episodes EP (HeadSpace)
m>o>s feat. aroy dee – utility #2 (rush hour)
Terry Brookes – Teknology (NWAQ)
detroit escalator co. – faith [as rain] (detroit escalator co)
Model 500 – Sonic Sunset [Calm mix] (R&S)

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