Somehow, Someway

Part 1: Right-click to download (76min 128k MP3 = 70mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (64min 128k MP3 = 60mb)

Part 1 > Mixing Italo and Chicago grooves old and new, from Jamie Principle and Mr. Fingers to Claro Intelecto’s new take on the city that jjjack built. Brand new tracks from amazing Raiders of The Lost ARP 2xLP, fusing italo, techno and deep funk sounds that only the Nature/Pigna camp in Rome can do so well. Also new deep spooky groover from Selway and reissued KDJ gems (track built from samples of Mojo interviewing Prince in Detroit!)

Part 2 > Inspired by the thick fog laying over the city that night, downshift to a dubbed out and laid back set of electronic listening expansions from the likes of Pub, Maus & Stolle and Theorem. Ideal for one of those long spooky drives, or when you need an hour in a salt tank to just dec o m p r e s s.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Ecstasy Club – Acid Chant – Jesus Loves The Acid (Swordfish) 1988
Selway – untitled A – 8 (CSM)
Daniel Wang – NYTK [1978 mix] – Crystal Plastique (Balihu)
Raiders Of The Lost Arp – Bridge – 4 (Nature)
Azoto – Anytime Or Place (Modulation) 1980
Plastic Mode – Baja Imperial (Disco Magic) 1985
Magick Edit All Stars – More Space To The Bass (Magick Edit)
Dinosaur L – Go Bang! – The World of Arthur Russell (Soul Jazz)
M.D.M.C. – How About It [Electro Mix] (High Fashion) 1983
Jamie Principle – Your Love [Club Mix] (Persona) 1986
Visual – Somehow, Someway [Dub] (Ram’s Horn) 1985
Claro Intelecto – Chicago – Section EP (Ai)
Mr. Fingers – Stars – Classic Fingers (La Casa)
Raiders Of The Lost Arp – On and On – 4 (Nature)
Antidis – Star You Star Me (Mood Music)
untitled – J.A.N.
untitled A2 (KDJ 16)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

aphex twin – tha – selected ambient works 85-92 (r&s)
el mal – laguna loon (ifach)
miles tilmann – the big swim (toytronic)
gys – pike – art d echo (component/zero g sounds)
maus & stolle – sparks (klang)
octal – nucleus | bata (mosaic)
theorem – cinder (th)
pub – film (ampoule)
tim hecker – ghost writing – haunt me, haunt me do it again (substractif)
autechre – nil – amber lp (warp)
tim jackiw – form – glaciarc ep (tundra music)


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