Outerspace Obsessive

Part 1: Right-click to download (76 min = 70 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (79 min = 73 mb)

dave sets out on his own tonight for some flashbacks on the surreal edge for part 1, and a chicago-initiated groove in part 2. m|a|r|r|s b-side action with the anitina remix, a future sound of london project, and ethereal electronics from slowdive make for a hazy introduction. shawn rudiman’s bright melodic loops and newly pressed 1992 productions from mika vainio anchor the second half of the show.

Part 1 >

m|a|r|r|s – anitina [remix] (4ad)
fad gadget – 4m – unaltered (mute)
di_indicator – lovesongs for electronic devices (ungleich)
amorphous androgynous – fat cat – tales of ephedrina (astralwerks)
velocette – time & space – clockworks ep (reflective)
pub – this can’t be happening – do you ever regret pantomime (ampoule)
soulstone – untitled (gadgets)
slowdive – missing you – souvlaki (creation/sbk)
theo parrish – lost angel (music is…)
morgan geist – jersey chica – moves (environ)
ramjac corporation – analogue city (irdial)
tim hecker – azure azure – radio amor (mille plateaux)
deadbeat – something borrowed, something blue (~scape)
miles tilmann – through the tubes (toytronic)
aphex twin – gwely mernans – drukqs (warp)

Part 2 >

d.h.s. – the house of god [unholy version] (x-energy)
ralphi rosario – you used to hold me [bonus beats] (hotmix 5)
gene hunt – living in a land (housetime)
shawn rudiman – sundays always there – synthesexual (technoir)
rhythim is rhythim – feel surreal (transmat)
keith kemp – stuck in a web – robo motown ep (ferrispark)
mr james barth & a.d. – above the skyline – knockin boots vol 1 (svek)
paul mac – outerspace obsessive (fracture)
vince watson – signals – lost episodes ep (headspace)
bochum welt – program 3 – program 11 (elypsia)
plaid – tak 3 – double figure (warp)
gescom – five (skam)
mike parker – substratum [foundation mix] (orange groove)
Ôø? – helium – eeteri ep (sahko)
coordinates – in cycles – magnetics (sub_static)
newworldaquarium – monkey world – the electric institute (art/new religion)
aquasky – april – concrete boom (reinforced)
octaves/tremolos – spike (plus 8)
seofon – locatha – process ep (invisible)
leo anibaldi – fusion 2 (acv)


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