Demon Days mix by Carl Craig

Part 1: Right-click to download (65 min = 59 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (41 min = 39 mb)

Part 1 > A mix by Carl Craig for November 2005 radio broadcast, the Chicago Demon Days crew asked us to air it on our show. So of course we soaked the city with heat on a cold Friday night. An official Planet E selection.

Part 2 > A shorter, unmixed set by Matt on the new track appreciation tip. Just released brilliant nocturnal melodies from Kelley Polar from his solo CD produced by Morgan Geist. New techno with classic Detroit appeal from Ian O’Brien and Kirk Degiorgio – as Super-A-Loof – from the new A.R.T. \”Electric Institute\” compilation, and deep space funk from Future Beat Alliance.

Part 1: Carl Craig’s Demon Days Nov. 2005 mix

No tracklist.

Part 2: Matt’s short-n-sweet

Kelley Polar – Cosmological Constancy – Love Songs of the Hanging Gardens (Environ)
Diplo – Way More – Florida (Big Dada)
Janerio Jaeril – N.A.S.A. – Three Piece Puzzle (Kindred Spirits)
Future Beat Alliance – Personnal Data – Hot Shots (Versatile)
Super-A-Loof – Night On The Promenade – The Electric Institute (A.R.T. / New Religion)
Kelley Polar – Black Hole – Love Songs of the Hanging Gardens (Environ)
Piece – Free Your Mind [Past] (Planet E)
Susumu Yotoka – Gekkoh – Sakura (Leaf)


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