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Belle Isle Daze

Belle Isle Daze

Hi so it’s been far too long, I hope this helps make up for an extended absence.  A sprawling mix of soul, deep space techno, house and abstract funk. From Detroit to Chicago, UK to NYC and beyond the clouds, won’t you come visit trip city?  -Matt

Right-click to download (98 min, 211 mb)

Theme from Sonic Sunset
Mtume – Theme for the People – Kiss This World Goodbye (Epic) 1978
Marc Alphonse w/ Recloose – Contentment in Humidity – Sampler One (Omoa) 2001
The Lyman Woodward Organization – Belle Isle Daze – Saturday Night Special (Strata) 1975
Esther Phillips – Home Is Where The Hatred Is – From a Whisper to a Scream (Kudu) 1971
2000F & J Kamata – You Don’t Know What Love Is (Hyperdub) 2009
A Guy Called Gerald – Trip City (Avernus) 1989
Blackbelt Anderson – Sandoz [Blackbelt Andersen Remix]- Alfaz De Pi (Full Pupp) 2006
Annie – Chewing Gum [Headman Dub] – (679 Recordings) 2004
Loose Ends – Emergency Dial 999 [Dub mix] – Magic Touch (Virgin) 1985
Bas Noir – I’m Glad You Came To Me [Dub mix] – (Nu Groove) 1989
Schatrax – Mispent Years (Schatrax) 1998
Ron Trent, Joshua, Abacus, Chez Damier – B2 – Foot Therapy EP (Prescription) 1995
Basic Channel – untitled – Q1.1 (Basic Channel) 1993
Morganistic – Let It Go – Fluids Amniotic (Input Neuron Musique) 1994
Balil – Nort Route – A.R.T. Compilation (Planet E) 1992
Model 500 – Ocean To Ocean [Vocal mix] (Transmat) 1990
San Serac – Music Never Ends [M’s Music Mix] – Music Never Ends (Environ) 2009
Bottin – No Static (Italian’s Do It Better) 2009
T.C. Curtis – Should Have Known Better [Dub mix] – (Hot Melt) 1985
Glass Candy – Animal Imagination [Soft Boundaries] – Geto Boys (Italians Do It Better) 2009
Ozo – Anambra (DJM Records) 1976


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