Life On Mars

Part 1: Right-click to download (71 min = 65 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (73 min = 67 mb)

Part 1: Deeper crate diggin this week, back to some proper soul and spaced out jazz-funk, tracing it’s way to early-era house. New, forthcoming music on Unclassics: a beautifully sublime dub mix by Morgan Geist of an old discovery by Victor, he distills italo down to its irrestible beats and melodies that recall the deep, warm grooves of classic Chicago house.

Part 2: a slow, lush wash from chicago’s damon lamar (baby pop) fades into more dsp-ed action from adam johnson, then into downbeat electronics, including classic sci-fi autechre. then we go midtempo with new chugging bass-heavy waves from arctic hospital, and some old school chicago business in the mix, ending with some faster-moving dark melodics from the uk, detroit, and nyc.

Part 1> Matt MacQueen

Leon Thomas – China Doll – Blues & The Soulful Truth (Flying Dutchman)
Donny Hathaway – The Slums – Extension of a Man (Atco)
Bobby Womack – Woman’s Gotta Have It (UA)
Gato Barbieri – Los Desperados – Caliente (A&M)
Dexter Wansel – Life on Mars (Philadeliphia)
Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes – Expansions – Expansions (Flying Dutchman)
The Detroit Experiment – Midnight at Twenty Grand (Planet E)
Steve Arrington – I Feel So Real [Extended] (Atlantic)
Kinky Foxy – So Different (Hot)
Virgo – Go Wild Rhythm Trax (Other Side)
Master C&J – Face It [Club] (State St.)
Victor – Go On Do It [Morgan Geist Breakfast Club Dub] (Unclassics)
Virgo 4 – Do You Know Who You Are (Trax)
Metro Area – Things Fall – 6 (Environ)

Part 2> David Siska

damon lamar – rising sun (tetrode)
adam johnson – kungpow – pressure point ep (parotic)
farben – alpin (formatted) (klang)
alex cortex – a2 – ctrl ep (ann aimee)
autechre – kalpol introl – incunabula (warp)
sunrise society – astral travel (pacific)
the stripper – after dark (pal sl)
murcof – ulysses [fax rmx] (leaf)
arctic hospital – cold wrapper – infirm and attentive (narita)
series 7 – a1 (evolution)
chip e – jack for daze [dub] (underground)
da posse – strings [fingers mix] (future)
scan-7 – system work (underground resistance)
solcyc – off the man (ifach)
deepart – picture #1 – collage #1 (rushhour)
dark comedy – inaroom – seven days (elypsia)
jeff mills – absolutespecial (axis)
damon wild – downtown world pt 1 (kanzleramt)


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