Tighten Up

Part 1: Right-click to download (68min 128k MP3 = 66mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (79min 128k MP3 = 72mb)

Part 1: Hip-hop from Shake, downtempo from Moodymann, a lost soul dusty from D.J. Rogers, and some Arthur Russell oblique disco and deep italodisco by Asso get it started. Moving into minimal 303 from K-Alexi and one of DBX’s finest bleepy house trax, freakout electodisco from Daniel Wang and an Archie Bell cover via vocoder by YMO?! New cuts round it out by Detroit’s Kenny Larkin, UK’s Kirk Degiorgio, and subwoofer decay deepness from JS-01.

Part 2: a chicago-to-berlin connection starts us off in the mid 90s, and we forge several years earlier into bleepier cuts, including the eerie first release on the dutch eevo lute imprint. new music from u.s. producer gys (think monolake) darkens the picture, followed by a sampling of artificial intelligence sounds from the likes of stasis (under his various monikers), cim, and b12 with a haunting piece as cmetric..

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Anthony Shakir – Slippin’ In – New Horizons (Seventh City)
Moodymann – The Thief That Stole My Sad Days (KDJ)
D.J. Rogers – Will You Remember Me – Trust Me (ARC) 1979
Asso – Don’t Stop (Ace) 1983
Michelle Wallace – Rhythm (Emergency) 1982
Loose Joints – Pop Your Funk (Soul Jazz)
Nouveasux Nation – It’s Just A Dream [Dub mix] (House Jam)
K Alexi – Vertigo (Transmat) 1989
DBX – Flying Saucer (Accelerate)
Daniel Wang – Disco Delay – Mood Mylar (Balihu)
YMO – Tighten Up [Special Extended Mix] (A&M) 1980
DJ Flint – Get A Job – I Owe Some People Money (Dance Mania)
Virgo Four – In A Vision (Trax) 1989
New Order – Everything’s Gone Green (Factory) 1981
Kirk Degiorgio – Idiom – EP3 (New Religion)
Kenny Larkin – Let Me Think (Peacefrog)
Rick Wilhite – Ruby Nights [Gilb-r Solo Flight remix] – Detroit Beatdown Remixes i:i (Third Ear)
JS – 01

Part 2 > Dave Siska

round one – i’m your brother [chicago’s twisted mix] (main street)
tuff little unit – master plan (warp)
constant ritual – hard way to come – preview (network)
the gherkin jerks – don’t diss the beat (alleviated)
florence – a touch of heaven – u.s. heritage (eevo lute)
farben – i.q./tell (klang)
gys – glo – subset_echo (zer0 g sounds)
rod modell – lama temple (deepchord)
theo parrish – saga of resistance (kindred spirits)
paul w. teebrooke – a face at the window – (peacefrog)
cim – shift – service pak (delsin)
phenonyna – got the urge (explained by stasis) – (a.r.t.)
cmetric – tribeca (b12)
alex cortex – b2 – laconic (source)
phenomyna – black rain – stasis past movements (peacefrog)


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