The Pace

Part 1: Right-click to download (76 min = 70 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (68 min = 63 mb)

Part 1> dave moves from pensive downtempo to dub techno, and with losoul in town for a gig, we take a look at some of those classic playhouse cuts.

Part 2> zachary lubin steps in midway through the first half of the show to drop a lush detroit-focused set, with great nods to chicago in the mix.

Part 1 > Dave Siska

urban tribe – decades of silicon – the collapse of modern culture (mo wax)
urban tribe – nebula – the collapse of modern culture (mo wax)
ezekiel honig & morgan packard – balm – early morning migration (microcosm music)
remote_ – permafrost (meanwhile)
yagya – snowflake #5 – rhythm of snow (force inc)
anders ilar – gramineous glow – treasure gardens ep (echocord)
matt thibideau – surface 2 – surface ep (chair)
losoul – sunbeams and the rain – belong (playhouse)
losoul – late chick (playhouse)
losoul – open door (playhouse)
losoul – brother in love (playhouse)
losoul feat malte – lies (playhouse)
scrappy – freeze [limelight mix] (zap)

Part 2 > Zachary Lubin – 6277/Axis – Chicago

marco carola- detail (design)
braincell (skull/lekebusch/bryant/hunt) – peterson session (harthouse)
technasia – sound of k [soft mix] (f communications)
los hermanos – son dos (los hermanos)
recloose – soul clap 2000 – spelunking (planet e)
alternations – dance (freeze)
69 – filter king/no highs – sound on sound (planet e)
purpose maker – power – jet set (purpose maker)
richard bartz – subway ep (kanzleramt)
silent phase – body rock – the theory of silent phase (transmat)
g-flame – deeper youth (alpha)
inner city – ahnonghay [carl craig mix] (network)
kenny larkin – plankton (art of dance)
zachary lubin – introduction to algorithms – controllability (6277/axis)
adonis – no way back (trax)
circulation- sincerely [creation mix] (balance)
circulation- emotions unknown [++ force mix] (balance)
crustation – flame [mood II swing dub mix] (jive)
h&m – 88 (axis)
luke slater’s 7th plain – it’s sandra’s favourite – my yellow wise rug (gpr)
planetary assault systems – the parting (peacefrog)
jeff mills – six malfunctions (axis)
robert hood – the pace (axis)
pacou – sound:structure (speaker attack)
rino cerrone – crash and burn (unrilis)
leo anibaldi – fusion 2 (acv)


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