Guest DJ Patrick Russell, Detroit

Part 1: Right-click to download (55 min 128k MP3 = 50mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (70 min 128k MP3 = 64mb)

part 1 > EZ warm-up set welcoming Danny Wang to Chicago for a DJ gig, lush warm electronix done only the way he can. ‘Misty’ is the old jazz standard performed on Theramin! (sorry guys…) plus ultra-deep house abstraction from Further Details. Chicago’s own Common Factor shows us how to Get Down, and an early celestial funk track from UK’s Space DJz.

part 2 > I am EXTRA jacked to welcome an old Michigan friend Patrick ‘Hustle’ Russell from Detroit (Record Time / Mentalux), who has earnestly DJ’d everything from Lansing warehouse parties to DEMF 2001. Patrick always digs deep into his bottomless crates to deliver an expansive set for the real heads. Top shelf selections, always programmed from the heart.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Daniel Wang – Free Lovin’ (Housedream) – The Morning Kids (Balihu)
Daniel Wang – Let’s Go To Mars – Subtle Shuttle (Balihu)
Daniel Wang – Misty – Idealism (Environ)
Furthur Details – Can’t Go Early – Volume Two (A Touch of Class)
Common Factor – Get Down – Expanded (Planet e)
3 Chairs – Dreamz – 3 (3 Chairs)
Space DJz – Celestial Funk – On Manoeuvres In Uncharted Territories (infonet)
Jeanette Thomas – Shake Your Body – Chicago Boogie vol. 3 (Eskimo / Rush Hour)
House Gang – Cool J Trax – Hittrax II (I.H.R.) 1988
Kenny \”Jammin\” Jason – Jam Track – Jam Tracks (DJ International) 1985
Yellow House – Jack My Body [Beated by Farley] (Dance Mania) 1987

Part 2 > Patrick Russell (Record Time / Mentalux, Detroit)

new york citi peech boys – life is something special (accapella) – island
franck roger – mambo – brs
alexander robotnik – dance boy dance – mental groove
wet – that’s the game – std
velodrome – capataz – news
catacombus – catacombus – stilleben
omar s – oasis collaboration #1 – white
electric funk – on a journey – prelude
theo parrish – ugly edit #6 – white
black devil – timing forget the timing – rephlex
mayday – freestyle – pheerce citi
severed heads – dead eyes opened (remix three) – nettwerk
fingers inc – i’m strong (track) – jack trax
fingers inc – i’m strong (bonus beats) – alleviated
joe r lewis – sometimes i – target
mix your own stars – track three – break
macho – i’m a man – prelude
a certain ratio – knife slits water – soul jazz
flying lizards – steam away –
joe r lewis – change reaction (headache mix) – target
mixx/blood/camero – psychotic house – saber
rinder/lewis – gluttony – avi
severed heads – petrol (remix five) – nettwerk
glass domain – interlock – clone
grant – dance – precision


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