Morning Factory

Part 1: Right-click to download (79min 128k MP3 = 73mb)

Part 1 > dave holds it down solo this week, with a housier start and a small sampling of dave angel (marking his return to chicago on the night) to finish off. a less-heard yello cut and versatile’s joakim re-editing (moreso than re-mixing) an early severed heads song are highlights on the path.

Part 1 > Dave Siska

aroy dee – goddess (m>o>s)
no smoke – koro koro – warp influences (warp)
yello – no more words (stiff) 1983
the grand lodge of luxor – morning factory (prescription)
cobblestone jazz – the fifth element (itiswhatitis)
claro intelecto – chicago (ai)
paperclip people – the climax (dobre & jamez dub) (open)
quadrant dub ii (basic channel)
arovane – seaside – tides (city centre offices)
gescom – keynell (skam)
maps & diagrams – flanel – glaciarc ep (tundra music)
redcell – practopia (b12/art)
severed heads – dead eyes opened – bulkhead (nettwerk) 1984
severed heads – dead eyes opened [joakim edit] (kill the dj)
silicon scally – informatics – the silent years (satamile)
luke slater – dreams of children – x-tront vol 2 (peacefrog)
dave angel – 3rd symphony – new orchestrations (fnac)
dave angel – brother from jazz – the family ep (apollo)
dave angel – arrival – in-flight entertainment (blunted vinyl)
sound enforcer – re-enforcement ii (rising high)


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