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Rocket Deep

This was going to be part 2 of the last mix, but the last mix ended up pretty long on its own.  This one’s a little faster in tempo, throwing back some industrial and some mid-90s sci-fi cuts I’ve been wanting to play.  Check the new Chicago sounds from Steve Tang and UNLTD / Israel Vines (all of whom we’ve been lucky to have on Sonic Sunset in the past), plus killer broken-up sounds from Shed and Andrea.  -David

Right-click to download (68 min, 94 mb)

Shed – Atmo Action – The Traveller (Ostgut Ton) 2010
Andrea – Got To Forget (Daphne) 2010
BFC – Galaxy (Fragile) 1990
Liaisons Dangereuses – Peut Etre Pas… (Roadrunner) 1982
Anne Clark – Our Darkness [Remix] (Ink) 1984
Auto Bahn – Do You Like This Beat [London Calling Mix] (Fierce) 1986
Legowelt – Ricky Ramjet – Pimpshifter (Bunker) 2000
Steven Tang – Rocket Deep – The Verged Sessions (Aesthetic Audio) 2010
DJ Skull – Don’t Stop the Beat – Stomping Grounds (Djax-Up-Beats) 1993
Morph – Our Future (Pt. 1) (Synewave) 1994
Russ Gabriel – Mindseeker – Digilogic Synthesis (Force Inc) 1994
Instra:Mental – Futurist (NakedLunch) 2009
Gas – Klang – Modern (Profan) 1995
Conforce – Sonar Conversations – Machine Conspiracy (Meanwhile.) 2010
UNLTD / Israel Vines – Reclaim – Distance No Object (Borrowed Language) 2011
Mordant Music – Olde Wobbly (Mordant Music) 2008
Rhythm & Sound w/ Tikiman – Music A Fe Rule Part 1 (Rhythm & Sound) 1997


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