Distant Planet

Part 1: Right-click to download (68min 128k MP3 = 66mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (79min 128k MP3 = 72mb)

Part 1 > New discojack techno from $tinkworx kicks to the future/past vein, to Herbie Hancock in a dancefloor moment plus synthy boogie from Fatback draws us into Prince’s raw funk classic Let’s Work.. so let’s work on some raw electronic disco before we get Berlin and Detroit get stuck in an underwater diving bell, with only a Jamaican reverb unit to keep them company. Plus Metro Area’s b-side of flute dub deepness.

Part 2 > heavy kicks and detroit strings flow first, featuring new music from ross 154 on a 12\” that blends the raw sound of chicago’s late 80s house and the coolness of classic dutch techno. chicago’s steve tang provides the dutch-sounding atmospheric transition into electro, from the sci-fi sounds of carl finlow as il.ek.tro to the tripped out ‘nine’ from rac. spacious nighttime techno from monolake and kenny larkin takes us into saturday.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

$tinkworx – All Night Long – Ain’t-Chit History (Delsin)
Herbie Hancock – Ready Or Not (Columbia) 1979
Fatback – Kool Whip (Spring) 1981
Prince – Let’s Work [Extended Dance Remix] (Warner) 1982
Skatt Brothers – Walk The Night [Ara Simonian rmx] (Jasper)
The Flirts – Passion [Special Import rmx] (O Records) 1982
Black Devil Disco Club – A1 (Rephlex test)
Round Three feat. Tikiman – Acting Crazy [Club Vocal] (Main Street)
Bluetrain – Tighten Up [Special Edition dub] (Mosaic)
Model 500 – Starlight – Moritz Mix (Metroplex)
Paul St. Hilaire & Rene Lowe – Faith [Vox] (False Tuned)
Mr. Fingers – Distant Planet (Trax)
Metro Area – Evidence – 3 (Environ)
Magick Edit Allstars – Shades of Who? (Magick Edit)
Nii-Amon – The Song I Forgot To Make – This Is Your Machine (Hairy Claw)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

eerik & arvid – exformation (raw fusion)
aardvarck – cult copy mix 2 (rush hour)
dan curtin – incubate – redcrash ep (raygun)
clever & smart – filtadelic (lo-fi stereo)
ross 154 – until my heart stops… (m>o>s)
quadrant – dytiq – global technological innovations – unreleased 1 (new electronica)
steve tang – the quest – travelling down a different avenue (emphasis)
ro 70 meets move d – a1 (source)
il.ek.tro – nodes (klang elektronik)
claro intelecto – peace of mind (electrosoul) (Ai)
rac – nine – double-jointed ep (warp)
redshift – starbase – starbase ep (surface effect)
tim hecker – ghost writing – haunt me haunt me do it again (substractif)
monolake – cyan i (chain reaction)
dark comedy – solace – seven days (elypsia)
maps & diagrams – rhythm tumbler – glaciarc ep (tundra music)


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