w/ Special Guest Zach Lubin

Part 1: Right-click to download (76min 128k MP3 = 69mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (81min 128k MP3 = 74mb)

Zach, Part 1 > We are VERY proud to host a live in-studio DJ set by Chicago’s own ‘Smoothtrack’ Zach Lubin. He has brought his quickmix \”hands on\” DJ style to Holland, Spain and Belgium to DJ alongside all-stars like Claude Young, Richie Hawtin, The Advent and Laurent Garnier. Hear Zach go nuts in a Mayday style cut-n-scratch mix of some house/disco/jackin’ favorites for a fun as hell party-style set. Quick cuts, drop-ins and rocking doubles are his specialty — hold on tight!

Matt, Part 2 > If you like your electro Detroit-style with 808’s, cowbells and deep ominous strings, go underwater for a dive with a tank full of Drexicyan and UR ionized particles, also exploring synthetic aqualife by Duplex, Electronome (I-f’s early work) and Dynarec… Slip into brand new music from Glasgow’s Iridite records and a deep Juan Atkins groove on New Religion.

Part 1 > ‘Smoothtrack’ Zach Lubin | ZacharyLubin.com for info/booking

Willie Hutch – brothas gonna work it out- The Mack (Motown) 1973
Steve Poindexter – The Rhythm – Short Circuit (Housetime) 1989
Zachary Lubin – Warehouse Jams (promo) – (Engineer)
Todd Terry – Don’t Get Carried Away – The Unreleased Project (TNT)
Todd Terry – TNT Theme – The Unreleased Project
Patrick Adams – Disco Juice (P&P) 1976
Moodymann – Don’t You Want My Love [Long Mix] (Peacefrog)
Brother of Soul – Be Right There – Music (Guidance)
Dada Nada – Haunted House [Mike \”Hitman\” Wilson remix] (Voice) 1988
Kasso – One More Round [Frankie Knuckles 86 House Mix] (Haristol) 1986
Tropical Underworld – Citric – The Rainbow EP (Definitive)
Gemini – X – On The North Star with Gemini (Peacefrog)
Losoul – Discover – Don Disco de Super Bleep (Playhouse)
Earth People – Dance [Club Mix] (Under World)
Reese – Rock To The Beat [Mayday Mix] (KMS) 1989
Sylvester – I Need You (Re Edit) – (Coko)
Louis Bell – If You Can Dance – Can You Feel What I Feel Vol 2 (Relief)
House of Gypsies – Le Megamix – Gypsyland (Freeze)
Royal House – Can U Party – (Idlers) 1988
Parris Mitchell – Computer – The Track Stars (Dance Mania)
Chico \”Jump\” Slamm – Feelfree – Slamm Project (Cajual)
Adonis – No Way Back (Trax) 1986
The Infinity Collection – Moon Beam (Tresor)
Jungle Crew – Elektric Dance (Elektro Sounds) 1989
Stacey Kidd – Give It To Me – 15213 N Loomis (Dance Mania)
The Todd Terry Project – Jumpin – Unreleased Project Pt. 4 (TNT)
K Alexi – Medusa – The Classic K (Trax)
Metro Area – Caught Up (Environ)

Part 2 > Matt MacQueen

Utroid Machine Missions – ? – Black Hole EP (U-Trax)
Electronome – Bass Commander – Music Telex (Viewlexx)
The Advent – Audio Illusion – Interference EP (Internal)
Dynarec – The Lost Souls – Lost Souls EP (Delsin)
Unknown DJ – Basstronic (Techno Kut) 1988
Drexciya – Bubble Metropolis – Drexciya 2 (Underground Resistance)
UR – Lunar Rhythms – Soundsculptures EP (SID)
Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Journey of the Dragons (Underground Resistance)
Dark Energy – Black Strategy – Hidden In Plain Sight EP (Underground Resistance)
Electronome – ? – No Landscape (Interr-Ference Records)
Drexciya – Antivapor Waves – 3: Molecular Ehnamcement (Rephlex)
Drexciya – Hydro Cubes – 3: Molecular Enhancement (Rephlex)
Drexciya – Aquatic Bata Particles – 3: Molecular Ehnamcement (Rephlex)
The Martian – 808 [Surface Temperature Mix] – Sex In Zero Gravity (Red Planet)
Acid Jesus – Ultraviolet – Radiation EP (Klang)
Methodology – Wake Up America – Electron Music EP (Iridite)
Duplex – Motion Blur – EP 5 (Clone)
Quant – Slide – Quantical Quantasam (Dot)
Psyche – From Beyond (Transmat)
Shake – Live For Friction – Iconoclastic Diaries (Frictional)
Model 500 – Track Ten (New Religion)
Speedy J – Rise (Plus 8)


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