w/ In-studio guest Morgan Geist, Environ Records NYC

Part 2: Right-click to download (79 min 128k MP3 = 72MB)

Morgan Geist appears courtesy of Environ Records, NYC.
Sorry no archive of part 1, my Mini-Disc recorder flaked! We are as bummed as you are 😦

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen w/ selected H.O.T. mixes by MG

Morgan Geist – Jersey Chica – Moves (Environ)
Mantronix – Fresh Is The Word – The Album (Sleeping Bag) 1985
World Premiere – Share The Night (Breakdown mix) (Easy Street) 1983
Master C&J – Face It (State Street) 1987
Purple Flash – We Can Make It [Darshan Jesrani Rmx] – Unclassics #3 (Environ)
Daniel Wang – Baby Powder Dementia – The Morning Kids (Balihu)
Night Aktion – Single Girl (Let’s Dance) 1984
Expansives – Life with You (Panama)
Wet – That’s The Game (STD) 1983
Midnight Star – Midas Touch [extended vocal version] (Solar) 1986
Kelley Polar Quartet – Castrovalva – Recital EP (Environ)
Circulation – Emotions Unknown (Balance)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

karafuto – light blue ep (untitled)
theo parrish – lost angel (music is…)
nu era – 1979 – broken techno (archive)
the actors pedantry – house (ampoule)
j.m. silk – music is the key (basement key) (rams horn)
morgan geist – probs – moves ep (environ)
localfields – pico – length scales (zero g sounds)
coordinates – in cycles – magnetics (sub static)
motor – 7 (audio.nl)
paperclip people – remake (basic reshape) (planet e)
tobin 01
inigo kennedy – reducer rmx – the secondary (asymmetric)
richard bartz – a2 – subway ep (kanzleramt)
exium – untitled – expect nothing (tsunami)
drax – eurotrash – tales from the mental plane (trope)
olivier kaiser & olivier saint-denis – emphasis – square ep (f comm)
random xs – frantic formula – frantic formula (djax-up-beats)
drexciya – black sea – the journey home (warp)
robert hood – a2 – invincible (m-plant)
surgeon – midnight club tracks 1 (counterbalance)
adonis – no way back (no return part 1 – the advent) (trax uk)


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