Incidental Harmony

Part 1: Right-click to download (80min 128k MP3 = 73MB)
Part 2: Right-click to download (58min 128k MP3 = 53MB)

This week new music from labels: Mahogani, Benny Blanko on Playhouse, Iridite on downLow, and killer new strange electr(ital)o by Comtron on Netherlands Black Label… with a mess o’ classic electronic boogie trax. Do you wanna dance yet? No? Then kick in the afterburners for proper techno with aces like Sean Rudiman, Kirk Degiorgio, Arne Weinberg and John Tejada. Then we ice it all down with deep moody electronics for zero gravity, featuring Bochum Welt, Gescom, and classic killer Global Communications cut, for your pleasurable re-entry… \”stay tuned\”

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

The Pointer Sisters – Pinball Number Count [DJ Food Re-edit] (Ninja Tune)
Kai Alce – M-7 (Mahogani)
Automagic – Smoking It [Nicky Siano remix] (Inspira)
Alton Miller – Shine On Me [Instrumental] (KDJ)
Subject – The Magic, The Moment [Momental mix] (Pow Wow)
Sparque – Take Some Time [Hip Hop mix] (Prelude) 1984
Mary Jane Girls – Candy Man [Instrumental] (Motown) 1983
Benny Blanko – My Life – Homestyle 4 (Playhouse)
Gallifre – \”Night Beats\” House Rhythm – Chicago Boogie Rhythm Tracks (Danica) 1987
Comtron – Bad Business – Evil System (BlackLabel)
Temper – No Favors [Dub version] (MCA) 1984
Modern Dancable Music Co. – How About It (Jumbo) 1983
Kym – Give Me The Dance [Instrumental] (Award) 1984
Channel One – Technicolor (Metroplex) 1986
Kraftwerk – Tour D’France [Francois K mix] (?)
Kirk DeGiorgio – A1 (New Religion test)
Sean Rudiman – Kings of Sleep – Chord Control EP (Technoir)
Iridite Productions – untitled – The Acceptable Face of Elitist Techno (downLow test)

Tag-Team Secret Handshake

Clark – Clip – Lofthouse (Planet E)
Zoo Brazil – Wow! – Future Chock (Kass)
A Guy Called Gerald – Escape (Rham) 1988
Arne Weinberg – From Consumption to Enslavement – Romantic Machinery (Headspace)
Paul Mac – Back and Forth [Vince Watson remix] (Primate)
Ross 154 – Kaoz (M>O>S test)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

john tejada – selling memories – selling memories (residual)
peel seamus – chatsubo – audience ep (delsin)
i:cube – fabu (versatile)
bochum welt – la nuit (slumber mix) (rephlex)
metier – body electric (coda)
gescom – dan one (skam)
iO – release – release (cheap)
global communication – incidental harmony (dedicated)
2000 and one – sunk ice – sunk ice (100% pure)


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