Will We Meet Again

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Curtis Mayfield – Right On For The Darkness – Back to the World (Buddah) ’73
Recloose feat. John Crayford – Paepulsariki – The Myth Lives On: Sun Ra Dedication (Kindrid Spirits)
Deepart – Secret Meeting (by un >>> the band) – Travel 0n (#part)
The Detroit Experiment – Think Twice – The Detroit Experiment (Planet E)
Andres – Salvador de Bahia (Mahogani)
Mike ‘Agent X’ Clark – Lafayette Groove – Motown EP (Third Ear)
Sound Signature 18
Delano Smith – Feel This (Mixmode)
Just One – Will We Meet Again – U&I EP (Rush Hour)
Double Helix – Witness – Sync or Swing (Emoticon)
Andres – Express (Mahogani)
Los Hermanos – B1 – Tres (Los Hermanos)
Kaiser – Emerging from Under (Late Night Essentials)
R-Tyme – Illusion – M.I. Mix (Transmat)
Lo Rise – 21st Century Blues – Clarles Webster Dub Mix (Miso)
Moodymann – Silence In The Secret Garden (Peacefrog)
Raiders of The Lost ARP – Funk 005 (Analog Fingerprints Mix) (Pigna)
Dibaba – Facing You Slowly (Fluid Ounce)
Chateau Flight – The Rise & Fall of Babylon (Rhythmix)
Eddie ‘Flashin’ Fowlkes – Sex in Zero Gravity (Red Planet)
Kirk DeGiorgio – Undefeated – 21st Century Soul (Ubiquity)
Dave Angel – Airbourne – Carl Craig’s Drums Suck mix – Handle With Care EP (Blunted)
Paperclip People – Oscillator (Buzz)
Suburban Knight – The Art of Stalking – Stalker mix (Transmat)
DJ 3000 – Hemi – Redline EP (Motech)
Mark Broom – Funked Up – Angie Was a Shoplifter (Pure Plastic)
D. Ball – Slack (Ourtime)
Future/Past – Clinically Inclined (Planet E)
Russ Gabriel – Peace For Thought – Global Technological Innovations UK-1 (New Electronica)
Drexicya – Gravity Waves – Grava 4 (Clone)
Soul Circut – Imminent – Don’t Spoil The Tension (Sirkut)


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