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Bound By Gravity

Mission Specialist Bruce McCandless II, is seen further away from the confines and safety of his ship than any previous astronaut has ever been. This space first was made possible by the Manned Manuevering Unit or MMU, a nitrogen jet propelled backpack. After a series of test maneuvers inside and above Challenger's payload bay, McCandless went "free-flying" to a distance of 320 feet away from the Orbiter. This stunning orbital panorama view shows McCandless out there amongst the black and blue of Earth and space. Credit: NASA

Credit: NASA

We’re excited and honored to feature a mix from SF Bay Area veteran selector Joe Rice, whose reputation as a DJ with a grasp and knowledge across genres and eras far precedes our arrival in these parts. We asked him to delve into ambient house, and he took a wide lens to it and selected across time and space, true to form. “While there are some tracks that are squarely in that vein (Larry Heard, Love Craft, The Grid), I think back to hearing sets during the “Ambient House” era by Mixmaster Morris and Alex Paterson and being struck by the breadth of styles represented. Indeed, Morris provided my first real exposure to drum & bass (in the same set as The Black Dog and beatless ambient). This reflects being inspired by that ethos as much as weaving a thread through the genre’s mix of spaciness and groove.” We think you’ll enjoy the result – and no better way to ease into summer. You’ll want to check out Joe’s SoundCloud and MixCloud.

Right-click to download (204 mb, 85 min)

Johanna Billing – This Is How We Walk On The Moon (Apparent Extant) 2008
Photek – Kanei (Op-ART) 1996
Larry Heard – Micro-Gravity (Black Market International) 1996
Sundowners – Eternity (Entity) 1993
Love Craft – Intelligent Univers (Apollo) 1993
Dukes of Chutney – Domino (Beats In Space) 2013
The Grid – Without Your Clarity I Would Still Be Bound By Gravity (Crystal Clarity Mix) (Virgin) 1993
Manuel Göttsching – E2-E4 (MG.ART) 1984
Chez Damier & Stacey Pullen – Forever Monna (Balance) 1995
Taurus – Together (Cry Tuff Original) (Clairaudience) 1999
Vermont – Übersprung (Kompakt) 2014
Four Tet – Angel Echoes (Jon Hopkins Remix) (Domino) 2010
Rhythim is Rhythim – Kao-Tic Harmony (Transmat) 1991
The KLF – Last Train To Trancentral (Mu D. Vari-Speed Version) (KLF Communications) 1991
Cold Mission – Drug Store Rude Bwoy (Nu-Era Remix) (Reinforced) 1996
Jacob’s Optical Stairway – The Fusion Formula (The Metamorphosis) (R&S) 1995
Gacha – Remember (Apollo) 2012
Swarms – Sky Below Sea (Lo Dubs) 2011
Slowdive – Moussaka Chaos (Creation) 1993
Hundred Waters – Out Alee (Plaid Remix) (!K7) 2015


Depth Over Distance


Filtered out with a Balearic tinge on the front side, hazy psychedelia on the return trip. All vinyl as usual. -David

Right-click to download (104 mb, 75 min)

Theme from Sonic Sunset
Global Communication – Keongaku EP (Evolution / Universal Language) 1992
Bandulu – Day Four (Infonet) 1993
Kassem Mosse – Untitled A3 (Workshop) 2014
Mikkel Metal – Delta (Echocord) 2003
Terekke – BalericBliss (L.I.E.S.) 2014
Jonsson/Alter – Acapellan [Donato Dozzy Remix] (Kontra Musik) 2012
Octo Octa – Give (100% Silk) 2014
Shinichi Atobe – The Red Line (Chain Reaction) 2001
154 – Iniquity’s Den – Dusk EP (100% Pure) 1996
Escape Force – L1 (Confused House) 2014
Merv – Dust (Dancecop) 1998
Octave One – The Living Key (430 West) 1997
Aubrey – Shimmer (Solid Groove) 1996
Conforce – Depth Over Distance (Delsin) 2014
Future Beat Alliance – Almost Human – Disconnected (Delsin) 2001
Eric Cloutier – Balamaceous (Mosaic) 2014

Future Days


Sit back and relax into this mix of summer soothers from slow-motion into a relaxed cruising space. -David

Right-click to download (115 min, 159 mb)

Escape From New York – Slow Beat [Dance Mix] (Profile) 1983
Gaz Nevada – Special Agent Man [Female Version] (Italian) 1983
Alex Israel – Witchetty Dreams (Night Gallery) 2012
Morgan Geist – Doorbell – Driving Memoirs (Clear) 1997
Vakula – Night Walks (Lekela) 2013
The Otherworld Collective – Wake-Up World (Peacefrog) 1993
Global Communication – 8:07 – 76:14 (Dedicated) 1994
Cloudface – Devonian Garden (Mood Hut) 2013
Begin – Next Image (Begin) 2012
Move D – Amazing Discoveries – Kunststoff (Source) 1995
Voices From The Lake – Twins In Virgo (Prologue) 2012
Urban Tribe – Eastward [4th Wave Straight 40s Reconstruction] (Mo Wax) 1996
Terry Brookes – Stars – Breaking Cycles (Deepart) 2002
Nicolette – Beautiful Day [Lush Pastoral Remix] (Talkin’ Loud) 1996
Spacetime Continuum – Q 11 – Sea Biscuit (Astralwerks) 1994
Rainer Veil – Struck (Modern Love) 2013
Can – Future Days [Carl Craig Blade Runner Mix] (Mute) 1997
Funk D’Void – Your Song (Soma) 1996
Detroit Escalator Co. – Gratiot – Soundtrack [313] (Ferox) 1996
Digital Justice – Alternative Reality: Part 1: Shapes (Fragile) 1996
Vince Watson – Eminations (Pseudo) 2006
F – Spacewalker – Energy Distortion Part 2 (7even) 2010
Nigil Caenaan – January’s End (MNC) 1999
I-f – Moonbase Next To G – The Man From Pack (Interdimensional Transmissions) 1999
Neuropolitique – Now The Screens Were – Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been? (New Electronica) 1995
Luke Slater – Dreams Of Children – X-Tront Vol. 2 (Peacefrog) 1993
Speed Jack – Construction – Surge (R&S) 1996

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