Lip Service w/ guest DJ Teep

Part 1: Right-click to download (82 min = 76 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (75 min = 70 mb)

Part 1 > Guest mix by DJ Teep – an old friend and original crew member from the legendary \”Beyond the QE2\” radio show in Boston, broadcasting underground sounds 11 years strong on Saturday nights. The clever bastard turns in a concept mix of ALL vocal tracks from different styles, from lo-fi house to italo-style new electro, classic techno and back – and lets the records do the talking. For more Teep hott-mixx action check out his thang.

Part 2 > a stroll along the house music seashore takes a left turn into the undertow for some some beatless electronics and back out into the sunrise on the techno side. it’s chicago anchoring the trip, with a couple of tastes of the deep-ended prescription sound, along with a touch of detroit from dan bell, and recent new-old sounds from aroy dee. relaxation sets in with 13 minutes of new scattered rhythms under smooth chords from finland’s vladislav delay, and heiko laux takes us back above the surface.

Part 1 > Guest mix by DJ Teep

Pitch Black City – Runaway [Featuring Roberta Sweed] (Mahogani Music)
Flying Bodies – Electrified (Kommando 6)
Theo Parrish – Smile (Music Is)
Nancy Fortune – First Operation (Viewlexx)
Amplified Orchestra vs. Dexter – Getting It [2 Brownies & A Baseline Remix] – (Clone)
Marco Passarani – I House U (Peacefrog)
Marco Passarani – Criticize (Original Version) [Featuring Orlando Occhio] (Peacefrog)
The Parallax Corporation – Crocodiles In The Sky [Featuring Nancy Fortune & M. Large] (Viewlexx)
Red White Rose – No One Puts Baby In The Corner (Creme Organization)
Nµwalker – Can U Hear Me? [Featuring Ken Cesar] (Cheap)
Florence – The Vineyard [Featuring Rodine] (Eevo Lute Muzique)
Beta Evers – Don’t Be Afraid (Kommando 6)
Model 500 – Pick Up The Flow (Metroplex)
I Satellite – Bubbleboy (We Rock Like Crazy)
Perspects – The Accumulators (Interdimensional Transmission)
Rude 66 – Overkill [Original Mix] (Viewlexx)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

aphrodisiac – song to the siren (nu groove)
quest – mind games (sound pak)
gino soccio – it’s alright (atlantic)
the juan maclean – every little thing [dub] (dfa)
kb project – nothing can stop you (elevate)
foot therapy (prescription)
cartel productions – work 9-5 (reel disc)
chez n trent – the choice [witch doctor mix] (kms)
aroy dee – shifts (m>o>s)
orbital – chime (ohzone)
alex cortex – c1 – inwards (ann aimee)
benjamin brunn – thank you voxx – de-escalate (binemusic)
vladislav delay – the third quarter – the four quarters (huume)
heiko laux – moving between lines – ornaments (kanzleramt)
link + e621 – antacid (warp)
redshift – starbase – starbase ep (surface effect)


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