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B12 Records Special – Soundtrack of Space

Part 1: Right-click to download (74 min = 86 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (78 min = 90 mb)

First an announcement: Due to big changes in our geography and lives, Sonic Sunset is no longer being broadcast live on 89.3 FM Chicago radio. We’d like to thank WNUR for giving us airtime every Friday night for damn near 10 years! This is a bittersweet but ultimately positive evolution for us. We’ll release a few of our last remaining on-air shows, and then continue to record mixes (less frequently) that we’ll put up on We discuss this live at the end of Part 1. Thanks to all of our global listeners who download, you’ve encouraged us to continue even without a local radio broadcast. Now, on with the music, 2 very special shows we think you’ll find worth the wait:

Part 1 > Explore the depths of Berlin’s Rhythm & Sound extended family of labels, focusing especially on their “Main Street” imprint – for deep house and dark, eerie detached layers of dub traces. Playing the more downtempo shades of Basic Channel sound, hear the best expression of dub and modern techno today. Fifteen years after they first pioneered it, their unique sound has proven timeless.

Part 2 > A retrospective set of London’s B12 Records. We’ve been wanting to do this show for many years, and decided no better time in space than now: “Expressions of the Future” as viewed in 1991 from B12 in London, through a lens that built on Detroit’s original foundation, but angled the sound into a unique British unknown. Michael Golding & Steve Rutter crafted this vision under numerous artist names on their B12 imprint, releasing one of the pillars of the Artificial Intelligence era, Electro Soma (primarily a collection of their early 12″s), on Warp Records. We love the 12″ philosophy they adopted, with super-limited colored vinyl among an already-limited total pressing. The records have gorgeous cutting jobs with massive etchings before and after the grooves, not unlike the look of UR/Red Planet records from that same era. B12 was a key first step for UK’s clinical twist on soulful circuitry, we dug deep to play many of their originals we had.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Phillip Charles – Deconstruction Of A New Era – Sun Ra: The Myth Lives On (Kindred Spirits)
Vainqueur – Lyot (Reshape) – (Basic Channel)
Rhythm & Sound – We Been Troddin (Burial Mix)
Rhythm & Sound – Trace (Rhythm & Sound)
Round One – I’m Your Brother [Chicago’s Twisted Mix] (Main Street)
Round Two – New Day [Club version] (Main Street)
Round Three – feat. Tikiman – Acting Crazy (Main Street)
Round Four – feat. Tikiman – Find A Way (Main Street)
Round Five – feat. Tikiman – Na Fe Throw It (Main Street)
Basic Channel – Q 1.2 (Basic Channel)
Rhythm & Sound – No Partial (Rhythm & Sound)
Basic Channel – Radiance (Basic Channel)

Part 2 > B12 Records Special: Matt & Dave Tag-team

B12 – Soundtrack of Space – Electro Soma (Warp) 1993
Cmetric – Tribeca (B12 10) 1994
2001 – Rings of Saturn – Space Age EP (B12 02) 1991
Musicology – Telefon 529 (B12 01) 1991
Redcell – Paradroid – Redcell (B12 05) 1992
Musicology – Bubbles – Outlook (B12 04) 1992
Redcell – Phett – Time Tourist (Warp) 1996
Musicology – Boundaries – Hall of Mirrors (B12 06) 1992
Redcell – Soundtrack Of A Strange Era – Retreat from Unpleasant Realities (B12 07) 1992
Redcell – Interim (B12 08 ) 1993
Musicology – Obsessed – Musicology (B12 01) 1991
Stasis – The Point of No Return – The Point of No Return (B12 11) 1993
Redcell – The City [Inhabited by Cmetric] – (A.R.T. / B12 14.1) 1995
Redcell – Practopia (A.R.T. / B12 14.2) 1995
Redcell – In Version – Virtual Sex (Buzz) 1993
Phenomyna – Travellor (Explained By Red Cell) (A.R.T. 5.1) 1994
Redcell – The Silicon Garden – Likethemes (Likemind 3) 1995


Sooner Than You Think

Part 1: Right-click to download (80 min = 74 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (79 min = 73 mb)

Part 1 > From dark city soundtracks to wild west shootouts, proto-club tracks from Manchester to the early b-boy sounds of NYC. Hang on for the long rinse, this stone skips across a bitmapped lake of electronic music polariods from 4 decades.

Part 2 > what starts as a slide into subaquatic territory ends up in an nyc house club circa 1994, chased with a darker electronic cooldown.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Vainqueur – Solanus [extracted] – Elevations (Chain Reaction)
Ash Ra Tempel – Light: Look At Your Sun – Schwingugen (Spalax)
Angelo Badalamenti – The Bookhouse Boys – Twin Peaks soundtrack (WB)
Colourbox – Looks like We’re Shy One Horse / Shoot Out – Best of 82-87 (4AD)
Big Audio Dynamite – Medicine Show – This Is (Sony)
NewOrder – Sooner Than You Think – Low-life (Quest)
Tones on Tail – Performance – Everything (Beggars UK)
Phil 7 / Jauqq – Black Dog Productions – Bytes (Warp)
Eddie Flashin Fawlkes – Pure Afro Sound – Panic In Detroit (Buzz)
Midnight Star – Midas Touch [12\” version] (Solar)
Two Sisters – High Noon, part 2 (Sugarscoop)
808 State – Magical Dream [Spirit mix] (
Paul Hardcastle – AM – Rainforest (Profile)
De La Soul – Cool Breeze on the Rocks – 3 Feet High and Rising (Tommy Boy)
Beastie Boys – 33% God – Def Before Dishonor (boot)
Mantronix – Fresh is the word – The Album (Sleeping Bag)
Luke Vibert – Liptones – YosepH (Warp)
Jonny L – I Let U – Sawtooth (XL)

Part 1 > Dave Siska

philippe cam – un salon dans le ciel [deadbeat rmx] (musique risquee)
cepia – ncoin arrange – aurora 2 (merck)
ian pooley – the times – the times (force inc)
anders ilar – organza – organza (level)
evelyn jean – chateau noir [wild pitch mix] (dig it international)
ron & chez d (kms)
danell dixon – dance dance (nite grooves)
st. germain – the first time – french traxx (fnac)
dj gregory – head dubbing (deeply rooted)
virgo four – going thru life (trax)
coil – dark river – love’s secret domain (wax trax)
pink elln – modified – the electronic dreamplant (saasfee)
greenbank – layabout – rotating the square (benbecula)
f.u.s.e. – a new day – dimension intrusion (plus 8 )
russ gabriel – agoraphobia – voltage control (input neuron)
front 242 – u-men – geography (wax trax)
alter ego – nude restaurant (harthouse)

You Used To Hold Me So Tight

Part 1: Right-click to download (78 min = 72 mb)
Part 2: Right-click to download (80 min = 73 mb)

Part 1 > Classic soul grooves from Detroit and mid-80’s boogie midtempo bump along in the night. Check Phyllis Nelson’s monster love-maker “Move Closer”, while an infamous old school boot puts Candi Staton over Jamie Principle. Seiji’s bumpin’ slant on disco and Ron Hardy inspired warehouse sounds from Marcus Mixx as the tempo takes off.

Part 2 > Snares rattle through an old-but-new Chicago ride, with softer melodic echoes right behind. Broken beats washed over with late-night rain & sunshine strings make the midpoint of the set, breaking down into heartbeat ambience and classic a.i. maneuvers. Check the latest moody jacks from Chicago’s Steve Tang, recovered late 80s delirium from Marcus Mixx (yes we like this record), and Pete Leidy’s smooth sample-based textural patchwork.

Part 1 > Matt MacQueen

Theo Parrish – Summertime Is Here (Sound Signature)
Blue Magic – The Lonliest House on the Block – Thirteen Blue Magic Lane (Atco)
Phyllis Nelson – Move Closer [12\” mix] (Carrare)
Thelma Houston – You Used To Hold Me So Tight [12\” version] (MCA)
Royalle Delite – (I’ll Be A) Freak For You [vocal] (Skyview)
Hall & Oates – I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do) – Private Eyes (RCA)
John Trulove/Candi Staton – Love/Rock EP (boot)
untitled – Underground Edits 6
Bohannon – Let’s Start The Dance – Summertime Groove (Mercury)
Seiji – Rubbish – Disco Dimensions II (Smash Hit)
Jesse Henderson – I Did It Again (Land of Hits)
Margueritas – Margherita [Hot Edit] – Unclassics (Environ)
The System – You Are In My System (Mirage)
N.O.I.A. – The Rule To Survive [Looking for Love] (25 West Records)
Francisco – Disco Way – Music Business (Pigna)
Marcus Mixx – Without Makeup [Ron Hardy Mix] (Let’s Pet Puppies)

Part 2 > Dave Siska

Tang – Space Dance – Machine Oriented (Emphasis)
Steve Poindexter – Short Circuit (Trax)
Marcus Mixx – The Spell [Ron Hardy Mix] (Let’s Pet Puppies)
Oasis – Seventeen – Oasis Collaborating (Fxhe)
Swag – Primitive Tools Edition Two (Primitive)
Adam Johnson – Four Squares – Malk EP (Narita)
Micronism – Constructing Space – Steps to Recovery (Nurture)
Detroit Escalator Co – Manual Transmission – Black Buildings (Peacefrog)
Vince Watson – Eminations (Pseudo)
Future Beat Alliance – Lo Tech Jazz – Audio Photos (Delsin)
RAC – Freckle – Structures (Warp)
Parallel 9 – Vestras (Music Man)
Pete Leidy – Transonic Drift – Null Du Jour (Reverie)
Markus Guentner – Untitled – In Moll (Kompakt)
Speedy J – Symmetry – Artificial Intelligence II (Warp)

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