Post-Detroit Movement ’04 Festival

Part 1: Right-click to download (76min 128k MP3 = 70mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (62min 128k MP3 = 57mb)

With Dave away at Mutek this week, Matt pilots the mothership solo. Back from the Movement ’04 Festival in Detroit and stuffed with some classic and new joints from the vinyl bins of Wayne county. It’s one single mix, split in 2 files for download:

Part 1 > starts in a slow-n-low basement party groove and takes time to explore classic synth-funk and boogie styles (check: I’m Out To Catch!) into brilliant new depths from Metro Area, new ultra-synthetic disco from Carlos Hernandez on a split 12\” w/ Danny Wang, rubbery funk on an excellent Random Factor 12\”, and warm analog italo-techno from Francisco on Pigna.

Part 2 > goes on a more deliberate blue-out Detroit sound excursion, from raw 313-style loft house, to deep new Techno soul from UR, and winding down to a Rotating Assembly / Moodymann drive up Gratiot on a steamy June night. New slabs from DJ Minx, Perception, and Ferris Park too.

Part 1

Dramatics – Sun Down Is Coming (Hold Back The Night) Joy Ride (ABC) 1976
The Bar-Kays – Holy Ghost – Money Talks (Stax) 1978
Dayton – The Sound of Music – Feel The Music (Capitol) 1983
Slave – Wait For Me – Showtime (Cotillion) 1981
Leon Haywood – I’m Out To Catch [Club Version] (Casablanca) 1983
Warp 9 – Light Years Away [Dub Version] (Prisim) 1983
T.C. Curtis – You Should Have Known Better (Hot Melt) 1985
Metro Area – Proton Candy – 5 (Environ)
IRT – Watch The Closing Doors [Dub Version] (RCA) 1983
Random Factor – After The Tone – Convergence Sampler (2020 Vision)
Carlos Hernandez – Roller Giggles (Basenotic)
untitled A1 – Rong music black label (RPR 00)
Francisco – Salvation – Frenga EP (Pigna)
Floorplan – Funky Souls [Club 246 mix] (Drama)
Iz & Diz – What We Need [Satisfaction mix] – What We Need EP (Silver)

Part 2

Precession – Sandcastle [Mike Huckaby remix] (Deep Transportation)
Romanthony – Gospel Vamp – In The Mix (Azuli)
Perception – Abandoned Building in Mono (Underground Resistance)
UR – Return of the Dragons [Los Hermanos mix] (Underground Resistance)
Chez Damier – I Never Knew Love [Made In Detroit Mix] (KMS)
Seven Grand Housing Authority – Spreading Love [Instrumental Vibe] (Intangible)
A1 – Ferris Park 008 test
Reggie Dokes – Black Thoughts – The First Manifestatoin – (Psychostasia)
DJ Minx – A Walk In The Park [Minx’s On The Slide Mix] (M_nus)
James Duncan – A1 – Times Like These (Le Systeme)
The Rotating Assembly – Orchestra Hall – Natural Aspirations (Sound Signature)
Moodymann – Mahogani 9000 – Black Mahogani (Peacefrog)
Timeline/UR – The Moment – Return of the Dragons (Underground Resistance)


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